I Love The Places that I Went to

I love Italy and it is beautiful. The Italians are friendly all the time. I have had no problem interacting with them. They were nice with me and my family. The culture is different from here in Miami. I ate their foods that is delicious and their drinks tastes great. I discovered the towns, stores, chocolate stores, and supermarkets. I think it is a small country. I am not so sure. I haven’t checked the geography map. Also, I went to France. There I have had a lot of fun. In one of those countries I have discovered Victor Hugo’s home. I was impressed of how neat and beautiful it is. It was my dream come true that I have visited his home. For me it is an honor to him to visit his home.

I went to Key west and visited Ernest Hemingway’s home. I think most people did. But, this was my first time. I loved his house. Visiting his home is also an honor to visit it for him.

I will always love Miami that is my home. I also love St. Augustine and Gainesville. Florida is beautiful and precious for me. It is my home state.

These places I will never forget. I will always treasure them.


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