Justified is Almost Finished

The series of Justified is almost finished. I can’t believe it will all end very soon. Boyd got shot near the heart by his girlfriend Ava. This is the reason Marshall Detective¬†Raylan Givens is after her, because it happened in front of him. Now I don’t know how it is going to end. In my view Boyd was the one that was going to lose in the final episode. I am clueless of how it will be done. There will be four or three more episodes. Well, there are other evil people Raylan has to go after. Boyd isn’t the only one that is bad. I will miss this show so much. I never wanted it to end so soon. I will see how it all unfolds either on the positive side or on the negative side. Either way it depends on the writers how they perceive it should end. This show was the most fun to watch.


The Creative Bloggers Award

I have been accepted for the creative blog award. I’m proud of myself! ūüôā

Five interesting facts about me:

1. I am a decent, honorable, and honest blogger.

2. I live in Miami,fl.

3. My favorite shows are cops and crime shows.

4. I love to read much.

5. My favorite movie is “Freedom Writers”.

My Vampire Friend is Now a Human

Dear Diary,

My name is Maria Thompson. I have a who was a vampire. She used to drink blood from other humans. I told her to get used to the foods we eat, and she did. I also told her to drink sodas, water, and alcohol. So far she is doing all that. After a year without her drinking people’s blood she got used to drinking liquids, and water. She loves food. Her sudden transformation has turned her human again. Her fangs disappeared. She has human teeth now, and can come out in the day. My assignment of turning a vampire into a human is done. She doesn’t need my blood anymore. She hates drinking blood now. Her favorite drinks are ice coffees and coke-zero. Her favorite food is Italian food. She hangs out with me and my friends by going out. She works as a nurse in a hospital. Her name is Samantha Jackson. She can’t ever turn into a vampire anymore. She can’t bite anymore to drink blood anymore.

Show Sportsmanlike Conduct

Most of us get way overboard that when our teams lose we lose our cool and blame it on the refs. Never fight with refs, because you can get into serious trouble. Some fans get angry at other fans who act like jerks. I don’t think this is worth it. If you fight against some fans who hate your teams, then you won’t win anything. It is best to show that you are a¬†fair sports fan¬†and ignore some fans who are bothering and taunting you. There are other fans who don’t fight, don’t make a big deal over games, and certain teams.¬†You think I don’t get angry with refs, but I do sometimes. The only thing is that I don’t fight against them. However, they are. I am not mad at them anymore. I have grown through it. I just watch my favorite teams, and have no magic powers¬†controlling teams.¬†And you don’t also. I have learned a lot of lessons watching sports. I think sports is just to watch and enjoy it. If your team wins be happy, or if they don’t then forget it. One thing you shouldn’t do is¬†to get personal by it too much. Don’t be jealous of other fans who go for Miami teams in Florida for example. We are human just like you. I watch sports by not making a big deal of it.¬†Sports teams is not part of your life. You are part of your life. I always remember that, and abide by it. Don’t let sports games traumatized you. Just watch and hope that your favorite teams win. Remember it is not easy being a ref, and it¬†isn’t what you think it is. Even if you’re angry at them. They make mistakes¬†just like I and we do. We aren’t robots. We are human. You can love whatever sport you want to watch, and go by any teams you want. Just don’t hate certain teams, but you can dislike them, if you want. Always show sportsmanlike conduct.

The Kindest Zombie

My name is bob Parkett. I am here to tell a story of the kindest zombie. Once a zombie came digging out of his grave. He goes walking to the streets, and causes traffic accidents all across the four-way lane. Many people were frightened of him and they started arguing at him. The other day he spent a night in a dark alley. I live in the apartment right next to it. I go walking outside and took the garbage out to the alley and there came out a zombie. At first I was in shock. He came at me and introduce himself. His name is Narek Bimps. I was surprised of how his English language is perfect. I could understand his talking. It sounds correct. I didn’t know that this zombie had the ability to talk just like normal humans would. Well, we hung out and I started to know him better. He helped me in most of my stuff. Thanks to him I know perfect math and science. He told me that he was an actual scientist. He got struck by lightning at the age of 66. He was married to a beautiful woman accountant. No wonder he knew math. All his stories are interesting. His friends tried to revive him from the horrible lightning strike, but to no avail. He tells me that he misses his wife, but he needs to go back in the Heavens. I understood, but I told him that his spirit needs to go back up there, first. He understood, and I walked back to my apartment home. We gave our goodbyes to each other.¬†Narek came back to his grave digging himself back to his coffin. His spirit has reached Heaven again. He is the most kindest zombie I have ever met. He was kind to strangers, my friends, and family. I probably won’t tell this story to anyone else, because they will think I am nuts.

Today on March 24, 2015

I just saw an episode of Chicagoland. I am interested about how the city of Chicago tries to help the students in school to try to get them out of trouble and do something productive for themselves. I have seen four episodes so far. I like the series much, because it is real life. The city is trying to lower down the percentage of crime. I saw Bates Motel yesterday and loved it. Norman Bates is unraveling himself in this season of what he is in the movie Psycho. I am hearing music for relaxing. I am thinking of reading of books about criminals like Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias. It’s interesting.

Movie Review: Finding Neverland

When I saw the movie Finding Neverland in Netflix. I was surprised by how the creator of Peter Pan was normal. I never knew about his life before. I love this movie. J.M. Barrie created the children’s novel Peter Pan by his real life situations. His characters were named by some real people he was close to. I didn’t know also that he was a playwright. His first play has failed, and was in trouble of failing again. This is about the life of J.M. Barrie. His last play (Peter Pan) was a huge success. Throughout his life he was a good husband to his wife, and a good father to his children. I never knew that he had skeptics who believed that Peter Pan was going to be a failure before the play. In fact it didn’t. The play was love by millions of fans when the actors first acted out in the theater. He once said that for Peter Pan to never grow up.¬†Peter Pan¬†has to believe that he will always be a boy and to never grow to an adult. This was Peter Pan’s magic wish. J.M. Barrie had a female friend who was sick who she had a¬†son named Peter.¬†Peter was Barrie’s inspiration that he gave the protagonist’s name of Peter, but Pan the last name¬†was all made up all by the author. I give this movie a thumbs up!

Aliens will show their Displeasure of Most Alien Movies

I don’t think that aliens will be pleased of the action alien movies shown in the Silver Screen and on TV. The reason is that in most alien movies they are shown as the villains. This isn’t any way of showing our respects for them. It makes warning signal signs to us humans. Well, the Silver Screen can do whatever it wants, but if they come here soon. I think it is the worst idea showing these movies like Alien (1979),¬†for example to them. We need to be kind to them, instead of showing our displeasure to them. The main fact is that we fear them, and think that we’ll be in a serious war against them. I don’t think that is most likely. This may be one of the reasons they won’t be coming here anytime yet. If they do, then they’ll explain why they didn’t come here. They don’t want to start a war against us. I think in my view that most humans do think so. I don’t want to start a war against them, and I think they are friendly. Well, there are some that don’t view my viewpoint the same as I do. Now, we can’t hide these alien science fiction movies in any manner. I think that¬†they already know that we have them here on Earth. This might be one of the reasons they probably won’t be coming on our home planet just yet.

Stop Blaming Friends for Old, Old Problems

We have had problems at some point, which sometimes were our faults. I think it is time to stop blaming your friends for problems they have committed many years ago. I know it feels painful for some of you, but feel positive and get over it. These problems are old. You could reminisce about your 80’s and 90’s problems, but don’t blame all those on your old friends today. I think the memories are to learn from them. You should remember the good times you’ve had with your buddies. Don’t bring out the 90’s problems that some of your friends have caused on you, for example. Maybe, some have changed. If they didn’t, then stop worrying about it. Live your life. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Stop singing that tune of blaming others for pasts’ problems. Enjoy what life has to offer. I think it is better not to remember them at all. Start with a clean slate. Find a job. Make friends. Enjoy your family’s company. Cherish every minute you will spend in the world. Forget about the old decades that have caused you misery. Live in the present decade. The old decades are gone now, and it is only old memories. However, you view from it (good or bad memory views). I choose¬†to view it as¬†most wonderful memories I’ve had, but not to get too nostalgic in it. If you do this you won’t feel strange at all anymore.

Today on March 17, 2015

Right now I am calm after finishing taking some stuff out of my closet. Now my closet is clean. These days were calmer. I now take on walking everyday with my Dad following the late hours to lift weights and doing much¬†abdominals. I also help my Dad with his architecture work. I don’t eat much anymore like I used to. The things I am only interested at is reading, and watching sports. The novel Path of the Assassin, I am almost finished with it. My time isn’t very open, and have still classes to attend to in online writing courses. After I am done with my three years left in online writing school I will decide to study again my class materials after I graduate from them. I feel like I can grasp much information from true crime and history. My research has gotten better. I have better communication skills when I took a research online class before. When I stop typing it gives me time to think about things I need to do. I read biography novels like Michael Jackson,¬†Amanda Knox, and about silicon innovators like Steve Jobs. For me Michael Jackson is interesting, because he’s been through a lot. And so has Charlie Chaplin. I saw Chaplin’s autobiography movie in the 90’s¬†and now know that his life was a troubled one. There would be no great comedy, if Charlie Chaplin didn’t have existed. He is a true comic Icon in the world of comedy. The world is full of Icons, which is great to hear. We can follow in their footsteps to reach at that point.¬†I follow in¬†the professional writers’ footsteps like Stephen King.