My Vacation Time In France

I used to have a vacation in France a very long time ago. I loved it there. I was in Paris, France for a short while. The city is beautiful. I get to go to their supermarkets and see the vegetables, foods, and fruits they have. Mostly it is handpicked to buy them. I get to go to museums and walked around France. I loved my time there. It is so peaceful.

I think that me and my family did take pictures, but I took them like 10, or more years ago. I went up the Eiffel Tower, but not too far, and only through around the second and third floor. people were talking in French. I also went to a place where I bought French bookmarks. I bought French Book Art Paintings. I was sightseeing most of the countries gardens and came walking around a huge tremendous garden free for the public.

I ate at a fine restaurant and enjoyed the food. I had a fun time at their famous museums. The art paintings there were so strange and creative, but are beautiful paintings painted by very famous painting artists. I went to a bookstore and discovered most of the French books, and French novels.

I got to go to their music store and bought several music CDs from French singers artists. In the present you won’t ever find them at my home, because I lost all of them once I forgot about them. I don’t understand the French language, but loved their music very much.

My vacation has ended at the time and went back home to Miami, Florida. I have had the most fun times there. It was an interesting trip I took like more than 10 years ago. I will never forget it. A great vacation experience!

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