My Advice Quotes #200

“The only friends you should hang out with are the ones who are nice people with friendly personalities. Don’t be friends with jerks who think that they own the whole world, because if they think that they do and are real mean they will go to Hell as the Devil’s slave-toys to burn for fun in real life.”

Raul Conde (Writer)

True Life Quotes #27

“If you have defeated certain nice persons for what you think for any false reasons that you think they did wrong to you in your pasts experiences, then you have defeated yourself and your very own Holy Spirit, for what you thought was right, which is the false truth that you’ve fought for your half entire life, which you’ll end up paying the circumstances for it.”

Raul Conde (Writer)

God Means Everything to Me

I am glad that I have changed for the good. I am not a mean person anymore. I feel great that I was forgiven by the most people I’ve hurt the most, and I promise not to do it again. God means so much to me. These years have been an educational, and exciting ride in changing into the person nobody hates. I know I have been a jerk in the past so many years ago. I hope I can be forgiven. I was a young person when I did bad things to hurt others, I didn’t think clearly, but God helped me along the way. I really mean what I say, and want to make amends to the most people I’ve hurt the most. Most of us should let God, family, and friends help us change. All we need is change to become good and not be jerks once we were before. I let go of the negative pasts. I know now why this has gone as it is, but it was for the best of me. In those results I have changed into a loving, respectable, talented, amazing, and caring person. For those of you who are going on the lost road. I give you this, all is not lost, and it’s not the end of the world. Just admit to the hurtful mistakes you’ve done, and everything will be fine tomorrow. I promise you. God will always mean everything to me. I don’t feel negative anymore, but feel happy and optimistic of my life. Love people and not things. Especially love God. He will forgive you, as he did me. I am saying this to you straight from my heart and mind. God loves us all. ❤

God will Always be with Us

I believe in God. God is love. Some of the people say that God isn’t with us, but he is. I have a belief in him. He is all around us. Develop a trust that everything will be well. Other people have a right to believe in whatever. I respect that. I think it is not a person, but something Divine that carries our hopes. We have a sense of making it happen in this world. He starts us with positive vibes, and erases our negatives. I think some people only reflect on the negative. I used to think this way before, but not anymore. We have to have faith in him that we will get through this tough world. Not all of the other places are tough worlds. God welcomes us with friendly people through us we have God in us giving advises to our friends and families. He doesn’t judge and punish people. He gives love and hope. He gives us what we want and need. The most important thing is believe in your own God, which is love and guidance. Whatever happens God is always with us.