I Remember Reading Clive Cussler Novels

I remember Clive Cussler. I think that he was a nice guy, but have never met him. I would say that he was charismatic with his fans. I am still a fan of his novels. I have read a huge amount of them. They are adventurous books. I like all of them. My favorite novel of his is, Sahara. It was very nice having him around. A Real nice guy he was. He is up in Heaven. The next novel I will be reading from him is, The Gangster. I can’t wait to read it. I will always remember Clive Cussler. RIP, Clive Cussler. May you rest in peace.


Great News!!!

I am here to tell everyone that I have passed the Final Exam from the online course, Writing for Children! I am proud of myself. I needed this class, because I intend to write a children’s book. Now I am reading the course I’ve passed. I will be reading the past lessons again to refresh my mind and get to know how to write novels for this audience.

I got to learn about all writing children’s genre. I learned not only for middle grade, but nonfiction and fiction. I learned also about the YA genre. I think that the YA genre I will write also. I am so excited.

But, for now I will start reading my course I have passed a few days ago. Today I have read lesson 1. Tomorrow I will be reading the next lessons. Okay, my friends! behave! Love and peace to you all! Peace! 🙂 ❤