My Favorite Magazines are…

My favorite magazines are Poets & Writer’s magazine, and Writer’s Digest magazine.


A Friendly Reminder

“Remember that I am just only a writer, but I will write great horror novels as a novelist in my whole professional writing career. If you want to think that I am nice, then it’s okay.”

-Raul Conde (Writer)

The Artists and Bands that Performed during the 20Th Century History for real (fake news)

Real World Music News History:

Nirvana performed in the 1950’s

Guns ‘n’ Roses Performed in the 1960’s

Green Day performed in the 1970’s

Elvis Presley was brand new and performed in the 1980’s

David Bowie was brand new and performed in the 1990’s

Van Halen was brand new and performed in the 2000’s

The start of a new Golden Era of Music, The Doors is brand new and now performs in the 2010’s. The whole world heard their new music and went crazy happy over it. It is excellent brand new music.

(Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I got you! All that didn”t happen! Those artists did perform in world history, but not in this order. I just made it up! I hope you’ve had crazy facts fun! Ha! Ha! Funny! Laugh it up, my friend!)Ā  šŸ˜‰



Chained Ghost Prisoners

Dear World,

Hi, my name is Harry Kats. This is my true story. When I went out with my friends I saw chained ghost prisoners walking in public. Strangers were afraid of them from what they’re dangerously capable of doing harm at this town. I just thought that the event happening got stranger. Odd enough to me that these are hallucinations. Obviously, my friends told that it is not. I was living it in reality. Ghost cops drag the ghost prisoners by pushing their chains hooked onto them. They walk in pain groaning and asking for help, but to no avail. Kids wanted to touch them, but their parents told them not to. I walk up to those criminals who are ghosts and tell them why they appeared at this particular place. They responded to me by saying to me I don’t have any clue, but we just did. They showed up from God knows where. I couldn’t make sense of the situation (as if it did). I decided to take pictures of them and did. Also, I was thinking of sending the photos to the newspaper company to make money off of them. However, if they will ever receive those. For me yes they will. I just keep thinking to myself that this isn’t real and not happening. These prisoners have committed violent cruel crimes from murdering innocent people, robbing businessmen out of billions of money, hacking internet sites, and any crime you can possibly name. I am trying to absorb the truths of all this event, which I have no alternatives, but to accept it. I call it the phenomenon reality for me. These ghosts can’t do any harm, because they’re already dead. The chained prisoners are walking on the lonely dark paths to their own living Hell. Normal people here have screamed in shocked by seeing what they don’t accept is real. Kids were shell-shocked from witnessing it. They would never call it a healthy lifestyle. It is all so odd. Bizarre you ask me.