Treat Us Nice, We’ll Return The Favor!

What we want is to be treated nice, and be respected. If you do this for us, then we’ll return the favor. Once a person is treated nice and with the same respect as would you things start to be great. I think this is very important for us all. We return the favor if you treat us nice. We never forget nice people. Do something nice for a person that you’ll love the most. If you treat us mean, then you’ll be treated that way, and that’s what you are. Most people see others being nice to others, and think they can get along with them. If they see someone not nice, then they would rather avoid that person. Being nice, and acting nice is easy to do. Some people don’t think that it is easy, but rather difficult. It is easy. You just have to mean that you are a good person, respect others, and is nice to others. This isn’t difficult for anyone at any age. Once a person changes to a good one, then all what they thought of you starts to erase in their minds. Take time to consider to respect your friends things, and ideas. If you act mean towards us, then we’ll return the favor by acting mean to you, as well. The simplest way to do is to get along with all people, then people will think you’re charismatic, and a good person. Don’t fall into mischief.


Margaret Mitchell (1900-1949)

Margaret Mitchell was an American professional Author, and Journalist. Her first and only published novel Gone With the Wind won the National Book Award for Most Distinguished Novel of 1936, and also, the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1937. She was a resident and native of Atlanta, Georgia. Her family was wealthy and politically prominent. She had two marriages in her lifetime. She died in a car crash accident in August 16, 1949. She was 48 years old. R.I.P. Margaret Mitchell

Song: “We Didn’t Start The Fire” By Billy Joel

This song isn’t inspirational, but it has a point on issues facing today. It shows all kinds of negative events that have happened tragically in the past. One is the assassination of President Kennedy. When there was a Woodstock with hippies in 1969. It brings a lot of serious issues. But, on second thought the music video is interesting and entertaining, even if it is a some bit tormented. The quote is from it: “We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the world’s been turning”. I think it goes something like that. I believe that the world is the way it is. I think this song has a point. We create most problems for ourselves, and others, but the other problems are already there anyway. I think this means we don’t have to blame ourselves for serious and tragic problems out there. We have to understand to solve our own problems, and try to make the world a better place. The song is educational in a sense that these serious problems of today are already there. We hear the lyrics, and rhymes in the song of the past history events that went on in the pasts. Like the impeachment of President Richard Nixon. New problems are still being created. It has a serious moral to the story that we can’t change all of them. We have to worry about our own, and let the others try to solve theirs. In the future there will always be problems. I like the song, because it’s educational, and it brings to a point that we need to be happy for what we have, instead of worrying about other people’s problems.

What I Am Reading 2…

This year I am reading The Hunger Games: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, The Godfather by Mario Puzo, and an astronomy book called Before The Big Bang by Brian Clegg. I am in the middle of the novel of Mockingjay. I am starting to wonder at first if Katniss Everdeen will ever survive against The Capitol? Is she going to live or die? Are Katniss and Peeta love interests? Will The Capitol ever be conquered? These are my top concerns. Please don’t spoil it by telling me, because I want to know when I’m finished reading it. The Godfather I already know what happens throughout the novel. I am throughout the middle and reading it the second time. The book Before The Big Bang is about what was there before the big bang started. I am also reading The Shining by Stephen King… and of course writing reference books.

You Need To Feel Good About Yourself

Don’t be all so sad and depressed about how your life would’ve been, if you have done the right things. You are correct that you should-be approached at the opportunity to make friends, but stop moping about it. Things won’t change if you start feeling sorry for yourself. You need to do something for you. Look at life at another perspective. See it as a great beautiful day that is positive. You can still change your life, and nothing is too late for it. Age is just a number, and it doesn’t mean its the end of you. You’re looking at yourself all wrong. Feel good about yourself, and keep telling yourself that everything in your life will be solved. Remember that your family loves you. You are not alone in this. There are most people who are in the same position that you are. They are thinking the same thing you are. Some are making a change like you should. If you think people don’t care, believe me they do. The only way you will feel good is to tell yourself that you’re the most important person on this planet. Some persons are already doing it. If you don’t do it, then they will be one step ahead of you. This is never the end. It’s only the beginning.

Water: The Most Important Source

Why is water the most important source for us all? You can’t live without it. You need to drink it everyday, and stop drinking things that will make you fat. When we get tired from doing exercises. When we need our bodies to be clean, not dirty, and smelly. These are important facts to know. Water is cheap to pay in our bills, but we need it all the time. It is used for important things. When you go to the beach you are having fun in the water. The plants need to live by water. The rain comes from the clouds to give plants and animals water to survive. Water comes from the interstellar space that makes ices into water, which water is from our solar system that transports it here to our home planet Earth. Water has lived more than the sun, and Earth combined. We have to live with it. Without it we’ll no longer will be living.

Major Milestone In The Search For Water On Distant Planets

Neptune-sized planet crosses in front of its star in the constellation Cygnus. Astronomers have found the blue part of the planet’s rim due to scattered light. The planet is 4 times bigger than the Earth. What they found in it is water vapor and hydrogen in the atmosphere of an exoplanet HAT P-11b. This planet could sustain life.

Don’t Be A Kid-Adult

I have seen most people on TV (but not all of them) do the wrong things. This is what I view from those kid-adults. From these people you are very limited of enjoying anything you want, and taking things seriously. Some grown people have made a mess of everything, and will continue to do so. If you are seeing sports, then you will realize this. I think entertainment is to be enjoyed, and not to be fixed. When some kid-adults say they are grown adults I don’t believe it for a second. You shouldn’t also. But, if illegal things happen we still have to live happy and positive (even if the results are very bad). Most people should be able to treat us as adults, even if some don’t like us. Hey, tough break we are going to stay here forever, so get used to it. We are happy and optimistic, but the other people we know are having temper-tantrums. They are old enough to know they should get along with all kinds of people. I don’t see anything wrong here where I live, and in the nation. So, what’s the problem? Some kid-adults are the problems. Don’t listen to these people, because God is offering you better things. Jesus Christ and God will always be with you.

Don’t Let Depression Rule Your Life

Most of us have had depression sometime in our lives. It is time to break out of that shell. There are some people who have committed suicide just because of depression. Depression can be cured. It doesn’t happen in one day or a week. It takes progress. Start reading self-help books like “The Secret”. I think the book The Secret is a perfect way to think positive. Start loving and accepting yourself. Don’t let depression rule your entire life. Be happy and positive. Talk to your family of how you really feel about your life. It is never too late to change. You should look on the bright side of things. Whatever put you down get rid of it. Leave the dark side and live life. Don’t end your life just because of your problems. Problems can be solved. You have something to live for. Think for a few minutes of what you really mean to your families and friends. It’s time you have to feel good about yourself. Your life is meaningful.

Thank God, Supergirl Is Now Going To Be On TV (At Least)!

I remember when I saw Supergirl the movie I was fascinated and impressed by it. Sadly, the public didn’t go into the fictional super heroine type, back then in the 80’s it was all Superman mania. Most fans only wanted to see Superman. I hope that Supergirl gets the same treatment as Superman did back then during that decade. In the 1980’s I have felt that I was the only one that was super pumped about Supergirl and was very happy that she might get the big screen and small screen treatment. It never happened. She appeared in Smallville, the show of how Superman started as a child, and then teen youth. I have felt that she might get the chance that Batman have got in this earlier century. I think we should give these super heroines another chance, because not just the heroes are going to reign supreme, but they could reign together. In this sense it will be more fun, then in the old days of the classic years. We should give Supergirl a chance. At least for what we did for Marvel and Batman. She should be given a chance at stardom to be successful too! CBS will give her a primetime date when she’ll be appearing with real life people on the set or animated cartoons. But, I have heard it will be drama. I just hope the sad history doesn’t repeat itself with Supergirl.