We All Are Human, Not Robots

To learn and not to do is really not to learn....

To learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know. (Photo credit: planeta)

Comfortable Seating, Learning Resource Centre,...

Comfortable Seating, Learning Resource Centre, Edge Hill University (Photo credit: jisc_infonet)

We all do mistakes, and it cost us some of the things we want accomplished. But, I think by learning them you achieve it back, because we are optimists. All of us are human beings when we do bad things we don’t mean to do on purpose or by mistake. I sometimes did things on purpose, and the other things by mistakes, but I learned from them not to repeat it again. Most of us learn not to do bad things again. However, some of us feel we still have some bad habits we still have we didn’t take out, and it is fine to think this way, as long as it isn’t negative or offensive. All of us aren’t going to think the same. All of us are going to do the opposite, and think different of each of us by how we act. I am an opportunist. I quickly grab happiness wherever I could find it, even if it’s the smallest things. I think by taking into consideration of understanding people, rather then bashing their dreams God will be happy with you. Whatever gets you ticked-off, or pissed-off on every little thing it makes your life at a disadvantage. I am talking on both sides of whatever you intend to do, but the good sides always wins. Being depressed about every little thing makes matters worse, and it could ruin you. I think by being happy of what your teams in sports did try to accomplish of winning games the next year will be better. But, nothing is too late. We all carry that jive that we feel vulnerable when we want things accomplished, but later you will succeed. I think for myself, but no one else. We want to be nice, and generous people, but it all starts at one day at a time. Some of us feel jealousy towards others. If you think that I haven’t felt any jealousy towards some people, then you’re wrong. We all felt it, I have felt it. But, we learn to deal with it and forget it. Most of us are talented on some levels, and some of us show off. I think by showing off you’ll learn to regret it. I think some of us think we’re high-class, and think of others as low-class. God didn’t built this world that way, and he built it to accept how we are.  We aren’t meant to get angry at each other. Be easy on the stuff you enjoy, and don’t take it out on anybody. We can’t change how people think, but we can change our way of thinking the positive way. Everyday is an adventure and opportunity. Achieve your goals by being an opportunist, and an optimist. Ignore the skeptics. When we do mistakes we all are human, not robots.


I See Half-Alien and Half-Human Species

[365 Toy Project: 050/365] The Humans Are Dead

[365 Toy Project: 050/365] The Humans Are Dead (Photo credit: nhussein)

Dear Mr. President Jack Newton,

My name is Walter Bauer and there is one species that is mixed with half-alien, and half-humans who are like normal people. I can’t sense this kind of reality, and it didn’t stick in my mind. Some of them are my friends, and they’re normal just like me. But, it is a scary reality of drama. Most of the criminals have turned this way also. This species is half-human on the left side, and half-human on the right side of the body. Most are ruling the world. I am in hiding with my strange friends, and these aliens put them this way. First it was cool, and everyone was alright with it, but later it became an all out-war, humans against this strange species. It looks weird and ugly. My other friends are normal, but I need help from the top side of your branch that means the military needs to back me up. Your country the USA is invaded by aliens and this other species. Somehow, some of the half-alien, and half-human species are helping us, and hope that you would trust their word. I need for you to give my friends and me shelter in your Whitehouse, because it’s the only safest place for now. They are called Aliemuns. This means what I just described this strange species. You have got to hurry we need to start an alert on this country to warn the citizens to take action, and fight for our survival. Our whole world is in this till we win the war. They want to use us as science experiments. We need to stop them from taking over our planet. If we lose we’ll be enslaved forever.

Yours Truly,

Walter Bauer

P.S. We need all the heavy military and artillery weapons to fight them off.

Kids Are Human Beings Too

English: Stay stable riding a bike at slow spe...

English: Stay stable riding a bike at slow speeds. Perfect for kids learning to ride a two wheeler or adults looking for a high-stability biking solution. See the Wikipedia:Gyrobike article and see videos of the Gyrobike at YouTube]. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now you know that kids are human beings. They feel the same way like we adults do. We all carry different feelings in different ways. However, the age gap is huge between adults and kids. But, they have emotions just like we do and can hurt easily just like us, too. By making kids happy you need to be their role model. They are sometimes right on the things we did wrong. They will tell you what that is by not doing it again. Kids are special people. The only difference is that adults work and kids play all the time. However, kids know that they’ll be working in jobs once they are adults, too. Trust them with the same respect as you do towards adults like you. Remember they are on the curiosity side of wanting to know everything, but you need to be careful. So, don’t tell them the whole truths of things. Only grown ups have to keep things that are for adults to themselves. Instead talk in their language. They will catch up and understand this. Remember kids want to live happy just as much as we adults want to too.

We The Humans Have Defeated The Aliens

Cover of "Doctor Who: Alien Bodies"

Cover of Doctor Who: Alien Bodies

Dear World,

My name is Michael Jansen. I am proud of our world joining in alliance against the aliens, which we have defeated. However, this world doesn’t look pleasant anymore. This looks more like a dessert. The whole United States of America is completely shackled. There most dead human and alien bodies laying everywhere around the world. There are the half population of humans here on Earth still. I think it will take much longer to recreate what was once a normal world. We always have had violence and always will. We will be vulnerable if anything comes out there in the universe here on Earth. The Humans vs. Aliens war wasn’t easily won, and it took much effort. We have had to find their weaknesses to stop them. The books we had to steal from them in other planets. We had to build spaceships. The aliens could have easily beaten us and they would’ve been the victors. When I was walking on the rubble of New Jersey, USA I saw gooey green blood from the aliens on the ground. The world is more of a mess right now. But I have trauma of memories fighting aliens from the war we once fought. They have told us that they were going to rule this planet, and enslave us. I didn’t like the idea of an alien becoming the President of the United States of America. It sounds terrifying for me and my people. I still get nightmares, and they still scare me, even though we had defeated them. I don’t have any idea if there are other aliens coming from other planets to destroy Earth. I have read Arthur C. Clarke’s novels, as well as novels from Orson Scott Card, and. This was like the movie War Of the Worlds. I thought that in books could be similar from their worlds, but not exactly. Well, the most important thing is that planet Earth isn’t at all destroyed. Me and my family were planning on going to another planet in our spaceship. Again I am here to tell you that we just defeated the aliens! But, I’m afraid there’s more to come. Many people are leaving Earth for better lives. I just hope that the other planet we come to live at will only have humans to welcome us friendly.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Jansen

Dear Mr. Alien

Seal of Los Angeles, California. On March 27, ...

Seal of Los Angeles, California. On March 27, 1905 Ordinance 10,834 authorized and described the City Seal still being used today http://cityclerk.lacity.org/cps/pdf/cityseals.pdf. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Mr. Alien,

Hi, remember me? Alisa Rose? I’m sure you remember. When I saw you land by the forest close to the Los Angeles road I thought you might start attacking people. But, you wanted the analysis of how this world is getting along. I don’t know how you are going to do that, but I am certainly sure you’re not going to cover everything. Take my advice when you met me you were friendly to me, and wanted to be a friend. This is very rare, because most aliens would take us hostage to experiment on us on your planet. Anyways I am writing this letter, because I wanted to know if you are okay. Surely you must have felt that in this planet Earth there aren’t any aliens around. I don’t know what they’ll think of you in California. I think that you love the red, white, and blue. You know our country? I know this is a stupid question to ask you. But, thanks for coming here. I have had a great time having fun with you. This is the first time I have met an alien that doesn’t attack humans, and it is very rare. We sure had happy memories watching movies, going to parks in Orlando, fl., playing sports, and reading novels at bookstores. Remember that time when you were on national TV. I am sure you did. Well, don’t forget me, and I won’t forget you also. Write me a letter soon when you are finished reading this one. I just wanted to check up on you. Happy travels!

Sincerely yours,

Alisa Rose

A Letter to a Vampire


Vampires (Photo credit: Velovotee)

Dear Allysa,

My love for you is strong, even if you’re a vampire and I’m not, but only a human. The ranks of your kind is awesome and a great cult. I want to find the rest of your patch group. We’ve visited many of your vampire friends. I drank blood, but didn’t like it,yet I got sick from it, and  you cured me. what’s the secret recipe you have to cure me? Should I call you my vampire lover or wife? Make me a vampire, so I could fight against your enemy wolves. I want to be a hero vampire, and suck blood of all humans for eternity. We belong together. I don’t care what people think about you. We’ll make the moon red and the sky as well. I’ll learn from your cult ways. My precious time will be that you suck blood from my neck, even if it hurts me. The fun will start after that happened. There should be no light on this Earth, but only darkness throughout time. We love the sense of the coldness, but wouldn’t like to step into the sunlight. I saw your friends sucking blood of human cops, and human American Citizens. My letters from you are written in blood. I want you to be my muse of becoming a vampire. I love vampires. I’m sexually attracted to vampire women. I’ll marry you any day of any year. Don’t listen to those people that say you’re dangerous, yet I think you’re harmless. Our love for each other is great and that’s all that counts. Let me tell you it’s all that really counts are sucking blood from humans. Join me in this adventure of sensing humans being victims from us. We’re not regular people, and vampires are artists. Those vampire capes make me love to wear them. The sky should be dark red, and vampires should go to Heaven, and have their glory in Earth. When I become a vampire I’ll have powers greater than any human living on Planet Earth. I’ll gather fans as a vampire, and be obsessed by the idea. The concept of it is there, and should be attempted. We should all try to become like you striving for it, and than the world will become a better place, so for now my dear vampire lover, tootles, and bye, for we’ll thirst for blood once again. Remember the dark is always pleasurable.

Sincerely Your Love,

Andrew Curry