Don’t Waste your Time waiting for Aliens to Arrive

I don’t think for any second that aliens will arrive soon here on Earth. They aren’t interested. They are laughing at us, because we’re the only ones searching and waiting for their arrival. I know there are programs saying that anytime soon we are going to encounter them. The possibility of that happening is 5%. We won’t be able to befriend them, or fight against them. I don’t waste precious time waiting for their arrival. It is never going to happen soon. Yes, they do exists. But, this is the reality we are facing. I think we shouldn’t waste our time on it. There are other things to do, think, and talk about. They are in other galaxies and universes we can’t go to, because if we do we will die in space. This is most likely. The miles to travel to find life is that you will reach a hundreds of years old, unless we are able to create wormholes and travel through them. You will never come back to Earth. The best thing we can do is to have discussions about aliens, and their advanced technologies. I know there are machines built here for them to come, but they will be disappointed when they don’t. So, the best scenario is to leave it alone, which I think some experts won’t do it.


Aliens might be Friends with Ghosts

It may be a slight possibility that ghosts can become friends with aliens. After all it is another dimension we are going into. Ghosts see aliens, but humans don’t see ghosts. However, I think that aliens might have the power to see ghosts then we do. We humans don’t have the power to see ghosts. I think if we see ghosts talking to aliens, we’ll be freaked out. It will be a shocker for us all. There is this possibility, though. If you get spaced out is when you see and feel ghosts. Aliens in the other hand hide where you don’t discover them most likely. Why can’t we think of this theory that ghosts will befriend aliens. It is an open discussion. I don’t think anyone else has ever thought about this. I am not the only one with this idea. It is interesting to know this. I don’t predict and think that angels are aliens themselves. However, in Ancient Aliens the series they will tell you that angels are in fact aliens. Ghosts do become friends with aliens. However, you want to think about it. They meet and talk openly about their lives. I think they have more interesting things to talk about. I won’t be familiar with both species’ conversations, but it is interesting to know.

Aliens Might Be Our Friends In The Future

I think it is too early to tell if aliens will be our enemies. One possibility might be that they could be our friends. I think most people have grabbed the theory that aliens won’t do us any harm. It is possible that they don’t want to start a war with us. This isn’t new and most people have that kind of idea in their minds. Before, I really didn’t know about this view, but it took me much years that this might be a fact. Don’t get me wrong the idea of aliens starting a war with us is still there. I don’t think that they are here for that. In my point of view they want to befriend us, when they probably will come to this scenario. It will come into play. It might or won’t. I have accepted the fact that aliens are like us in a human manner of us. They’re human you could say? I think this might be a yes or no answer. Of course, we think that aliens are like us: humans are human. Aliens are alien. Most of us would think so. Throughout history we have heard of alien abduction, and them coming here on our home planet where we’ll never see them again. But, I know this fact isn’t easy to grasp. Maybe, it is easy for most people to grasp. In the future we’ll know the elusive answer to that question: Will the aliens come to us at peace and be our friends? I think it is most likely for a fact. Some other people will tell you: no. But, then what do we know what is going to happen? The fact remains that they are never coming here to greet us or deceive us. Most of you don’t need to worry about this in your lifetime. But, I know you already made up your mind about it. It probably won’t happen in your lifetime, but later. Time will tell if it does, or doesn’t.

I See Half-Alien and Half-Human Species

[365 Toy Project: 050/365] The Humans Are Dead

[365 Toy Project: 050/365] The Humans Are Dead (Photo credit: nhussein)

Dear Mr. President Jack Newton,

My name is Walter Bauer and there is one species that is mixed with half-alien, and half-humans who are like normal people. I can’t sense this kind of reality, and it didn’t stick in my mind. Some of them are my friends, and they’re normal just like me. But, it is a scary reality of drama. Most of the criminals have turned this way also. This species is half-human on the left side, and half-human on the right side of the body. Most are ruling the world. I am in hiding with my strange friends, and these aliens put them this way. First it was cool, and everyone was alright with it, but later it became an all out-war, humans against this strange species. It looks weird and ugly. My other friends are normal, but I need help from the top side of your branch that means the military needs to back me up. Your country the USA is invaded by aliens and this other species. Somehow, some of the half-alien, and half-human species are helping us, and hope that you would trust their word. I need for you to give my friends and me shelter in your Whitehouse, because it’s the only safest place for now. They are called Aliemuns. This means what I just described this strange species. You have got to hurry we need to start an alert on this country to warn the citizens to take action, and fight for our survival. Our whole world is in this till we win the war. They want to use us as science experiments. We need to stop them from taking over our planet. If we lose we’ll be enslaved forever.

Yours Truly,

Walter Bauer

P.S. We need all the heavy military and artillery weapons to fight them off.

My Friend The Alien

The quadrupedal Alien variant from Alien 3

The quadrupedal Alien variant from Alien 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Dad,

I hope that you are not angry with me by being a friend to an alien. He has done nothing wrong in this world. I know that most people think that aliens are evil, but some aren’t. You should see by how smart he is and how well he plays football here on Earth. I taught him every skill of engineering and he does it quite well. He is kind and trustworthy. he hasn’t brought me to his planet to experiment on me. Instead he left his home planet at home. There is no reason to judge them by their appearance. They are just like us. I think it is time that you and mom make peace with them. Let bygones be bygones. I have learned much from the aliens history by him explaining it to me. Anyways it’s weird that some of them don’t have any shadows and some do. Why is that? I asked him. It is just how God has made us he told me. Did you know that their God is the same one as ours also? Yes, it is a fact that God has made these aliens as well. Don’t ever talk to evil aliens. Anyways they love the same things we do love like sports, movies, and cars. I can tell which aliens are evil and good. They pray to God just like we do. This isn’t weird at all. They just want to be our friends. I think they want to leave us alone. I have made peace with them.

Sincerely yours,

Chad Brandon

My Viewpoint On V: The Visitors

Alien hello icon

Alien hello icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love anything that has to do with aliens, and these aliens are my favorites. I’ve read the novel V when I was a kid. It was interesting about alien lizards invading planet Earth pretending to be friends with the humans, and then making them aliens, and their very own slaves. After, that the humans fight back against the alien lizards in a long war between them. When I’ve finished reading the novel, I’ve heard on a TV ad that there is going to be a miniseries on TV in the 80’s. I saw the whole miniseries, and it was fascinating. I got a kick out of these aliens, and later I as an adult they made it to a series on TV in the 21st century. But, for me it wasn’t the same show I used to love to watch. This is the reason that old first original shows are the only ones that’ll stick in your minds forever. The new series ended real fast. Before, there’s never been alien lizards like these before, and that’s why I think they’re original in their own standards.

Dear Mr. Alien

Seal of Los Angeles, California. On March 27, ...

Seal of Los Angeles, California. On March 27, 1905 Ordinance 10,834 authorized and described the City Seal still being used today (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Mr. Alien,

Hi, remember me? Alisa Rose? I’m sure you remember. When I saw you land by the forest close to the Los Angeles road I thought you might start attacking people. But, you wanted the analysis of how this world is getting along. I don’t know how you are going to do that, but I am certainly sure you’re not going to cover everything. Take my advice when you met me you were friendly to me, and wanted to be a friend. This is very rare, because most aliens would take us hostage to experiment on us on your planet. Anyways I am writing this letter, because I wanted to know if you are okay. Surely you must have felt that in this planet Earth there aren’t any aliens around. I don’t know what they’ll think of you in California. I think that you love the red, white, and blue. You know our country? I know this is a stupid question to ask you. But, thanks for coming here. I have had a great time having fun with you. This is the first time I have met an alien that doesn’t attack humans, and it is very rare. We sure had happy memories watching movies, going to parks in Orlando, fl., playing sports, and reading novels at bookstores. Remember that time when you were on national TV. I am sure you did. Well, don’t forget me, and I won’t forget you also. Write me a letter soon when you are finished reading this one. I just wanted to check up on you. Happy travels!

Sincerely yours,

Alisa Rose

Roger Palter’s Diary

English: Example for UFO of a flying saucer an...

English: Example for UFO of a flying saucer and the gray alien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Diary,

My  name is Roger Palter and this is my life experience. I’ve talked to aliens, and they’d looked frightening to me quite creepy. My reaction was that I didn’t know how to react when I see one. My intention was to run away from them and that this is my last day living. I’d probably get abducted from them to tell you the truth. In my point of view there are different types of aliens. Humans around me greeted them like if they’re Divine Gods to help us move further on.

Everyone thought that for real, except me. I’ve kept my realization that I’ve actually seen aliens, and not Gods and angels. This is how all my species get easily tricked thinking this way. One alien approached me to say that they do no harm. But, how may I suppose to believe that? When I’ve seen V and what they’re capable of manipulation, and influencing us to be their slave pets.

What I saw inside the UFO when they made me come inside it was extraordinary, it’s amazing how they’re more advanced than we are. It’s like God made the excellent aliens, and the average humans. I don’t get that we suffer and they don’t. But, they’ve made-up our history and I don’t know if I should thank them for that, besides Our history was an emotional rollercoaster, and still is.

I wondered when I saw all the aliens maneuvering the ship of how they have that confidence and ease of staying calm. I mean we panic and they don’t. All they do is shape our history and look out for us. I think their God is the same as ours.

I still think this is a nightmare I’m in, and want to wake-up, but I’m already awake. I begged for them to take me back to my home planet and they did, but they’ve said to promise me not to reveal them as to keep it a secret and mystery of their  alien species.

However, this turns out this will always be a controversy and mystery to us all humans or for all people this is a joke and a hoax. I don’t believe that and the experience I’ve had form them were quite friendly, but I still think that some other aliens are evil. Yet I still don’t know how to make of the Heaven and Hell circle of if they’re aliens misinterpret as other dimensions.

Ever since, I’ve returned home I’ve still think about it and have weird hallucinations, and trembling from it. I’ve decided to work for the UFO hunters to continue my support and research on E.T., and try to make skeptics out of believers. I hope I’ve reached people to believe that I’m not nuts like in crazy.

But, I can’t sleep at night that I’ve got these weird shapes of aliens and the UFO that I was in. My parents take me to therapy to clear my mind of such nonsense and it’s all nonsense they say.

Yes, I still talk about it, and support the UFO hunters on their search to reveal the truth. But, all people want to skip that aliens exist theory and go on with their so-called real life. Well, let me tell you it’s hard to impress them, and they only focus on the real problems facing us. But, to me this is a problem we’re facing and it’s no joke. I just hope that the world wakes up from them.

My Alien Pet Dog

English: Alien Jewelry. Take me to your leader...

English: Alien Jewelry. Take me to your leader Aliens arrived but the citizens of Earth were busy squabbling and fighting amongst themselves. No leader could be found that represented the planet so they went home again. Better luck next millennium earthlings. Sterling silver and torch fired enamels. 25x42mm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Braddock Waters wants an alien pet dog, and it’s cool with his parents. But, how are they going to take care of it, and feed it what? He looked at an alien magazine of alien animals and decided that having this kind of pet is cool. Me as a narrator thinks its cool for him also. But, the story is on Braddock not me.

So many of his friends have alien pet dogs and they already know how to take care of them. They keep giving it to animals to feed on. I think that light serves these alien dogs as drinks. You could have glue to serve them and they’ll actually love it. Me I don’t want an alien dog, but it seems that he wants one real badly.

The neat thing is that they can fly and drive UFO spaceships, but how are they going back to their pet owners at home? Simple they come back. Well, his parents drove him to the alien animal shelter and bought him an alien pet dog. You could see that this alien dog is cute and friendly, but it needs to be fed humans. They catch human bones and play with their pet owners of a game of catch.

Currently, I don’t play with alien animals and don’t consider the animals here on Earth to be aliens. Braddock is having a hell of a time with his new pet and named him Oscar. A common name for a human but to an alien dog as well.

The alien magazine he has shows him all kinds of planets and places he’s never seen where they were born. He wants to visit to all of those alien planets with Oscar. There are places there that he could have fun and make alien friends, so long as they don’t think of him as food.

We humans eat animals that are legal to eat, and those aliens eat humans. Aliens think we’re slaves for them and give them all their benefits. Braddock thinks they’re friendly and the aliens only want to be friendly with him.

He goes to planets like Mars and encounters aliens as being friendly to show all their activities there. His dog gets along with them, because he’s an alien too. Oscar grabbed his owner’s shirt and asked him if he could go to the alien dog funhouse. Braddock said sure we can and they went.

A weird story for me to be writing this you think? Yes it is.

Oscar gets along with the other alien dogs, and plays with them there. The place here freaks out Braddock a lot that he no longer wants to stay there, but he’s got no choice. His alien pet Oscar loves it there.

Narrator: I would hang out with aliens and don’t think they actually exist. If I encounter one the first thing I would do is run and stay away from it. Who knows where they’re going to take me as an experiment for them to test.

Braddock in my terms had the guts to buy an alien dog, go to these alien planets, and meet them. He hangs around watching his dog having fun with other alien dogs wondering if he can go back to Earth, because he’s bored to death of this alien lifestyle and this strange alien planet. But, there’s no convincing Oscar from going back to Earth.

In reality Braddock now is all bones because the alien dogs ate him and including his alien pet dog Oscar. And so both he longer exist.

Narrator: So much for a happy ending that never was!!!!! This is definitely a sad ending!!!!! If Braddock’s parents found out they’ll be saddened and depressed, which they wouldn’t know what to do.

His parents put Braddock and his alien pet dog missing all over the news in his home planet. They described both of them. Oscar will be remembered as the most respected alien family dog for the Walters family. And as for Braddock will be remembered that he never had any problems with Oscar.

The humans all over the world will sadly miss Braddock Walters and Oscar.

Narrator: How could this be Oscar the alien dog that loves his own owner? This can’t be. This story doesn’t make sense. You try to make a story like this, and you won’t know why you’ve wrote it.

Well, all the Earthlings in Earth will think of the two as friendly friends that never took advantage of each other. Braddock’s parents already miss him lots and wish that they both come back, but right now it’s an impossible task for that to happen.

Narrator: I think you’ve heard enough of this story and I don’t know what you think of it. For me I would forget I’ve ever read this. But, it was fun writing it. Hope you’ve had fun reading it.

If you like it let me know.

The Invasion is Upon Us!!!!!!!!!!!

Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, Ne...

Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, New Jersey Edited version of Image:PurportedUFO NewJersey 1952 07 31.gif. By Bach01. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear World,

The invasion of planet Earth has begun, and it’s not pretty. The aliens are here taking control all over the countries, and continents. I am in hiding, and my name is Ray Maters. I escaped from a UFO spaceship, but they are still looking for me. Little do they know that I have the smarts, and the sharp eyes to outsmart them. But, this isn’t the point the thing is that we no longer have our liberty, and they have enslaved us. They are testing us on everything. Their labs are quite unique, and nothing like I’ve seen from the movies. Luckily I can run quickly to a location for survival. I have my anti-alien rifle with me that I have invented to zap them if they try to capture me. I have to be careful of their potion that could turn me into an alien. Most people have turned into them, but there is a formula to turn them back into humans. It is somewhere really not that close, and if I could get those formula potions, then I can try to turn those aliens back to where they were humans. I don’t have much time left, and have less then a day to save this planet. It isn’t going to be easy. I have a hut deep in the jungle, and am trying to be careful of the big animals here. So far, I am doing the right thing, but some aliens have spotted me. I had to out-trick them by given them a false location of where I am at, little do they know that I am somewhere inside a state of the USA somewhere. OK!, here’s the plan meet me in Washington, D.C. Close to the Abraham Lincoln Monument, and I’ll tell you how to save humanity. However, don’t contact me until you get there by Saturday midnight, 2013.

Yours Truly,

Ray Maters