John Carroll (1942-2015)

John Carroll was an American journalist, and newspaper editor. He worked for the Los Angeles Times and The Baltimore Sun. He won 13 Pulitzer Prizes. He graduated in Haverford College in 1963. He worked as a cub reporter for The Providence Journal. He served two years in the army. He was hired by The Baltimore Sun in 1966, while he covered the Vietnam War, the Middle East, and the Nixon White House. His first job was with The Philadelphia Inquirer in 1973. In 1979 he left for the Lexington Herald-Leader, where he was editor, and vice-president.


Terry Keenan (1961-2014)

Theresa “Terry” Keenan was an American economic/business columnist for the New York Post. She was also an anchor for the Cable News Network (CNN). She was host for a stock/investment news program Cashin’ In,(2002-2009) on the Fox Business Network. She worked with several news Networks such as: CNBC, and CNNfn. She was a business correspondent for the Fox News Channel. She is a graduate from Johns Hopkins University. She received a scholarship from Johns Hopkins University. She died from a brain hemorrhage on October 23, 2014. She was 53 years old. R.I.P. Terry Keenan

History Is Fun To Read!!!

Some people don’t love to read history, while the rest of us do really love it. The history that I read most of the time is about astronomy, and true-crime. Well, there are more history to read. Obviously. Many books come to question of whom to read about. The book about the Civil War is interesting to know about, because there are so much things we still don’t know about, but we think we do. However, I love when a historian writer writes about things we didn’t know about that did happen. It would be fun to read about the Golden Gate Bridge, and what about the Egyptians in ancient times. You could read about the pre-historic age. Like it, or not. Most people want to know the history of Adolf Hitler, or Lee Harvey Oswald (For that Matter!). I know it is not something most people won’t like talking about, but it is there to know about Adolf’s interesting biography. There are books about Bonnie & Clyde, or how about the Vikings. There is so much history between these subjects. You can read about Lindberg’s baby that went missing. How about the time when John Lennon got shot. There is even sports history. You can read about the New York Yankees, or the history about the Miami Hurricanes. Anything that happened before, and in our time is history. Another one you can be interested about is The Great Depression in the 1930’s. You can learn about many things that have happened in history. You can learn about the things that have happened before our time. History is being made right now.

Diane Sawyer (1945-Present)

Lila Diane Sawyer is the former anchor of ABC World News on the ABC Network. She was a member of U.S. President Richard Nixon’s White House Staff. She was closely associated with the President himself. She had been co-anchor of ABC News’s morning news programs such as: Good Morning America, and Primetime. She has stepped down as ‘World News’ anchor as of today on August 28, 2014.

Rare Blue Lobster Caught By Maine Lobsterman

Jay Laplante’s daughter Meghan was hauling traps with him on shore, while she discovered a blue lobster in it. He caught it in Scarborough, Maine at Saturday around 10:45 a.m. Jay Laplante is from The Miss Meghan Lobster Catch Company. Meghan named the lobster Skyler, and donating it to the Maine State Aquarium. Luckily, the critter isn’t on the menu for dinner, or lunch. Jay Laplante said that it’s his first time he caught a blue lobster. The Aquarium reports that the already has three blue lobsters, and an orange one in their resume.