The Teen

Harl the teen asked his friends and family to stand in a straight line. He was about to do the impossible. What could he be doing they all thought. He stretches his fingers up straight. The fingers go all through his friends’ and family’s bodies. Harl’s fingers grew too long. They have all died. He saw holes in the deceased bodies. All his friends and family are gone. Harl cried and he had killed them all.


Lacie’s Shower

Lacie wakes up in her home and heads for the shower. She took all her clothes off. She takes a bath. She finishes less than thirty minutes. She takes a towel and dries off. Lacie’s skin is pulling off and blood pours out her body. She is trying to open the door for help but falls to the floor gasping her last breath. The bathroom is being painted with Lacie’s blood. She dies in her home. Nobody knows about her tragic death.

Crying To The Death

Kristor is depressed that he doesn’t have any friends. He walks the walk of shame and guilt. Things didn’t turn out the way he wanted it to be. He starts crying. Everyone looks at him. The tears look normal now. It seems this way. He keeps thinking about how he hurt many people along the way and never got the chance to apologize to them. He is a lonely creature of the night. The tears suddenly turn to blood.

Something terrible is going on with Kristor. He is shedding lots of tears and is getting more skinnier by the last hours of his life. The tears drain the public streets and sidewalks. The pavement and road turn to paint blood red. It is sure bloody at for the audience. He quickly falls down and can’t walk and stand any longer.

His skin is shedding out and falling down rapidly. He dies in the middle of the intersection near the malls and pharmacies. The strangers cry for his death. It all turned out negative. He tried to do good for the people, but he didn’t have the guts to. He was lost all the time.

The next week, the audience in public commemorate him and name the sidewalk Kristor Hoglen. They will always remember him for his kind soul. So sad to see the lost soul now gone. They all talk about his adventures and journeys along his way. And yeah, the depression he held on for his entire life.

Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger is preying on the teen dreamers and sleepers. He killed them all. Nobody in the real life believes that Freddy Krueger is real. they think that he is a figment of their imagination. Try not to sleep. He is a creepy guy. Don’t let the mites bite. Do something like watch TV, listen to music, or read. Beware of him. This freak that keeps you to sleep.

Demons’ Magic

The city is bright with happy minded people. Most are minding their own business. Each person is doing their regular routines like shopping, having fun going out, etc. A fun time in the city.

The demons didn’t like this day at all. They think it’s time to end it. They worked with their magic powers from deep down high dimensions. The people were dropping to the ground. Their bodies were moving by itself, scrapping on sidewalks, grass, and streets.

Everyone is fighting for their lives. They are hopeless. Their bodies are turning to ashes. All the floors, streets, and grass are turning into blood red. The animals are also getting killed. The demons’ own doing is working to perfection. The city is turned into a dead zone.

What I Am Reading 2…

This year I am reading The Hunger Games: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, The Godfather by Mario Puzo, and an astronomy book called Before The Big Bang by Brian Clegg. I am in the middle of the novel of Mockingjay. I am starting to wonder at first if Katniss Everdeen will ever survive against The Capitol? Is she going to live or die? Are Katniss and Peeta love interests? Will The Capitol ever be conquered? These are my top concerns. Please don’t spoil it by telling me, because I want to know when I’m finished reading it. The Godfather I already know what happens throughout the novel. I am throughout the middle and reading it the second time. The book Before The Big Bang is about what was there before the big bang started. I am also reading The Shining by Stephen King… and of course writing reference books.

Alien Monsters

Nobody has ever thought there could be alien monsters, and I don’t mean the ones from sci-fi films. I mean the kind of monsters we don’t know about, and how they look like. Have you considered that these alien monsters want to kill us all like in the horror movies. Well, people haven’t crossed their minds on that theory, and don’t even know if they exist. It probably does or doesn’t. But, we need to pay close attention of what we could face, if them coming our way. When we see aliens for the first time, our normal reaction is staying in shock and doing nothing at all without any movements. You think that our species will save us from alien monsters’ invasion, but you might be wrong. We say that we’re not afraid of these alien monsters, but we are, and we can prevent an aliens’ invasion, or an alien monsters’ invasion. It’s just that our silly reaction doesn’t let us think fast, and make a secret plan to defeat them. We see in the movies that we’re not afraid of those things coming our way. Are we so sure we would react physically, and emotion to be the hero? I think not. You’ll spell defeat in a minute without even thinking. We would be standing there like paralyzed dummies doing nothing. You need to think, act, take action, and plan a strategy to protect Earth. If we don’t do nothing, then we are on a dangerous risk alert. Don’t just stand there stunned. Think, act, plan, and take action when you see them. Be careful of your insecurities when it comes to those situations. In any shape of these problems, which aren’t normal, do something before being shocked and stunned. The humans have to take a stand to defeat them.

We Love Scary Movies And Horror Novels

Englund as Freddy Krueger

Englund as Freddy Krueger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once I saw the Stephen King movies, which are based on his novels they were frightening at the time. I have read The Stand and it left me at a complete scare. The movies from before like in the 80’s and 90’s aren’t scary anymore compared to today’s. At this point he is still writing horror novels, and his novels are much scarier. If you see today’s horror movies you won’t even try to come back home. It is that scary the horror movies of today. The movie The Possession will freak you to death. Rosemary’s Baby was psychologically scare. The Exorcist frightened most movie-goers. We want a good scare and this is the reason we see them and read them. Those creatures from movies and novels are real freaky. Some people feel monsters like Michael Myers feel real. The Omen once it came in theaters at the time brought most fans off their seats as if their lives were in danger. The special effects from these movies look real, but can give you nightmares. I remember Freddy Krueger gave me nightmares when I was a teen. I still love horror movies and novels. There are always dark sides from these creatures. Jason Voorhees had dark sides from his mother in Friday The 13th movie series. Norman Bates from The Psycho series still thought his mother is alive, and to us it is still creepy. Once you see the TV show Bates Motel you get to see the beginnings of Norman Bates and his mother in action. Jigsaw was real frightening in The Saw movie series. Most of us love good scares. We can’t help it. We just love it. Back then Clive Barker has written so many horror novels and were also real creepy to read. In this future Stephen King’s sons are now supernatural horror novelists. I have heard their novels are scary as their father’s novels are. This is the reason we love to watch movies and read horror novels. Most of us love all the gore and suspense from it.