A Letter to a Vampire


Vampires (Photo credit: Velovotee)

Dear Allysa,

My love for you is strong, even if you’re a vampire and I’m not, but only a human. The ranks of your kind is awesome and a great cult. I want to find the rest of your patch group. We’ve visited many of your vampire friends. I drank blood, but didn’t like it,yet I got sick from it, and  you cured me. what’s the secret recipe you have to cure me? Should I call you my vampire lover or wife? Make me a vampire, so I could fight against your enemy wolves. I want to be a hero vampire, and suck blood of all humans for eternity. We belong together. I don’t care what people think about you. We’ll make the moon red and the sky as well. I’ll learn from your cult ways. My precious time will be that you suck blood from my neck, even if it hurts me. The fun will start after that happened. There should be no light on this Earth, but only darkness throughout time. We love the sense of the coldness, but wouldn’t like to step into the sunlight. I saw your friends sucking blood of human cops, and human American Citizens. My letters from you are written in blood. I want you to be my muse of becoming a vampire. I love vampires. I’m sexually attracted to vampire women. I’ll marry you any day of any year. Don’t listen to those people that say you’re dangerous, yet I think you’re harmless. Our love for each other is great and that’s all that counts. Let me tell you it’s all that really counts are sucking blood from humans. Join me in this adventure of sensing humans being victims from us. We’re not regular people, and vampires are artists. Those vampire capes make me love to wear them. The sky should be dark red, and vampires should go to Heaven, and have their glory in Earth. When I become a vampire I’ll have powers greater than any human living on Planet Earth. I’ll gather fans as a vampire, and be obsessed by the idea. The concept of it is there, and should be attempted. We should all try to become like you striving for it, and than the world will become a better place, so for now my dear vampire lover, tootles, and bye, for we’ll thirst for blood once again. Remember the dark is always pleasurable.

Sincerely Your Love,

Andrew Curry


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