My Improvement on Writing

I have improved on my writing. I don’t make many typos like I used to, but there are still some errors in my writing works. It is a work in progress. I am studying the English grammar. But I am a better writer.

Remember This

Remember this:

Past personal problems (good and bad) always goes out of style, but a good person learning from his/her mistakes and who turns to good results in giving he/she a second chance (never goes out of style). No matter how the situation is in the present time.

Don’t Get Me Wrong

I know in the recent post I have said that I am going to become a full Miami Hurricanes fan, but don’t get me wrong. If the Florida Gators reach to the national title I will go for them. I am a Florida Gator still, but I have decided to be a full Miami Hurricane now. Go ‘canes, go Gators!