February 28, 2018

I have been studying grammar and reading how to writing all day.

I walked a mile around the neighborhood and enjoyed it. I am happy that I get to see nature and greet my neighbors.

I will keep on studying more.

Well, my friends, have a great weekend! Be safe! Behave! Be nice! Love and peace to you all! πŸ™‚ ❀


February 26, 2018

Hello, my friends. Today I was reading on how to learn how to write. It’s not an easy process. I find story structure very confusing. In time I will learn to understand it and be familiar with it. I am very new to the process. Remember, that last year I just started entering in writing contests. All my six short stories weren’t accepted, and I am still waiting for honorable mentions. I might get lucky and win a contest, or not. Who knows? I will be the first one to know and my family second. If it really happens. I don’t know. I hope that will happen. But, the great thing is that I am in a good place. My future is solid positive.

I am listening to the music of David Sanborn. I am relaxed.

Well, my friends, have a great weekend! Be safe! Behave! Be nice! Love and peace to you all! πŸ™‚ ❀

Pet Dog News

I will be looking at the animal shelters for the right dog for me. I looked before the past days and with no luck didn’t find any, but only information from the pet stores. I won’t be going there at this time looking for one, but at other places. Now I know the places to where I need to go. I am glad that I got that part done with, so I can see the other places where adoption for dogs aren’t expensive.

How I Overcame And Solved My Troubled Life, and How It Became A Happy One

One simple thought when I had a troubled life is that I didn’t worry about it. I enjoyed most of my time with my family. Sure, I was sad that I have had no friends to go out with in Miami, but it didn’t stop me from solving it. I just was thinking that this all soon will pass. The reason most people didn’t like me is because I was real rough on them. I have had a troubled life because of it. It was part of my fault. I began on trying to solve telling my parents that I wanted to change. It had to stop. The main thing is that I have to change my personality, which was very hard to do, because I thought it wouldn’t change, and I was hopeless. I found one reason to find hope is one idea: Hope. Just that one word changes everything for good. I started telling my apologies for the rough ways I have acted. I tried to treat people with respect, which wasn’t very easy for me, considering of how I was. I never thought to myself me changing was never possible. I did think it is possible. All I had to do is learn to be nice, and be patient while in the process. I begin going to places to find amends through peace. I found out that nothing is ever my fault. I just did mistakes. I am always a nice person, it’s just that I was rough on people. I stopped that realizing that it was my error. In those years I found out that I am human like all people. I became happy. I changed my life to be honest for good. Back then I think I was the Darth Vader of real life, but then I changed it to having a nice personality that everyone loves. I found what love is through caring about my family, and friends. I started listening to Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love IsΒ and then I suddenly knew what the message was is that finding your true happiness is to be nice to people, respect them and love your family and friends. I learned from this song that you can change for good and turn your life around. This song helped me realize what problem I have had back then is trying to have a second chance for me. Now I no longer have a troubled life and am the happiest person in the world. I no longer lead a depressed life, but a successful happy one. The one reason is that I never gave up on myself and made it for myself to make it happen. Back in the past years I turned my life around by solving it. I now have a positive and optimistic life. I am always a happy person. I think in the present and enjoy it, regardless of my age. I care what happens now, and left the pasts behind. My method is faith is how I solved it. I have no troubled life no more, but now a successful one. There is hope and you should have faith.