My Vacation Time In France

I used to have a vacation in France a very long time ago. I loved it there. I was in Paris, France for a short while. The city is beautiful. I get to go to their supermarkets and see the vegetables, foods, and fruits they have. Mostly it is handpicked to buy them. I get to go to museums and walked around France. I loved my time there. It is so peaceful.

I think that me and my family did take pictures, but I took them like 10, or more years ago. I went up the Eiffel Tower, but not too far, and only through around the second and third floor. people were talking in French. I also went to a place where I bought French bookmarks. I bought French Book Art Paintings. I was sightseeing most of the countries gardens and came walking around a huge tremendous garden free for the public.

I ate at a fine restaurant and enjoyed the food. I had a fun time at their famous museums. The art paintings there were so strange and creative, but are beautiful paintings painted by very famous painting artists. I went to a bookstore and discovered most of the French books, and French novels.

I got to go to their music store and bought several music CDs from French singers artists. In the present you won’t ever find them at my home, because I lost all of them once I forgot about them. I don’t understand the French language, but loved their music very much.

My vacation has ended at the time and went back home to Miami, Florida. I have had the most fun times there. It was an interesting trip I took like more than 10 years ago. I will never forget it. A great vacation experience!


Music Review: “Miami” by Will Smith

I love this song named “Miami” and it is my favorite. Will Smith has picked this song because it is a great song. He talks about all the things Miami has very good things. You can see beautiful girls and women. Miami teams are there to watch them at arenas and stadiums. Miami has everything you can be entertained from. You can catch a movie with a date. There is families get-together, and friends get-togethers. All the things you can do in other states you can do the same in Miami. It has everything to make you happy. I love this song because it is what Miami represents a friendly and nice city. The beaches here are great, and it is the same like being in California as well. You can see Hispanic celebrities entertaining the whole world. For me Miami, Fl. will always be the most beautiful city, because it has everything. It is not boring, but it is fun. A real nice and decent place to live for all Americans. The song “Miami” is a great song in my view and opinion. I give this song four stars out of five. Thumbs up!

Miami, Fl. Is Beautiful

Miami has the most of the tourists traveling here in my home city. I love Miami, and its teams. It generates most of the tourism, because of its beautiful weather. When you go to Miami Beach you can either go have fun at the beach, or walk around the block to eat at any restaurant you want. The city has everything here to entertain tourists, and its neighbors. You can probably meet some famous celebrities that live here. You can go see a movie at any movie theater. You can play sports like basketball at some places. You can go watch Miami teams like the Miami Heat at the triple A arena, or the Miami Dolphins at their stadium. You can attend the University of Miami as an alumnus at any career you may choose. The majority of the people around the nation love to go to Miami, because is fun, and beautiful. There are malls here to shop anything you want, or need, also. At the sports arenas you can watch live concerts to see your favorite singers. You can also live here if you want, and let your kids go to school to have a brighter future. For me Miami makes me the happiest person, because I am proud of it, and its history. Miami has great teams, and is a great city. You will have the most fun here, because it has everything to entertain for most people. It has beautiful trees, flowers, and animals. We have the most wonderful people here.

Beautiful St. Augustine, Fl.

St. Augustine, Florida: Castle Warden, home of...

St. Augustine, Florida: Castle Warden, home of the first Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, and part of the Abbott Tract Historic District: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ponce de Leon Hotel in St. Augustine, Flor...

The Ponce de Leon Hotel in St. Augustine, Florida, in about 1901. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I went on a vacation in St. Augustine, Fl. I saw how wonderful this peaceful town is. I have gone to almost 3 coffee shops that was decorated as old ones like in the early 19th century. The town is perfect for older, and young people to retire that is so quiet and calm. There is a place where you can walk through the streets by looking at stores, restaurants, and there is the littlest school for kids ever built from the 19th century. The king of Spain has visited St. Augustine on a special visit. Me and my parents spent the whole weekend on a hotel that was beautiful, and in front of it you can see the bridge right next to it. On the right side of the hotel is another place where people live. The town has like more than 22 fishing restaurants. All the boat owners go to fish out fishes of all kinds on the sea. This town is the most richest fish market in the state of Florida. There is a Mexican restaurant that we went to that has the most delicious tacos and steak I have eaten there. The place is neat and decent. Right around the area is a museum called Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and loved it. I saw many strange things that I didn’t know were true that is so bizarre. It is interesting. You can hop on a tour bus and when they guide you through the town they tell you all about its history. My parents and I went to a restaurant called Froggy’s a place where the youth go to dine out and have fun. The people here are really nice. It’s nothing like where I live from in Miami, Fl., but Miami is also a beautiful city. I saw carriages with horses transporting people to sightsee or go to a location they want to go to. The sea is much different and different from any other places. In front of the bridge there are two lion statues one on the left and one on the right. You can walk straight to one of the side of the bridge if you want. near in front of the right and left outside of it is a park where you can walk to see stores, homes, and restaurants. You can also see people ride bicycles. Most people ride bicycles more here then any other place. The most gorgeous town is the calmest you receive then any other noisy city.