April 22, 2018

Now I know the some of the most difficult transitions words (conjunctions). This grammar quiz was real hard to study for, but I learned it. They are technical words used for academic schools and are used for writers to write books such as novels, nonfiction books, and etc.

I lifted weights and did exercise today. I feel great in health. I am stronger then before and getting skinnier. I am a much healthier person. I feel happy, and optimistic about my life. Once I publish my novels out to the world it is out of my control.

I am built to write horror novels. I love to write horror fiction stories. My novels is for people who want to read them and also to get people off from violence. They will only read violence in my novels and it is all fiction. My novels will have something to look forward for my fans, so they can interact friendly in real life. It is my goal to make this world a friendly, fun, and safe environment. If they want violence they will only read it in my novels. So, in this way they will be off violence and have healthy fun lives. This is one way for people to make friends with each other is to have a fun safe time. No one should resolve to violence and fighting. They will only see it in my novels. Plus, it is only fiction.

This month has moved real fast. I think that May is already here, even if it isn’t. I read fiction novels and they are my escape from reality. The reason I want to write horror is because my mind is creative violent and crazy, and I want it to use if to write horror novels. I want to be a horror novelist. I am perfect to be a horror novelist, because it makes lots of sense. My mind is built for that. I want to do so I won’t resort to violence, so I chose the correct path is to write creative fiction horror in my novels. So, in this way I will have a career and entertain my fans. Being a novelist is a safe fun job. It should be for enjoyment only for people who want to read them.

I have finished watching Bosch and am waiting for the next season to come. I am almost finished with season 2 of The Travelers. I still am watching Sneaky Pete. I still watch Blue Bloods and intend to continue to watch Criminal Minds. I am watching the NBA playoffs and am enjoying it. I can’t for the college football team the Miami Hurricane’s to start playing this season. I hope they win the national title this year. They should, but who am I to predict games. They’re unpredictable and we love it this way. We enjoy them like that. We are fans who watch sports to enjoy it and not to take it personal. We treat them as only games to be enjoyed and that is it.

Well, my friends, have a great summer! Be safe! Be nice! Show respect! Be courteous! No fooling around! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤



Famous Song Rhymes From Famous Songs

“I look at all the lonely people.”

-From the song: (Eleanor Rigby)

By The Beatles

“This is the Land of Confusion.”

-From the song: (Land of Confusion)

-by Genesis

April 20, 2018

I drank ice coffee today. I lifted weights and did exercise today. I was studying on how to write, and read magazines on how to write fiction stories.

I have the marketing book, but haven’t got the chance to read it. Now I do have time and will read it tomorrow. I was listening to smooth jazz all of this time. I am almost finished with Bosch, and am halfway of season 2 of Sneaky Pete.

I will study grammar tomorrow. I didn’t study grammar today, but passed all the quizzes in the Engvid web site. I am taking my time on grammar. I know what Bastard Enumeration means in grammar. I am learning a lot of the English structure.

I still want to see the new movie from last year called, Wonder (2017). I haven’t seen it, but it got very good reviews from it. It interest me. Poor kid from that movie of what he had to go through all that bullying from school just because of his face. I feel sorry for him. This better have a happy ending. I hope in this movie the kid gets a happy ending for him. I will see the movie.

I will see the Miami Heat playoff game tomorrow in the NBA playoffs. So far I am proud of them. I hope that they win one more playoff game.

Well, my friends, have a great weekend! Be safe! Be courteous! Be nice! Be respectful! No fooling around! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


April 19, 2018

Today was a day I got to relax. I was thinking about what I did yesterday. I watched TV. I took a walk outside.

I listened to smooth jazz on music choice on the TV.

It is a normal day right now. I saw an episode of The Travelers a few hours before. After that I was thinking about how my grammar has improved. I will relax and watch the NBA playoffs tonight.

Right now I am watching an episode of Bosch.

Well, my friends, have a great day! Be safe! Behave! Be nice! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

April 17, 2018

I am reading a book on how to learn how to write novels. I am reading it carefully to follow up on what mistakes I do while writing fiction stories. So far I think I understand it. I will keep on reading Writer’s Digest and Poets & Writers magazines. They help me a great deal.

I am enjoying life. I think that writing saved my life entirely. I would have ended up without a career, and being a lawyer isn’t a life (most people know that). I almost turned into a lawyer, but am glad I am not one, but a very talented creative writer. I feel that writing is a great way to lead a life, and is the reason why I chose it.

I was watching Sneaky Pete today. It was a very interesting episode. I am watching season 2. I am on season 4 of Bosch. It’s a very interesting exciting show. I still study character development from both shows.

I listen to the music of Cardi B and she is my favorite hip-hop singer artist. I was listening to some Alan Jackson music today. Most of the time I read books and magazines. I write along the way in my home. I will try to get as many post-its pads when I go to some stores that have it. I need post-its pads.

I got to listen to the band Old Dominion. I never heard of them before, until I saw the country music awards. There are a lot of singers and music bands I have never heard before. I will listen to the ones I haven’t.

The next month is my solution of attending writing contests, because I will be able to subscribe to one, and then attend the other web sites that advertise them to attend for free. So, pretty much I am covered.

My life is a happy one. I saw the Miami Heat game yesterday and am happy that they’ve won. It is not over yet, and I don’t know what is going to happen in this NBA playoff series. I hope the best for them in the series. They will win some games. I just don’t have any idea how far. The other opponent team is good as well also. I hope that the Heat win the series. Best of luck. Sports games are full of surprises.

Today, I will read writing reference books and magazines to improve my writing. I will listen to some music right now. This day will be very busy for me.

Well, have a great day, everyone! Be safe! Be nice! Be courteous! No fooling around! Show respect towards others! Be happy! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤