True Life Quotes #27

“If you have defeated certain nice persons for what you think for any false reasons that you think they did wrong to you in your pasts experiences, then you have defeated yourself and your very own Holy Spirit, for what you thought was right, which is the false truth that you’ve fought for your half entire life, which you’ll end up paying the circumstances for it.”

Raul Conde (Writer)


My Advice Quotes #174

“A very important advice is to never hate any teams all your entire life as a sports fan. Hating is a number 1 venom to everyone if they do want to hate teams. Sports is only to watch for fun and not hating any teams. Also, stop hating teams in your mind when no one else knows about it. Hating any team is like hating yourself. It is better to like or, dislike some teams, so you can respect fans going for them. Don’t make fun of fans and their teams. Be a fair sports fan always and not a mean one forever.”

-Raul Conde (Writer)

Ray of Hopes And Miracles

There is hope for a miracle to change your life in a positive light. Just because you’ve lost many missed opportunities in your life, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. There will be other chances to accomplish things in your life. This isn’t the end of the road. The only thing you have to change is yourself. Take life by the horns. Instead of moping around, just start to feel optimistic. Be happy. Start socializing with people, that want to be around you. Once you get in contact with friendly strangers, you’ll feel happy, and start forgetting about the old negative you. Being optimistic about yourself is the smartest decision to make.

Truth Of Happiness

I have considered very young in my life that happiness is the most powerful feeling of all mankind. It can shape you into a positive and optimistic person. In this world you can achieve anything your heart desires. You can be anyone you want to be. On the other hand it’s very difficult for some to be happy, and perhaps I could understand why. Some people’s negative past events shape them into crummy persons, but yet they can change their lives into a positive. We all want to be happy. I think of being happy comes from within us and what we really want in life. It isn’t by forcing them to feel positive. I think it takes a full effort for those to do so. You have to think of how to find that reason of why they are sad and understand how they got this way. You won’t get the truth from them in one day. Sometimes their stories may take days, weeks, or months to reveal, then we will let them know, that they are foolish to think this way. One way to be optimistic about life is that you need to find something that will cheer you up like watching a movie, or reading a book you may desire, etc. I really think of happy people can bring joy to sad people that have never felt in years. Happiness lies within yourself and not by someone else. Anyone will try to make you happy, but sometimes you have to do it for yourself in order to feel happy.

Be Happy That You Have Your Family

Most of us should be happy that we have our families, and even our friends. But, family comes first. Family is the most important. They are there for you and they care about you. You should be happy that you have your family, even if you have a few friends. Don’t demoralize yourself about not having many friends, because I think you will get it later in your life. Life is suppose to be enjoyed. We are all to err in our lives, and we’re all human. Even I am human. I have learned to give back to families and friends. The one thing that I am proud of is that I took out the mean person in me. I started to bring the nice person of who I am in real life. I think this approach most of you should do. In fact I want most of you to forget about the dark pasts and forgive others who want to change for good. This is an excellent assignment for most of you. Be happy for what you got, because not all people have it. All I am asking is change for the positive life. People will come back to you friendly and want to be your friends. Your family will want you back in their lives. There is nothing to lose in the present, because the past is over. Listen to yourself and not the jerks who push you around. You’ll be surprised of how some other people were lost in their lives trying to be the nice person and defining suddenly what is good. We should throw out the bad and the mean side. We should be nice people. It is easy to do, and it isn’t so hard to do. I have done it, and you should too. Just forget about the past and stick to the present.

Stop Blaming Friends for Old, Old Problems

We have had problems at some point, which sometimes were our faults. I think it is time to stop blaming your friends for problems they have committed many years ago. I know it feels painful for some of you, but feel positive and get over it. These problems are old. You could reminisce about your 80’s and 90’s problems, but don’t blame all those on your old friends today. I think the memories are to learn from them. You should remember the good times you’ve had with your buddies. Don’t bring out the 90’s problems that some of your friends have caused on you, for example. Maybe, some have changed. If they didn’t, then stop worrying about it. Live your life. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Stop singing that tune of blaming others for pasts’ problems. Enjoy what life has to offer. I think it is better not to remember them at all. Start with a clean slate. Find a job. Make friends. Enjoy your family’s company. Cherish every minute you will spend in the world. Forget about the old decades that have caused you misery. Live in the present decade. The old decades are gone now, and it is only old memories. However, you view from it (good or bad memory views). I choose to view it as most wonderful memories I’ve had, but not to get too nostalgic in it. If you do this you won’t feel strange at all anymore.