November 28, 2015

I started doing lots of exercise, lifting weights, and going on a diet. I walk everyday outside the neighborhood with my dad, except on Sundays. It feels calm and relaxed. Plus, the day was beautiful.

I went to Best Buy to see electronics. There were most people there buying tons of stuff. Today was the start of Cyber-Monday. I was fine at the store and so was my dad. What electronics I love the most are the car stereos, and the Sirius XM radio.

I read a lot. I am getting used to drinking water everyday. I think this is much better than drinking sugary drinks.

I haven’t practiced driving these past few days, but will catch up on it. Maybe, I will do it tomorrow. I am getting almost the full confidence from it. when I am driving on the streets I will get a GPS system for the car. In this way I will know where I am going. The first days I will get lost somewhere in the streets easily. I think. Anyway in some areas I don’t feel entirely lost of directions.

There was Black Friday this month, and I think that Cyber Monday will still be here. In fact both will still be here, until the end of the year.

Lincoln before he was President He never wanted to free slaves, but once he became President he changed his mind entirely. I think that was a big turn-around for him. It wasn’t easy for him to decide, because his family was mixed into the confederate and the other the Union. I never knew about that until this year.

History makes us learn of new things we haven’t known about.

I have downloaded hip-hop music from hip-hop artists. It is great for me to listen to it. I enjoy it. I got on Amazon prime the two Eminem albums from the 90’s and this decade.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off. Till the next post adventure, friends! 🙂


Movie Review: American Heist

American Heist is a crime movie. It is about two brother who got tangled in a crime they couldn’t get out of. Both brothers Frankie and Jimmy are on separate lives. Frankie is in jail who his friends post him bail after serving many years in prison. The other one Jimmy is just starting his clean and sober life and wants nothing to do with his brother. They both reunite to rob a bank with Frankie’s friends who later betray him. I give this movie three thumbs up. I enjoyed watching it. Lots of action and it didn’t disappoint me at all. I won’t give away the ending. Anyone who wants to see it I recommend it. It starts Hayden Christensen, and Adrian Brody.

Review for After Death by Jacqueline E. Smith!

Go out and buy After Death, and check out this wonderful review by Cassandra! A great review! I have enjoyed this review much! 🙂

The Bookish Crypt


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I just love Jacqueline! This is the fourth book I read of hers and she never disappoints! She manages to tear hysterical laughter out of me at every page. I can’t politely laugh, no. I have to laugh out loud and my family thought I was going crazy. They kept staring at me.
Anyway, this was a highly anticipated read for me and I loved it more than I thought I would. The humor began from the first page and then it turned into all out suspicion. This book kept me on my toes and double guessing everybody’s motive as if I were a detective. If you don’t already know, this series follows a guy, Michael, who has been seeing ghosts his entire life and if you know anything about me, is that I L.O.V.E. anything and everything ghost related. I sincerely…

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Itty Bitty and Mercy…

I just wanted to share two beautiful kittens to the world! 🙂 ❤

Rethinking Life


Picture from:  Pinterest

“The world seems kind of big,” said Itty Bitty.  “I bet we could walk forever and never see the same mouse twice.”

“Well, you’re just a small kitten,” said Mercy, in her most understanding way.  “The world can be a big place, that’s for certain.  But a lot of beings just stay in one place all their lives, so to them, the world is very small.”

“I didn’t know that,” said Itty Bitty, watching a butterfly land on a leaf.

“The thing to remember Itty, is that large and small worlds don’t only exist in miles, they can exist in minds as well.  Small minds are like prisons, locked with thoughts that never change or grow.  Don’t ever think small Itty.  Always keep your mind open and that way, even if you never go much farther than our neighborhood, you will be able to see everything.”


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