Don’t Trash Nice People Who Want To Be Your Friends

I know that some of you are mad at certain nice people, just because of their negative pasts. Just don’t throw them away just because of their dark pasts. We all have sinned. Even I did before. Try to make friends with people who wants to be your friends. Don’t judge a book by its cover. What I mean is that you haven’t read their whole story yet. There is still something else missing that you left out. The one important missing part is that they want to change for the good in them. I know it is really hard and difficult for some of you to do this, but at least give it your full effort. We can’t stay mad at each other forever. Hate is even worse. My story is that I have changed by not doing bad things, that I shouldn’t have done. We all make mistakes. We’re not perfect. If you choose to ignore them, then you’ll always be tormented for the rest of your life, whether you have most friends or not. Most lonely people are happy and they deserve a second chance at their social lives solved. It takes guts to be friends with lonely nice people, but it takes a coward not to be friends with them. Don’t leave them like they are trash blown away in the wind. Some of the nice people’s stories are sad. However, their other side is happy and positive. It is time to make amends with them. I was lonely once before. I think giving them that chance for most of us is worth the effort. And plus you will gain another extra friend, which it doesn’t hurt. It will boost your social life, and will make you a winner. My advice for today is befriend nice lonely people. If you don’t, then you know what unpleasant circumstances are coming to you. God will thank you if you take my advice. He will love you for it. Remember don’t miss anyone out. Always believe in God. There is no reason anymore for hate.


Wild Animals Keeping Calm With All Humans

Dear Mom,

Hi, mom! It’s me! Your son, Jay Kupler. I am amazed of the turn of events that have occurred here in the United States. I have always thought that wild animals belong in the wild, and are dangerous to us humans. But, I saw millions of these events where all kinds of wild animals are now friendly to us all. They aren’t looking for us as meat in our bones. The sharks see humans in the beach, but decided not to attack them. The bears have hugged most humans, but never killed any. I love the results of these current events, but I wouldn’t trust a wild animal. I don’t even know what to think anymore. Wild animals are dangerous. Period. Well, this is all over the news, and the people are shocked by it. We have most friendly domestic animals to us. I tend to think of these happenings aren’t possible, but impossible. Snakes no longer eat us alive and they aren’t going to. How weird is that? I myself can’t even start to believe. Something has happened here before that has changed for the good. Things like this one hasn’t happened before. I have to almost include the word happens, because I am trying to explain, but am trying to make sense of the animals right now. I have a messy grammar sometimes. Thanks to my parents Mr. and Mrs. Kupler. I thought to myself that this event wasn’t even going to happen in our lifetime. It turns out that it did and it still is.

Yours Sincerely,


Jay Kupler

Liebster Award Number 3!!

My Liebster Award! I enjoy it very much. Thanks iheartfilm! 🙂



I am so honored to be nominated again. I love the idea of this award because it welcomes new, awesome bloggers into the community. It feels good to be receiving but also giving back to the WordPress blogging community. I’d like to thank my wonderful nominator: Realwgeegiemidget for the opportunity to highlight other fellow bloggers! Make sure to check her out!

Now, some info on just what the Liebster Award is all about.

The Official Rules Of The Liebster Award 

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New on 500px : Flamethrower by MajeedBadizadegan by MajeedBadizadegan

I just wanted to share this beautiful sunrise with you all.

Chae H. Bae - Blog

An awesome grouping of Indian Paintbrush filled my foreground here. This image was a beast in post with over 6 focus points to achieve nearly infinite depth of field.

I’ve posted this image before, but the recent conversations about compositing made me really think about my own position on this. This image is a composite that was made for this article. Take a look

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Readings For My Amusement

I love to read about astronomy, true crime, and fiction novels. The most I read also is how to improve my writing. I love finding out about empty space. All the pictures of the cosmos are so beautiful. You see supernovas, clusters, stars, but you can’t see atoms. It is interesting to read about atoms, though. I think I know about atoms. I think of me knowing it is half of its information. The great thing is I love to grasp the full information of astronomy.

I am interested in the way the FBI solves the true crimes. I know it isn’t pleasant to see these criminals kill people. I think they do if for a reason, but it is for the wrong reasons. They have tremendous conflict between most innocent victims. I think it is not so easy of to why they kill the victims. Some people think that they do it, because they’re evil, but it goes way beyond that.

My favorite autobiography is Moonwalk by Michael Jackson. Even if he doesn’t tell the whole truths to his story. It is in fact a fascinating and interesting read. Now they have more books of this particular singer. Now if I were you I wouldn’t buy all the books that is ever written about Michael Jackson, but if you want then do so. What I mean is that there are other things to read besides all those particular books. For example you can read The Maze Runner novels. It is just an example.

For me I love reading about celebrities’ lives. But, I choose a few in particular.

I still read astronomy. And I still read true crime novels. In fact I love reading fiction love stories. Any books you can get your hands on that you like read them. it is not necessarily to buy all of them. You can read them in the bookstore and buy a cup of coffee to accompany you.


Movie Review: The Martian (2015)

The Martian is about a space astronaut, Mark Watney, that is stranded on Mars, from a manned mission to Mars, and must improvise in order to stay alive. I loved watching this movie, because of its excellent storytelling. The movie feels like a real life situation. I give this movie five stars, because of its originality from the author (Andy Weir) of space exploration. An excellent movie if you’re a science fiction fan.

Andy Weir (1972-Present)

Andy Weir is an American science fiction novelist. He is the author of his very first novel, The Martian. It was adapted into a film directed by Ridley Scott under the same name of his novel in 2015. He began writing science fiction in his 20’s, and for years has published his works on his website. He studied computer science at UC San Diego.