Ray of Hopes And Miracles

There is hope for a miracle to change your life in a positive light. Just because you’ve lost many missed opportunities in your life, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. There will be other chances to accomplish things in your life. This isn’t the end of the road. The only thing you have to change is yourself. Take life by the horns. Instead of moping around, just start to feel optimistic. Be happy. Start socializing with people, that want to be around you. Once you get in contact with friendly strangers, you’ll feel happy, and start forgetting about the old negative you. Being optimistic about yourself is the smartest decision to make.

Water: The Most Important Source

Why is water the most important source for us all? You can’t live without it. You need to drink it everyday, and stop drinking things that will make you fat. When we get tired from doing exercises. When we need our bodies to be clean, not dirty, and smelly. These are important facts to know. Water is cheap to pay in our bills, but we need it all the time. It is used for important things. When you go to the beach you are having fun in the water. The plants need to live by water. The rain comes from the clouds to give plants and animals water to survive. Water comes from the interstellar space that makes ices into water, which water is from our solar system that transports it here to our home planet Earth. Water has lived more than the sun, and Earth combined. We have to live with it. Without it we’ll no longer will be living.

Don’t Let Depression Rule Your Life

Most of us have had depression sometime in our lives. It is time to break out of that shell. There are some people who have committed suicide just because of depression. Depression can be cured. It doesn’t happen in one day or a week. It takes progress. Start reading self-help books like “The Secret”. I think the book The Secret is a perfect way to think positive. Start loving and accepting yourself. Don’t let depression rule your entire life. Be happy and positive. Talk to your family of how you really feel about your life. It is never too late to change. You should look on the bright side of things. Whatever put you down get rid of it. Leave the dark side and live life. Don’t end your life just because of your problems. Problems can be solved. You have something to live for. Think for a few minutes of what you really mean to your families and friends. It’s time you have to feel good about yourself. Your life is meaningful.

Be A Great And Wonderful Person

You are the best person anyone can count on. Stay happy and positive. Think positive, and happy things. Care for your family and friends. Find something of a hobby that you would love doing. For example I love to write. Help other people when they need you. Tell people how great and nice they are. Meet new people and start conversations with them. Share stuff with friends and family. Talk about life with family, or it can be with friends also. Go outside to enjoy nature. You are a great and wonderful person. Nobody will count you out. Think of wonderful things. Experience the days, which are so beautiful. Capture life in your precious moments. Make them positive to remember them by. Be a great and wonderful person.

Be Yourself (don’t be an imitator!)

Be yourself when making friends, and don’t be an imitator of life. The sure thing is that people who know you love you. I think this is a time of happiness and full of hope. Go out and have fun, even if you are lonely. At least you have your parents to hang out with. If you’re in your 30’s or 40’s still living with your parents, don’t be embarrassed. Everything comes in time when it’s necessary. Be glad that your family and friends care about you. If you have talent as in a much amount, than you’ve got nothing to lose. I live with my parents, but I am creative. I don’t worry about anything. I am happy. I live life as if it is the last day of my life, and that’s how we should live. I know these look like dark days, but they aren’t believe me. Go on to online classes, get a job, or go to colleges and universities. Anything that’s full of pride helps your cause. If you are stuck in a position make the best of it. Think of something important to do. Don’t just sit there find something to be cheerful for. If I feel dark inside it is a perfect way for me to write a horror novel, because it is meant to be dark. My mind feels gloomy when I start to write something of horror, and love to write this way. I think of my life as a proud achievement of the most importance. Things will pick up once you accept the things the way they are. You are bound to get a wife or husband. I am bound to get a girlfriend. I think positive, and this is how you should think. Pessimism is a way to ruin your life. Strive to be different. People will become interested in you once you pick off a career. Start living life when you wake up from your depressed nightmare and fight off your demons with God.

Kids Are Human Beings Too

English: Stay stable riding a bike at slow spe...

English: Stay stable riding a bike at slow speeds. Perfect for kids learning to ride a two wheeler or adults looking for a high-stability biking solution. See the Wikipedia:Gyrobike article and see videos of the Gyrobike at YouTube]. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now you know that kids are human beings. They feel the same way like we adults do. We all carry different feelings in different ways. However, the age gap is huge between adults and kids. But, they have emotions just like we do and can hurt easily just like us, too. By making kids happy you need to be their role model. They are sometimes right on the things we did wrong. They will tell you what that is by not doing it again. Kids are special people. The only difference is that adults work and kids play all the time. However, kids know that they’ll be working in jobs once they are adults, too. Trust them with the same respect as you do towards adults like you. Remember they are on the curiosity side of wanting to know everything, but you need to be careful. So, don’t tell them the whole truths of things. Only grown ups have to keep things that are for adults to themselves. Instead talk in their language. They will catch up and understand this. Remember kids want to live happy just as much as we adults want to too.

Feel Free To Feel Great!

Don't It Feel Good

Don’t It Feel Good (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You sometimes, or often have felt bad all your life, but it isn’t pertaining to people who feel good about themselves. I am referring to some of those feeling glum. I know life is a mess, but it doesn’t mean you can’t feel great about yourself. Start with something small that you appreciate, something like your garden. When you have a simple stuff making you happy, then it is starting to work. Think of the achievements you have accomplished. The classes you have passed on any subject. Be happy that you are going to start your own career. We all have missed chances in life. Most men feel bad when women turn them down, but some understand. You can go after another woman in your life, and this isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning. Your life is never going to end. Feeling with bad moods could end you. It is important to be happy and positive. When you do nothing is when you feel mean to everyone. I go on my computer, look for a subject, and then I write about it. Sports is a very great way to involve in your activities. You should be occupied. Don’t do just one thing, do several things. I bet there is a lot of work at home, and at your job too. Once you do these things, and not bother anyone, then nothing bad happens to you. Watching too many TV isn’t going to make you useful. Doing other things will. Chores are needed to be done, or you need to serve food to costumers. Anything that gets you off the couch is great. But doing negative stuff makes you feel like a loser. Be a winner!