October 21, 2019

Just what I thought another year has gone by so fast. 2019 felt like I lived it about a month. Anyone will tell you that years pass quick without even knowing. Sometimes you don’t even realize that you are in a brand new year. Others do realize, though.

I have won seven, 3rd place finishes. It is all from my hard work. I am proud of myself. I am very happy.

I am studying grammar and poetry now. I am understanding grammar now. I am reading about poetry.

Well, my friends, have a great week ahead! Behave! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


Move Review: Joker (2019)

I just saw the movie, Joker last weekend. It is an excellent origin story of the Joker. He had a bad day and tragic life. He has a tragic family. Between Heath Ledger’s and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker I think that they are equally the same. But, this movie is more disturbing than The Dark Knight and only for adults. Anyway, Ledger’s and Pheonix’s Jokers are better than Jack Nicholson’s. But, the 80’s Joker in Batman (1989) caused many years later to perfect the fiction character to be better. Above all the movie Joker has a much better origin story to the zany character than the other past films. I like the movie, but I recommend parents to not bring their kids to watch this film. It is only for adults. Overall I give a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

October 13, 2019

Today is a day where I get to relax. I went out with my dad to eat lunch at Starbucks. I just drank an Ice Americano coffee and ate a bagel. We talked about stuff.

I have finished reading Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. Now I am reading the novel, It by Stephen King.

I have entered into other writing contests. I am happy with my life. Everything is well now. I am studying English grammar still.

Well, my friends, have a great week! Behave! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤