My Advice Quotes #174

“A very important advice is to never hate any teams all your entire life as a sports fan. Hating is a number 1 venom to everyone if they do want to hate teams. Sports is only to watch for fun and not hating any teams. Also, stop hating teams in your mind when no one else knows about it. Hating any team is like hating yourself. It is better to like or, dislike some teams, so you can respect fans going for them. Don’t make fun of fans and their teams. Be a fair sports fan always and not a mean one forever.”

-Raul Conde (Writer)


Writer’s Quote #7

“I don’t hate anyone. I respect all people’s interest, I learned from my mistakes, I have different tastes of entertainment, and respect everyone else’s. I am an outgoing caring free person. I love my life and God. I am his child. The most important thing is that we are happy and enjoy our freedom and rights. I dislike some things in entertainment, but I respect them at the same time. I believe that everyone is different and they can do whatever they want is right, as long it doesn’t hurt anyone. It is fine. I love the world of literature.”

-Raul Conde (Writer)

Start Being Happy for Yourself

All of us know it is easy to feel bad about ourselves and do bad things. But, both of those things are wrong. What you can do is try to do something good for other people. They will thank you for it. Be happy for yourself. You is the most important person. Remember that we don’t come in second place. We are our first priority. Choose something positive about yourself, even if it is one simple thing. For example, your sister invited you to go see a movie and thought it is awesome. Thinking of small things don’t really hurt you. It just makes you have a happy smile. Think of doing the right thing, before you take any action you might regret on some events. Think of yourself as unique, even if your past didn’t seem like you wanted it to be. We all have dark pasts of our lives. It would be nice to forget them, and let them be bygones. I think that learning your lessons in life is the best policy. I have, and we all have. Think of tomorrow as another opportunity. Think of it as a positive life¬†adventure. Don’t demonize yourself all day, because then you’ll be grumpy and mean. Those were our stages for most of us, and have learned from them. It is great to take these advices. But, if you prefer something else to make you happy like buying one of Joel Osteen’s books like I, Declare, be my guest. We will only be on planet Earth only once and won’t return back. So, cheer up and think of joyful things.

Promising Brand New Years

Promising Brand New years start with promising futures for people all around the globe. Feeling positive makes it even better, and the future much brighter. This is no time to throw your life away. This is your year to reign supreme and do it with style. Be cool this year like there’s no worries at all. Don’t be a vegetable. Make yourself useful, because we are here for a reason. This year makes New year resolutions. These times make it the right choices. Be happy when a chapter of your life opens.

Erase Your Negative Past

We all used to act like jerks in our lives, and those times we never seem to get it out of our minds. Sure you can get it out of your minds, and it’s simple. All you need to do is forgive your past of what you’ve done wrong, and embrace your good past. If you don’t do this, and still feel hopeless, than there is no solution to overcome it. Some people aren’t used to feeling positive, and this is why most of them commit suicide. Instead of sobbing over the pasts’ problems learn from it, and start a new positive life. There are many inspirational movies to watch, and novels to read that give you a meaning to live happy again. I don’t want to see your face all so glum, when I write novels in the future do me a favor to live for today. I want to you to have something to look forward to, but I am not going to tell you what I am going to write about, but just enjoy them, and do other things. All I am striving for is for my fans to have something to look forward to like my novels in the future and stay positive.