What Inspires Me To Write

I have been writing for a long time. I think that what Inspires me to write is inspirational songs and the Twilight saga. All the time I listen to Make It Happen and just those three words make me start writing. The Stephanie Meyer novels about vampires and wolves have made me decide to become a professional novelist. The early years of studying grammar and writing were the most difficult tasks. It seemed like I was going to be there forever, but I finished all my creative online writing courses. I now am a very good Writer. I kept studying character development by watching crime shows. The other songs are The Climb, Ride, Anyway, and Roar makes me more productive in my writing career. What also helps my writing is watching English grammar videos. I just keep on writing no matter what. I always have the writing bug with me most of the time. I am happy where I am right now in my writing. Another novel that Inspires me to write is A Time To Kill by John Grisham. I am still studying grammar and writing. My grammar is getting better in my writing. I still have a few weaknesses in my writing and grammar, but I am improving in them.


My Improvement On English Grammar

Today I have been practicing the English tenses and trying to be familiar with them. Right now I find it less confusing. The verb tenses videos has helped me a lot. I feel like I already know them, but not yet. It will take time for me to understand them. So, far I understand most of it. The most confusing to everyone is the Future tenses. I understand all four Future tenses. I am just having trouble with the present tenses, and this is the only weak spot I have of the tenses. It feels like I am one of most who truly understands all ‘future tenses’. I do understand them. I have no trouble with that tenses. I will try to study and understand the present tenses. I also have no trouble with the past tenses. So far my 100% to know them is almost close.

There are 12 tenses in Verb Tenses (English Tenses)

Have a great weekend, everyone! I will study English grammar this whole year. Behave! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

September 17, 2019

I really do want to win in writing contests. I hope someday those dreams will come true. I participate in most writing contests. I have a very good chance of winning.

Yesterday I have written a lot of material. I also helped in my mom’s garden. I love helping out in my backyard.

I am doing lots of exercises. I eat and drink less. I am healthy. I am happy. I feel optimistic about my writing.

The music video I was watching was, Sara by Starship.

Well, my friends, have a great weekend! Behave! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

My Memoir

I am relaxing today listening to Diana Krall station in Amazon Prime.

I was pretty busy this week and last week. I was practicing writing and submitting fiction stories to writing contests. I always keep hoping that I win. Eventually I will. I have tremendous willpower.

I walked a mile around the neighborhood with my dad. I will start walking every morning. I love to breath nature’s fresh air.

I went to Casa Planta Garden. I have enjoyed looking at the plants and flowers. Next I will go with my mom, so she can get flowers for her garden.

I am reading An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. I am also reading Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. I am studying astronomy and will read Astronomy magazine. I am improving in my writing and grammar.

Well, my friends, have a great weekend! Behave! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤