It’s No Problem Having a Love/Hate Relationship on The Joker

In my view the fiction character The Joker is loved and hated by most fans who know him. It’s natural to be entertained by him. Anyway we always liked his crazy zany ways. I think it’s no problem having a love/hate relationship of The Joker. We all grow up loving and hating him. It’s in his nature to be most hated. He entertains us. He is funny. He is interesting and fascinating. He fascinates us. He is a criminal we all hate and love at the same time, but we learn to hate him all the time. So, don’t be ashamed if you like The Joker, and it’s not your fault. But, if you act like him, then it is and will be your fault in real life. Just be entertained by him without any harm to the fans all around the globe. I like the Joker. Just enjoy his antics like we all do. He is only fiction and not real.