My Advice Quotes #154

“Settle your differences with all types of nice people. Help out all nice people. No trying. Just do it. Trying or not trying is that you’re a loser yourself. Be a winner by helping them out by doing it and no excuses ever. Excuses are for real losers. I am a winner.”

-Raul Conde (Writer)

God Will Send Us to Heaven

God loves every one of us. There are other people who still betray us for their own interests. We shouldn’t pay any attention to none of them. God is love. God isn’t betrayal and one’s interest. We are here to live our lives happy. God gives us love, not things. Family loves families, and friends. Friends care and help us. For most of the people who are good, and have repented their sins. I mean all of them. They will go to Heaven. God doesn’t bring sinners to his Kingdom. Love is family, friends, Jesus Christ, and God. Be good towards each other. God cares.

For Those Who Are Depressed: Try To Enjoy The Holidays!

Jesus is waiting for you.

Jesus is waiting for you. (Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)

If you have had problems with certain people, and feel bad about it try to enjoy the holidays. I know it’s depressing that most people don’t want to talk to you, but at least have some positives going into the new year. If you are a loner try to make your life meaningful in a positive way. You will be surprised by how many loners there are. We all have problems, and we can resolve them. committing suicide isn’t the answer. Don’t try to find a dangerous way out to make yourself happy, because if you do you no longer exist. Your family comes into this picture to help you cheer up. Some of us have major problems, and we try our hardest to be happy. The small problems you have are no big deal, and can easily be resolved. One year of your misery is no big deal, because coming next year there’s the optimistic and positive you. You can erase all your problems by making yourself happy. If you are happy, then everyone is. Don’t forget your grandparents who love you the most. Your parents want for you the very best in life, destined to do great things. Be cheerful on the holidays and try to at least the see Jesus Christ’s story from his perspective, and how he wanted for peace for us all. This certainly will make you feel better, and it’s his story to tell upon you. He had it worse then we all  did and also you. Once you have seen the movie The Passion Of The Christ you will start to accept that it’s not only you with problems that you want resolved. You have friends to help you feel positive and optimistic. Be an optimist. Not a pessimist.