My Plans On Writing Novels

Right now I am in an online course, Writing for Children. I will write a Children’s book, YA novel, and horror novels. I want to write in several fiction genre novels. But, I will start small like write short stories in Amazon and self publishing book stores. After that I will write my first debut novel. I am leaning on whether Children, or young adult genre. I hope that you all enjoy my site. Love and peace to you all! 😀 ❤


My Comedy In WordPress is Just…

I usually put a lot of comedy literature in this site. It is just business and for you all to enjoy it. Have a laugh and enjoy it. In real life I did nothing wrong. I have lots of friends. I talk to my friends and family. I am a normal person. I love attractive women. My site is Just business. It’s my job to make you happy. Peace and God bless you all!

I remember…

I remember the good memories of my grandparents. They were always there for me. I carry them deep in my heart and my mind. I will always remember them. I love them.

My Memoir

Today I am relaxing at home. I did all my house chores. I was studying my online class. I am doing good in my online class called, Writing for Children. I am having fun learning how to write children’s novels. It is my last online class.

I am here thinking about my good memories. I like my life.

I was listening to smooth jazz. I am busy with my last class. Well, my friends, enjoy the weekend! Behave, or else! Love and peace to you all ❣️🙏