The 1950’s Rock n Roll Backstage Turnaround

It was 1956 and all the Elvis Presley fans are inside the show where Elvis was supposed to perform for them. Elvis was in the Backstage room getting ready to perform to his audience.

Suddenly a rock group called Nirvana intruded into his room and tied Elvis Presley up. They were from the future of the 1990’s. The guest host was from the 90’s as well.

Instead it was Nirvana who got ready to perform in 1956 and the host was ready to introduce them. It was all set.

Nirvana was introduced to the audience and live in television. They performed the song ‘In Bloom’. The rock fans had a fun time enjoying the new rock band of the 1950’s and their new song. Everyone was screaming in a happy frenzy.

What The 50’s Music was Like

I believe the 1950’s music was the era that propelled music of today to go to the extremes and succeed higher in this subject. Music is very important to all of us. It is what makes us happy and not dwell over the ugly reality that is happening in this world. We should be fortunate that we are in a safe place. In the 50’s we have had celebrities like Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, The temptations, and many more. The ones that I always remember is the music of the Beatles. They were an awesome group and I can never forget Elvis Presley. Elvis before he sang country and gospel music. I never heard any of his country music and gospel music, but his rock music is enough to be entertained by. This was the decade that started the music revolution. I could hear the song, “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis. He also has great songs that I love to listen to. The music of now there are many of them and it is continuing to hear more new ones ahead in the future. The 50’s music was the important one that started it all. If it wasn’t for it, then life for all of us would be boring. Thank God it is not.

Rock n Roll Reality 50’s and 60’s True Story

Back in 1955 Nirvana played in America and around the world. They were the first rock band. Their hit songs premiered in the 1950’s. Their first hit song was Smells Like Teen Spirit back in 1952. They debuted their first album Nevermind in 1952. Next in the 1960’s Guns ‘n’ Roses became a popular Rock band. True Story!

Ha, ha, ha! I’m kidding! 😀

What A Shameful Life

Barry Nankin used to have it all. He was a rich lawyer at first of his starting career. Barry was a very skilled lawyer once he never lost a case. He won them all. Thirty years later of his career he started to be a professional animator. He did that well too and became an expert at it.

It seems as if Barry can’t be stopped by racking all the money to himself. Once he enjoys his life he started wasting all his money on useless junk. Years later he wasn’t able to pay the bills, his wife divorced him, and he had to sell his home. He became homeless.

One time he was walking around the streets as a homeless person. Nobody really recognized him. He was unrecognizable. He was a pest to everyone. The police arrested him and brought him to prison.

Barry’s trial case was being issued and he had to appear in court. It took years sentencing him to life in prison by being guilty of not paying the bills, being homeless, and etc.

He begins to cry all night in his cell and never ate anything there for weeks. When he starved himself is that he died of being anorexic. Such a sad shameful life to waste. He didn’t organized his life well. It shows that he was careless of everything in his life.