Blessed Quotes #17

“Find your peace with people whom are trustworthy through Jesus Christ and God.”

-Raul Conde (Writer)


Movie Review: The Martian (2015)

The Martian is about a space astronaut, Mark Watney, that is stranded on Mars, from a manned mission to Mars, and must improvise in order to stay alive. I loved watching this movie, because of its excellent storytelling. The movie feels like a real life situation. I give this movie five stars, because of its originality from the author (Andy Weir) of space exploration. An excellent movie if you’re a science fiction fan.

Andy Weir (1972-Present)

Andy Weir is an American science fiction novelist. He is the author of his very first novel, The Martian. It was adapted into a film directed by Ridley Scott under the same name of his novel in 2015. He began writing science fiction in his 20’s, and for years has published his works on his website. He studied computer science at UC San Diego.

Charlotte Remembers High School

A young woman named Charlotte Young always remembers her long time high school problems for no reason. Her friends tell her that she always talks about it. She is tormenting herself with things she had done in the past. When she goes out with her family she talks about her high school problem years all the time.

“Quit talking about high school! You’ve already graduated! You have nothing to do with it anymore!” her mother said

“But, mom I am only saying this just one time. It doesn’t bother me at all.” Charlotte said

“I think it does. It is tormenting you!” her father said

Charlotte doesn’t find any comfort of life after high school. They try to enjoy the day at the beach. But, they aren’t enjoying it, because of Charlotte’s talk of her past problems.

“Let’s go. We’ve had enough of it, Charlotte.” her mother said

They went back home.

A week later passed. Charlottes wakes up and she is being transported into her old years of high school. At her home her parent’s report her missing. Charlotte walks into through her past in her high school she once graduated. She sees herself walking through her classes.

“I want to get out of here! This is a house of horrors!” Charlotte repeated

But, nobody listens. She is there as a ghost. She is back in time. All the past events of her time in school is being repeated. When she is walking she sees some students creating problems, and they’re getting in trouble with the principal.

She somehow can’t get out of this. Maybe, it’s because she talked about it too much each passing day. She gets trapped in her own past problems, because she chose to live in the past and not in the present.

The Good Aliens Have Contacted Sarah Jackson Of An Evil Alien Invasion

Dear, Mr. U.S. President, Drew Andrews,

You may think that this warning letter is silly giving to you by mail telling you something stupid. But, it’s not. Hello, my name is Sarah Jackson. The good aliens have contacted me that we’re soon going to war against evil aliens and the good aliens offered to help us fight them. We are going to have a galaxy war against the evil aliens. The good aliens will be coming here to protect us and our home planet from an evil alien invasion. But, there is no guarantee that we’ll win the war. If we do lose it. I will remind you and the Earthlings if we die that we’ll be going to a better place then this one. One without war and violence. We should be prepared to fight and protect our home planet with our allies. Contact me first when you get this letter Mr. U.S. President Drew Andrews.

Sincerely yours,


Sarah Jackson

P.S., I have given you my full address where you can reach me in another letter inside the same envelope.