June 29, 2015

I went to Dade County with my dad. He had to do an errand, but it was quick. We went back home afterwards. Before that I went to walk with my dad around a mile. At home I started to do abdominals and lift weights. Finally, I got to do that, and now I don’t have to wait. I am going to do this exercise everyday. My day is all positives. I don’t really like the TV much, but I do read and write most often. Right now I am reading and listening to music, before I worked at the computer of my dad’s architecture work.


Darryl went into the Haunted House

Darryl was riding his bicycle when he approached a haunted house. There were big steps to climb and it looked like a home where Norman Bates is living in. He walked the stairs outside and then stood in front of the door. He knocked three times, and someone answered.

Count Dracula opened the door. As of yet Darryl thought that Dracula was out to bite him hungry for blood.

“Come in! I won’t bite!” Dracula said

Darryl came in and saw all the monsters and freaks whom were shown on the theaters. There was Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, Pennywise the clown, Jack Torrance, and Chucky from the film Child’s Play. He thought that it was a trick. He was thinking that they are out to kill him and eat him for lunch.

Chucky invited Darryl for lunch. Once they sat down in the terrifying home they will eat a normal meal.

“What’s the matter?” said Freddy

“I don’t know! You tell me! Aren’t you all out to kill me?” Darryl asked

“No! No! No, silly boy!” they all said

Soon all the monsters were laughing.

“Is this Norman’s home?” Darryl asked

“Yes it is! You want to meet him?” asked Jack Torrance

“No! He’s a mama’s boy! He might kill me, too!” Darryl responded

“No! Wrong again!” said Frankenstein

“Come out Norman Bates!” said Freddy Krueger

Norman Bates made his mother’s voice as if he is coming out for five seconds. He came out.

“Hi, young boy. What is your name?” Norman Bates asked

“Darryl!” the boy said

“Hi Darryl! Don’t worry! No one is out to kill you. We are here as friends. It’s our new motto now to be friends with our victims, and rid of our evilness!” Norman said

“Oh! Okay!” Darryl responded as he gave a huge sigh of relief.

When they were done eating he struck conversations with the monsters and freaks. He had a great time. After done eating he shook hands with them, told them his goodbyes, and rode his bicycle back home to his parents. He is happy that he is in his own home.

Movie Review: Jurassic World

I saw Jurassic World, and loved it. This is my review of the movie.

Movie Review: Jurassic World

I think some of the special effects were exaggerated. It was the same effects they have made of the last previous 3 films. However, the situation was different from the last ones. A dinosaur of a different species a hybrid causes the rest of the dinosaurs to create havoc. The tourists in the park are in danger. Once mad scientists wants to take control of the park and its dinosaurs. The movie was great. I love the special effects in it and it is creative at the same time. But, One thing that stands in my mind is that not all the dinosaurs have to die. I think there might be a fifth Jurassic movie. But, the movie itself was excellent. I loved it.

June 27, 2015

I am almost finished with Gray Mountain. I only have a few pages to finish. I was still reading the life of Rhonda Rousey. Her story is amazing and her incredible journey towards becoming a UFC fighter. She went through a lot. But, she fought through all her pains. She fought like a fighter. A remarkable story. I have not finished it, but am beginning. I am a few pages ahead. I want to read the Casey Anthony trial I haven’t finished for a long time. The reason is because I have taken so much online writing classes that I didn’t have time to read to whole book. I will get to it somehow. I am interested of how Casey got away with murder. I have one other book that is a true crime novel, which I intend to read. Right now I will read the books I want to read for a while.

Go Out! (Instead of moping around at home)

Instead of moping around in your home go out. Do something in public that will forget about your past negative events. It you want change you have to get out of the house. Go out watch a movie,or eat out with a friend. Spend quality time in the park. Read outside of your backyard. Walk around the mall. Go to theme parks with your family. Talk with friends and families. Go to your sister’s or brother’s birthday. Do anything instead of moping around your home of things you should have done before. Get over it! Go out! I go out everyday. But, only stay at home once a day of the week. I enjoy the nature of the outdoors. I watch the flowers and talk to neighbors. If you can’t go to a restaurant. Go out and talk to your neighbors. Do something instead of being lazy at home. Make yourself useful.

June 26, 2015

Pretty soon this year will bypass quickly, and we won’t realize it. Until at the very end of the year. I was reading a novel and Rhonda Rousey’s biography. I find both interesting. I am almost finished with Lee Child’s Personal. I haven’t watched TV all day. The only thing I have seen was the soccer match between U.S.A. v. China. I was happy with the results of the U.S. soccer team winning. My mind is of thinking about my families dogs, and families friends’ dogs. They are too friendly. I understand soccer more this time. Before soccer was a different language for me, but now I got the hang of it. I still am reading other bio’s of Michael Jackson. I already read Dwayne Wade’s biography years ago. I find by reading real life is interesting. I am almost finished with the novel Gray Mountain. The true crime books are interesting as well. I want to read how some criminals get away with murder. I see all the mistakes the justice system makes. It is a total mess. Sometimes it does actually work. Most of the right people get the right justice, but others get snuffed out of justice. I mean snuffed out as not getting any justice for themselves at all. I was working architecture in the computer with my dad.

God Means Everything to Me

I am glad that I have changed for the good. I am not a mean person anymore. I feel great that I was forgiven by the most people I’ve hurt the most, and I promise not to do it again. God means so much to me. These years have been an educational, and exciting ride in changing into the person nobody hates. I know I have been a jerk in the past so many years ago. I hope I can be forgiven. I was a young person when I did bad things to hurt others, I didn’t think clearly, but God helped me along the way. I really mean what I say, and want to make amends to the most people I’ve hurt the most. Most of us should let God, family, and friends help us change. All we need is change to become good and not be jerks once we were before. I let go of the negative pasts. I know now why this has gone as it is, but it was for the best of me. In those results I have changed into a loving, respectable, talented, amazing, and caring person. For those of you who are going on the lost road. I give you this, all is not lost, and it’s not the end of the world. Just admit to the hurtful mistakes you’ve done, and everything will be fine tomorrow. I promise you. God will always mean everything to me. I don’t feel negative anymore, but feel happy and optimistic of my life. Love people and not things. Especially love God. He will forgive you, as he did me. I am saying this to you straight from my heart and mind. God loves us all. ❤

June 25, 2015

I feel free to read most of the time, and am glad that I haven’t received anything in the mail these days. It has opened my mind of relief for not to be so caught up of stuff. I have felt free the last week. What I am thinking now is how to do a novel. I am so close to become a novelist. A lot of things have happened this past week. Finally, I don’t feel enslaved of waiting for things to come and be entertained by. These were days of calmness and being my relaxed self. I will come to write short fantasy fiction stories soon. Right now I need to be inspired from something. Don’t get me wrong I love the stuff I get in the mail like magazines and books, but I don’t take it of importance anymore. That was the my old self. I am putting of doing things that matter the most. This day I didn’t watch much TV. It was all about my little nephew that came today, and got to play with him. I was reading  John Grisham’s novel and the Lee child’s novel. I was thinking about the UFC fights I want to watch so badly on TV. I am reading Rhonda Rousey’s biography and find it interesting and an amazing story. She is a fighter. I keep thinking about my last course and the important advises it gave me. Of course, I won’t discuss that with you all. I want to go out and see different places to visit. The only place I get to visit is Miami, Kendall, and Doral in Florida. Somehow I will be able to do the things I want to do. I don’t feel negative about it, but feel positive and optimistic. I have tons of things to do that is important. Right now one of them is sleep. I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow.

Dick Van Patten (1928-2015)

Dick Van Patten was an American actor, businessman, and animal welfare advocate. He is best known for his role as patriarch Tom Bradford in the TV comedy-drama show Eight is Enough. He was a successful child actor. He appeared in numerous plays as a teenager on the New York stage. He co-starred in many feature films. He is founder of Natural Balance Pet Foods and National Guide Dog Month. He died of complications from diabetes on June 23, 2015. My condolences to his friends and families. R.I.P. Dick Van Patten

Super Girl is getting the TV treatment

I think Super Girl won’t be boring at all. Most people have given negative criticism before of her in the past decades. I think it is great that a super heroine is finally getting noticed by the audience. In the past the super hero men have gotten to full entertainment treatment. I hope this is a positive mark on super heroines. They should be cast on movies and shows, and the super hero men can get the same thing as well. I am just giving my opinion, and it will be great that this becomes a reality. Before it was Batman, and Superman. Super Girl is a positive step towards super female fiction characters giving them chances like we did to most super heroes. Super Girl is one stepping stone to achieving this goal. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover next time. Anyway, it will be great for most fans of any race. Both female and male super heroes can join in, and this is fair.