Life Quotes

Life is supposed to be lived.

Come enjoy the world.

Take a rest for all the troubles are behind you.

Life is a rollercoaster ride, so take the easy route.

My Advice

Don’t fight with ghosts who have hurt your feelings in your negative pasts’ experiences and blame certain nice people for it, because they have learned from it, and it is now over. It is a whole new life in the present, so start living for today. Your mind will be happy because it doesn’t want to be depressed of all the painful memories, if you do then you are mad at ghosts and not certain nice people. Live for today!

My Advice

This my important advice metaphor for you all to follow in real life:

Don’t be the Terminator in real life, or else you will pay the consequences. Live your life and respect all human beings. I am human also.


If you are a nice person, a negative memory makes you feel sad, erase it, learn from it, forget and live your life happy, because you deserve it.