A Ghost in Your Presence

Ghosts come and go from time to time. We don’t see them most of the time, but we feel their presences. Did it happen to you when someone died you’ve felt that s/he is still alive? Most of us have felt that. There are many examples of it. You can make the case for Michael Jackson. He died, but we felt as if he is still somewhat alive. Once some of your relatives have died you have felt that they are still alive. The presences in ghosts are strong. I don’t know why this happens, but it does. I don’t mean to creep you out, but it feels this way. All we can do is remember those happy memories the deceased gave us, once they were living at the time. Ghosts may be here or not, but we can’t see them. Some people have said that they have seen ghosts. Elvis Presley for example someone saw him near the bushes at his home, after his death. Most people wouldn’t believe this story. All I am saying it’s alright to talk about ghosts. If you feel that they are still alive, maybe it’s someone who you know that was close to you that has died recently.


5 thoughts on “A Ghost in Your Presence

  1. I haven’t seen or heard or felt any ghosts. Sometimes I wish I did. Maybe they are friendlier than human people… But I think I would be pretty scared at first if I ever felt a ghost or spirit. Only because how ghosts are “perceived and known” to be affect my own opinion on them…

    P.S. Nice blog 🙂 you got yourself a follower, you seem like an interesting person, looking forward to reading your blog. I mean anyone who takes the time to think about and write about ghosts is just awesome in my book 😛 .


  2. I think ghosts are a good thing. Sometimes we need them in our lives, especially when we miss that someone we lost. But keep it all in good sight, don’t let them ghosts haunt you!

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