Writer’s Quote #7

“I don’t hate anyone. I respect all people’s interest, I learned from my mistakes, I have different tastes of entertainment, and respect everyone else’s. I am an outgoing caring free person. I love my life and God. I am his child. The most important thing is that we are happy and enjoy our freedom and rights. I dislike some things in entertainment, but I respect them at the same time. I believe that everyone is different and they can do whatever they want is right, as long it doesn’t hurt anyone. It is fine. I love the world of literature.”

-Raul Conde (Writer)


I Love The Places that I Went to

I love Italy and it is beautiful. The Italians are friendly all the time. I have had no problem interacting with them. They were nice with me and my family. The culture is different from here in Miami. I ate their foods that is delicious and their drinks tastes great. I discovered the towns, stores, chocolate stores, and supermarkets. I think it is a small country. I am not so sure. I haven’t checked the geography map. Also, I went to France. There I have had a lot of fun. In one of those countries I have discovered Victor Hugo’s home. I was impressed of how neat and beautiful it is. It was my dream come true that I have visited his home. For me it is an honor to him to visit his home.

I went to Key west and visited Ernest Hemingway’s home. I think most people did. But, this was my first time. I loved his house. Visiting his home is also an honor to visit it for him.

I will always love Miami that is my home. I also love St. Augustine and Gainesville. Florida is beautiful and precious for me. It is my home state.

These places I will never forget. I will always treasure them.

When Some Novels Are A Success, and Not Its Movies Based On Them

This is rather weird when it happens that novels are a huge success, and not the movies based on them. Even if you read the novels that are very good and its movies based on them have failed, fans reading them shouldn’t feel ashamed because the movies were awful. you can still read them.

It has happened many times. One of the Janet Evanovich’s novels is an example of it. Her novel One For the Money was made into a movie, and it failed at the Box Office, but the novel itself is a huge success.

I think some successful novelists fall short of their motion pictures. Mario Puzo wasn’t exactly an example, but you can make a case of The Godfather, Part III, movie. It wasn’t a success, but Mario Puzo’s novels are selling in huge numbers.

Rick Riordan’s novels are a huge success, which the fans love his novels. I have read some of his novels and they are very good. The Lightning Thief was a novel made into a movie, and the movie itself failed, but the novel is successful.

The fans should feel happy that they are reading, regardless which its movies are successful, or not. Be happy that you have bought books and are happy to read them to own them. The fans have nothing to do with the success or failure of the authors. You might think that the one side of the authors success is great.