My Advice to You

When you failed at something you enjoy doing, then try again. You never know how good you are if you don’t try. Believe in yourself. When you win in a contest you will be laughing at all the negatives you have said about your work.

The Books I Have read Helped Me Improve My…

In the 2000’s I was reading how to write books. I already am born with talent, but before 2009, I didn’t yet have writing skills. I am an avid reader and read through the whole days. I always went to bookstores to read on how to improve my writing. At first when I got curious about writing I picked up the first writing reference book. Once, I read it I got hooked to it. I have read through half of those books. But, when I came the next days there I picked the same writing books and try to finish them.

I have learned a lot. I knew about some of the writing, but wanted to learn more. When 2010 came I took an online writing class my father paid for and learned from that course. I was been taught how to write and improve my writing craft. I took 15 creative online courses, and the last one was about marketing writing. I took 16 online writing classes in all at a online college school. I have passed 15 out of 16 online classes. The one I didn’t pass was about marketing, but that was the most difficult course I took.

I love words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, and all that has to do with literature. The first writing reference book that I have read is Gathom Writers’ Workshop Writing Fiction. I tried to understand it at first when I bought in 2009. But, now since I have learned most of the writing craft I understand it now.

I always think that literature suppose to be friendly with the readers. If you get bothered by the writing in a genre fiction then don’t buy the book to read it. Go look for another novel that you will decide to read.

It is incredible that I have passed all of my creative writing classes from 2010-2016 (15 creative writing online classes). I now have a lot of things with my writing to be proud of.

I still study through Spotify, YouTube, and, in my phone, at the TV, and computers. When I want to hear music to learn grammar I listen to Robert Roberson’s class of grammar. These are grammars songs so that I can learn about the English tenses. I listen to it each day whenever I get the chance. It is another way to learn and master the English grammar.

I hope that you have enjoyed my experience from my craft of writing in this post. It sure did brought back memories from my studious writing career. I still read on how to improve my writing and grammar.