Most Ghosts Are Happy!

When a famous person dies they leave a legacy. They turn into ghosts. However, those ghosts are proud of their achievements. I think most ghosts are happy that they have led a great humanity life. Some other ghosts aren’t so happy. When important people such as firemen, politicians, and etc., die. They are happy that they did their jobs, saved people, and got closer together with family and friends. These kinds of supernatural beings are not gone, which we think they are. However, some famous celebrities have led troubled lives once s/he dies, they are once happy finally at peace in Heaven. They would see that they never wanted problematic lives in their humanities, but once they’re ghosts they can live in peace. These supernatural beings share their own glory with God in Heaven. They never forget their friends and family. The most important is that the Holy Spirit is still there with us.


A Ghost in Your Presence

Ghosts come and go from time to time. We don’t see them most of the time, but we feel their presences. Did it happen to you when someone died you’ve felt that s/he is still alive? Most of us have felt that. There are many examples of it. You can make the case for Michael Jackson. He died, but we felt as if he is still somewhat alive. Once some of your relatives have died you have felt that they are still alive. The presences in ghosts are strong. I don’t know why this happens, but it does. I don’t mean to creep you out, but it feels this way. All we can do is remember those happy memories the deceased gave us, once they were living at the time. Ghosts may be here or not, but we can’t see them. Some people have said that they have seen ghosts. Elvis Presley for example someone saw him near the bushes at his home, after his death. Most people wouldn’t believe this story. All I am saying it’s alright to talk about ghosts. If you feel that they are still alive, maybe it’s someone who you know that was close to you that has died recently.

If Ghosts Were Real!?!?

There would be all kinds of chaos if ghosts were real. We have to understand that some will come here for good reasons and others for bad ones. They will be known as phenomenons when we realize that they came back from their graves. The whole world wouldn’t understand some of their sides of their stories. We need to be more human about them. Maybe, they want to reach us. The most probable reason they come back is because some have been murdered, and they want to come back to their loved ones. They feel feelings for us. For others they want to tell us some things personal to the loved ones. Ghosts most of the time in some movies are represented as monsters. The majority of the people won’t understand why they are here in the real world. They simply won’t understand. They will be cast as evil things that want to tear us apart. The turning point for us would be to understand them. Give good ghosts much caring. Tell them that we understand what they are going through. Maybe, we’ll reach a point where they will thank us for it, and we will let them be with us for a short time in this world. What ghosts want is to know that if we are alright.

Some People Say They’ve Seen Ghosts

Have you ever seen a ghost? And if you did. Did your friends believe your ghost story? No, they didn’t. Most people would tell you that ghosts aren’t real. But, ghosts come in images of your mind, and not in reality. Weird isn’t it? Of, course it is. Do the math. Once you view some distant thing of a ghost you start to believe. What you see are illusions, then maybe there are ghosts in those places you’ve went to. The relatives who are deceased want to be in contact with us, and I don’t blame them. They still carry the feelings that they want to be part of our lives. Ghosts appear for a reason, but we don’t know what that reason is. Most reasons they are here are very personal. Once dust or clouds arrive in any way of shape and form you would see forms of ghosts. Ghosts scare you, but don’t attack you. The most likely case you would feel ghosts is in a cemetery, and they see you, but the ones that are closely related to you. In real life there are Ghostbusters, but not the ones you see in the movies. They are much different, then the ones on-screen. They are professionals of handling ghosts, and they do know them. When they get rid of ghosts it isn’t that easy, and ghosts make irritating noises when they get thrown out to scare off humans. Ghosts give you vivid dreams in your brain to contact them, and then you start talking to them in your mind. Most people would think if you tell them this is plain crazy to believe it. But, I think this might be true. They tend to haunt your mind, so you can get in touch with them. It depends on the places you go, because ghosts don’t appear that easily. It has to come from places where you don’t expect them there. The places I am talking about are the dangerous ones. In a lonely home you would feel them, but not see them. Like I told you they don’t appear when you expect them to. In this generation it is very hard to find them, because they know where to be at. You’ll have a very hard time finding them in this millennium. My reason is they don’t want to be seen, because of personal reasons.

Do Ghosts Help Change Our Lives well?

I think that ghosts are a real part of the reasons of why your life is better, and well. They care about us humans. When they see us acting out negative they want to change it into a positive. I know you might think that ghosts changing your life might be crazy, but they probably are of why your life is socially well. Even if you don’t see them they do us favors, by letting some people become our friends. I think it has happened before, and they sometimes give you favors in life. It is strange and crazy, but they help out of our own problems. Ghosts do know who the jerks are, and know how to handle them. Have you realized that you’re not procrastinating anymore? Yes, you do! They are the reason you aren’t doing it anymore. Sometimes or most of the time they make you be more alert, and react better. Ghosts do help out in your situations. Another thing is that they help you get a job that is more suitable for you. They let you think normal, and they want you to do your chores in your home. This means you need to do your chores yourself. I know all this sounds silly, but this is probably the reason you are much decent, and nicer.

Ghosts Feel Your Pain

If you think ghosts don’t care about your feelings, then you’re wrong. They do care, and they can change your life the positive way. I feel that if you cross around the right ghosts, then there is going to be no problems. Some good people cause problems to some good people, and those affected don’t know why. I feel that this is wrong to reject people, but it is what it is. I have felt that rejection stings the hardest pain, and I understand that it does to you too. I feel your pain. We can’t do nothing about it, but we need to have positive attitudes, and this is where ghosts come along to help you. They try to cheer you up, and go into people’s dreams who have rejected you to accept you again. I know it seems that no one wants your company, but I have been there, and am still there. I don’t give up, and so shouldn’t you. Ghosts carry messages in your mind to tell us that there is still hope. And if those who rejected you like it happened to me, then perhaps, they’ll feel much harder pain then you’ve had. This is a world where there is much trickery. Don’t be fooled by the way people think about you, these ghosts tell you that. Some people reject you out of jealousy of what you already have. Ghosts sometimes go into people’s dreams and change their minds to take you back. I know this sounds silly, but it’s true. The smart person is the one who never loses hope of anything. I have done things that I shouldn’t have done, and paid the penalty. Many ghosts will tell you the same story. Ghosts into you to fight back, and make up with people. It will take days for that to happen, but you must have patience. Ghosts are specialists in helping, and treating people to feel well again. The rejection of pain comes when you have accepted it, and you need to change like I am doing. Any ghost would tell you that.

Ghosts Want Love

The reason why ghosts aren’t doing anything to us is because they want to be loved. Even if we don’t see them they do us many miracles for us. You may not know it, but they are accomplishing our dreams. They want us to get out of the dark side, and be on the bright side. They help us go on the right track. Some evil ghosts; however, are in Hell, which they suffer of their sins. When you feel gloomy is when a ghost is reaching out for us to help us. They want to communicate, and see if reincarnation is possible for them, which it isn’t. Ghosts want love and appreciation just as we all do. They attack some of us, because they don’t know us. Some think we’ll attack them, and use them as experiments. I think we don’t need to be afraid of ghosts, but embrace them, instead. We have to understand their pasts, and where they are coming from. Listen to their stories, and you’ll understand that they want help from us. Peace. Love. Freedom.

Feeling Loved By Family Ghost Relatives

We go on a time that we lose a loved one we knew so well. This person was the greatest individual with the biggest heart, and he/she loved us all. However, the human spirit is always with us. We need to move on on our own, because if we don’t, then we won’t be enjoying life. The ghost relatives are always with you, and you carry them inside you. You go to the cemetery to talk to them, and tell them everything personal of how you feel about them. Talk to them about your happy moments you’ve had with family and friends. Give them flowers on their graves. Throw them a kiss meaning of love and caring. Telling them you miss them so much, because not only it makes them feel better, but you feel better about yourself as well. When you see a ghost relative or several ghost relatives go talk to them. but don’t let anyone see you. They are helping you to move on, and once you let them go you will live a great life, once you have done before in your life. All I am saying is when you watch a ghost don’t assume that it is here to scare you, and attack you, most are there to talk about your life. These may be relatives that you’ve lost trying to reach out to you. Reach out to them back, and then the pain will heal. They want to know how you are doing with your life. They will tell you many advises when you need them the most in the real world. We always feel that they are here with us. We see that they are helpings us make our choices, and help us have better judgments in our life situations. Once they go back to Heaven is when they know you are ready to face the world on your own. They will always be there for you for eternity when you need them. You have never lost them, and never will.

Trouble With Ghosts?

Many stuff had been said about ghosts, that they aren’t real or is there a presence of paranormal around us. But, we don’t realize the trouble they may cause. I think of how we tell our stories of ghosts encounters to anyone, we may be labeled as loony. You have to be careful of telling ghost stories, because most people wouldn’t believe you. Ghosts encounter our brains to think disturbed and feel this way. I think you need to not feel glum, so you won’t be having problems with them distracting your mind. In order to do so you have to forget about them whatsoever. The only way we get rid of ghosts problems we need to think and believe that they don’t exist. It’s as simple as that, but not get to the point where you really believe it at full capacity. We enter old houses to think of just how spooky it is, it’s all things covered with cobwebs, and dusts.. Haven’t you thought that ghosts are looming all across around you to fool you. Some people feel that ghosts do cause problems in our everyday lives through everyday life. I think they cause accidents to happen, and it may well be that they are disturbing our minds. Some put nasty and hasty ideas in our minds, so we won’t be focused on doing our jobs. When you feel out-of-space is when they get you to their level, and for some of you it’s hard to get out of. You feel you should be scared of certain people, which they want to lead you to believe is true. The only thing I am advising you is to ignore them, and think of positive happy thoughts. This is the only way to get rid of them. However, don’t talk to everyone about ghosts’ problems, because they won’t believe you. They will laugh at you, which to them is pure fantasy. There are presences of paranormal activities on most locations. Let them go, and they’ll leave you alone. In this way they will think that you have won, and ghosts will think they themselves are the losers.

Some Ghosts And Aliens Do Care About Us

Somewhere along the line a ghost or an alien will be bound to help you. They do care about us. I think in theory they are interested in our situations that in some miracles they let us good people win. I can’t explain the altitude of how they help us. It is just as if the Gods of ancient pasts are looking towards us that they prevent our accidents and problems. They give us hints in our minds of what is the right decisions to make. In some way or another this is really weird. The reason these beings want to help us is because they want us to be happy and satisfied with your life. If you do anything bad to anybody, then they will work against you. It is this way that these aliens and ghosts that work against the real jerks who want to destroy us. They do care about your life, friends, and families. They want you to lead a better healthier life. We should be thankful that they want to help us, and they aren’t angry with us. They prevent bad ghosts and bad aliens from attacking us in any way. They want us to move on with our lives. It’s true that aliens have headquarters from deep underwater overseas. It’s also true that ghosts wander on the world of humans and animals, but they won’t do anything to us that is harmful. Some ghosts and aliens mean well. We are protected from them. So, don’t be afraid and don’t convince yourself that the world is coming to an end, because it isn’t. However, our gravitational force field is weak, because of all the machines men have made in planet Earth. The other thing is that our planet is being harmed of making too many things like buildings for example. Our planet is vulnerable of any attack from space. The world will end 15 billions years later from now, so there’s nothing to worry about. It isn’t in your lifetime. But, for the meantime we are safe. So, don’t worry about it. We’re in good hands.