My Life Is Happy and Optimistic

Most of us have done mistakes along our lives. I know that I have done some mistakes. We all did. But, I was very young and didn’t know any better. Now as an adult I am happy and optimistic about my life. We all aren’t perfect. My life is imperfect. Right now I am enjoying life. I am at a happy place. I am optimistic of my life and career. I am still studying the English grammar and am confused at all of its structure. I love grammar and writing. I have a passion for both subjects. I have always been a good person. I have been to good schools. I have been to good neighborhoods. I am living my life without bothering anyone. No one should bother anyone, because I think if you do, then you put yourself a curse to all eternity and immortality. It is true.

I am happy that I have picked writing for my career. Before, I didn’t have anything to fall back on. I work at my office. My room is my writing office. I published most of the stuff at my room and in my cell phone. I am always busy. I study grammar also on my cell phone.

I think that I understand the verb tenses. It is a very difficult and tricky language to know. Very difficult to write it. At the beginning I have picked up most of my grammar errors. I learned little by little each year. I still am baffled by it, like most people still are. There are several persons who have mastered it. I think somehow I will master it. If that ever happens. It looks like that would be realized for all eternity and if feels like that. Maybe, In reality I will be very shocked that I have mastered grammar.

I think that I understand grammar. But, at other times it still baffles me. Other times it doesn’t. Who knows? But, I really do love English grammar. It is all hard work.

Anyway, my life is optimistic. I feel that I am on the top. But, I am happy. I am happy with the grammar and writing results. I am at a good place.

My Memoir Today

I think that I understand most of the verb tenses. It is Impossible for anyone to memorize English grammar. The best thing we can do is understand it and be familiar with it. I am still studying grammar.

I am proud of my achievements in Fanstory. I have accomplished many things in writing and there is still more I have to accomplish.

I enjoy my garden very much. I have entered in 50 writing contests. There are still some that are active in competition.

Right now I am watching the show Locked Up.

Well, my friends, have a great week ahead! Behave! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

What Inspires Me To Write

I have been writing for a long time. I think that what Inspires me to write is inspirational songs and the Twilight saga. All the time I listen to Make It Happen and just those three words make me start writing. The Stephanie Meyer novels about vampires and wolves have made me decide to become a professional novelist. The early years of studying grammar and writing were the most difficult tasks. It seemed like I was going to be there forever, but I finished all my creative online writing courses. I now am a very good Writer. I kept studying character development by watching crime shows. The other songs are The Climb, Ride, Anyway, and Roar makes me more productive in my writing career. What also helps my writing is watching English grammar videos. I just keep on writing no matter what. I always have the writing bug with me most of the time. I am happy where I am right now in my writing. Another novel that Inspires me to write is A Time To Kill by John Grisham. I am still studying grammar and writing. My grammar is getting better in my writing. I still have a few weaknesses in my writing and grammar, but I am improving in them.