Sometimes My Apologies

When I see wonderful comments I want to approve I sometimes make the mistake that I put it in spam accidentally. But, I do rescue those comments and they stay there. Sorry for the inconvenience. I sometimes work on a kindle and on the screen it is so easy to push the wrong button by accident. I hope that you understand. Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


My Favorite Novelists

My favorite novelists are Stephen King, Sue Grafton, John Grisham, Stephanie Meyer, Joe Hill, and James Dashner. I was always watching horror movies and reading horror novels at a very young age. I was 6 years old when I began watching horror movies. In my teens I bought every John Grisham novel that was available early. I never had put them down. Back in the 1990’s my favorite novel at the time was The Firm. I have also seen the movie and loved it. I also loved the movie The Children of the Corn. My favorite Stephen King novella and movie back in the 80’s. I love the world of horror literature and want to make most people happy from my future horror novels. I want my fans to have safe happy moments by them reading those. Everyone deserves to be happy. I still also read John Grisham novels, but love to want to write in the horror genre.

Another Pet Dog News

I saw several pictures of dogs that I might consider taking one of those dogs for adoption, but not just yet. I have to go through the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter web site to look at the pictures. One thing is that there are other people that want to adopt a dog also. So, I have no idea which dog will be available. I might get the most available dog they have. It has to be not big, but not too small. One that is medium big and that it never grows huge. I have looked at the pet store, but they want to buy their dogs. The price was expensive, so I think it is better at the animal shelter, which is my best bet. I will probably do it next week. I will think of my options of which dog I like to keep. I will keep you posted on the search for a new pet dog.

February 13, 2018

Today I have had a great day. I will take two days off from resting my shoulders of lifting weights. After that I will lift weights three straight days. I am getting in shape.

I went to the pet store and saw the dogs that I like. The ones on the top are the small ones that don’t grow as big and on the bottom are the ones that grow big. I love the two dogs from that pet store. They buy the dogs and are not for adoption. They are kept in separate rooms where they are taking care of.

Later, I will go to the rescue to see the dogs for adoption. I don’t know where else to look, but will look at my options. It is great that I took that first step with my dad by going. It won’t be easy picking one. It looks like most of them from the pet store look all friendly, but who am I to know. I think that most are.

I was watching the Netflix series The Travelers. I have only one episode left of season 1, and then I will see season 2. I hope there are more seasons to this show. It is a very good time traveling show. I love it. Interesting. Impressive.

Right now I am at my room. I am writing this memoir.

Well, I hope that most of you have a great week! Be safe! Be nice! No fooling around! Show respect! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤