I Love The Places that I Went to

I love Italy and it is beautiful. The Italians are friendly all the time. I have had no problem interacting with them. They were nice with me and my family. The culture is different from here in Miami. I ate their foods that is delicious and their drinks tastes great. I discovered the towns, stores, chocolate stores, and supermarkets. I think it is a small country. I am not so sure. I haven’t checked the geography map. Also, I went to France. There I have had a lot of fun. In one of those countries I have discovered Victor Hugo’s home. I was impressed of how neat and beautiful it is. It was my dream come true that I have visited his home. For me it is an honor to him to visit his home.

I went to Key west and visited Ernest Hemingway’s home. I think most people did. But, this was my first time. I loved his house. Visiting his home is also an honor to visit it for him.

I will always love Miami that is my home. I also love St. Augustine and Gainesville. Florida is beautiful and precious for me. It is my home state.

These places I will never forget. I will always treasure them.

Don’t Mess with The Aliens

Greater Demon of Slaanesh

Greater Demon of Slaanesh (Photo credit: Kaptain Kobold)

You’ve seen all the aliens movies, and read all the aliens novels, but it’s time not to mess with them. Who knows what in hell they might do, and I mean seriously wacky stuff. I think I’ve covered half of the aliens, but am still puzzled about their history, and culture. I’ve yet to see their battles, wars, victories, and losses. No one has actually seen their world, and we don’t have any idea if they are real or made up. I wouldn’t been seen there to watch all what’s going on up there. I think it is better astronauts, and scientists to go see their history, and what they are up to. By the time they’re finished they won’t even come back, and live. All this is spooky and scary, and creepy stuff, and you don’t want to go at that galaxy. Scientists have yet still to cover all the history of them living their lives, and experimenting on us that we can’t even catch up. It’s about time that they show documentaries about aliens of all sorts. I may believe that they’re protecting us, and doing their own history. But, it is unlikely that we’ll ever know. I think about that all the time. This stuff is amazing to most people. I think it’s time that we dig into the truth about aliens, their worlds, and what they do is what’s special about them. I don’t even know if they exist, so I don’t worry about it. End of story.