Set Your Mind At Ease

a new dawn

a new dawn (Photo credit: new 1lluminati)

The mind is a vulnerable living thing, but it is also smart, and active. In order for you to be calm think slowly about not harming your brain. There are a lot of things, and situations to put it in danger. One example is if you are hearing music that  you don’t like, but you are pretending to enjoy it, then you aren’t setting your mind at ease. Remember being negative by getting angry kills your brain cells. Pick the right things that you want to do, and enjoy entertainment. Remember that not all things you hear, read, and watch you will be entertained by. The other thing is find the right career you will be serious about, and it is important for you to know is if you’re comfortable with it. You can do anything you want, but first listen to soft music first for a while to think freely. This will help you make important decisions that will change your life. Always make the right decisions that are positive. When you are having fun in public relax, and don’t trouble your mind by making things up in your mind. You need to stay in moments when you are socializing and having fun. Your mind can’t be at two events at the same time. Take care of your mind, and take each day slowly. This process always works. You need to feed your mind positive things, and make it happy. It needs to be active. Your mind needs a break in the night by sleeping. Use this advice: Set Your Mind At Ease. Think three dimensional not one dimensional, and this will help your mind.


My Ghost Teddy Bear

English: Picture of a teddy bear with head tur...

English: Picture of a teddy bear with head turned slightly to the left. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Parents,

This Gary Oldmen your son talking about my teddy bear named Alex. I didn’t think that my teddy bear would have been turned into a ghost. Even if you still don’t believe me, this stuffed toy did turn into a ghost and was walking all around our home. A few days ago I have lost sight of him, but I couldn’t keep track of him. When I started to go back to school Alex came out of my backpack and started bothering every classmate in my class. All my classmates got scared, and you both knew that he exist now. This is totally confusing to believe it. He began kissing little girls, and drawing all around the chalk board. My teacher told me to put him back in my backpack, and I did. When the school ended Alex started moving and punching inside of my backpack, but I had it shut with the zipper closed. All the kids on the bus keep looking at me weird and scared. I finally arrived at home. I came at my home for you both to open the door, and you opened it, as I came inside. I went to my room, and opened the backpack. Alex came out and started going berserk all around the house scaring and bothering us all around our home. The both of you call the paranormal investigators, and they came in half an hour. It was a long day and night for them to figure out how to get rid of Alex, but finally they did. They left at midnight once they’ve captured my ghost teddy bear Alex. Wheh!That was close! I am so relieved. Well, thanks again with this problem. I have a story to tell to Barbara Walters in her show about Alex the ghost teddy bear. I have to appear in her next show in several days. This was a wild goose chase.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Oldmen

Don’t Pay Attention To Jerks (Give Them The Silent Treatment)

the joker (based on a Dave McKean work)

the joker (based on a Dave McKean work) (Photo credit: Sick Sad M!kE)

I am not a jerk. I am a nice person. But, I have come across some people that treated me like crap. I won’t name names. I think in order not to listen to them give them the silent treatment. They’ll soon live lonely lives deservedly so. Jerks are flamboyant when they bother you and they think they have won, which they didn’t in reality. Back in my early years in my twenties most people made a big deal about sports teams, and I gave in to them. I don’t anymore. I just watch the games without making a big deal about it. This is what you should do also. Let the jerks do what they want because it doesn’t affect you it affects them: however, they think it doesn’t. There are going to be some people that think you’re a jerk, but some of you aren’t. just ignore them, and they’ll change their minds about you quickly. It has  happened to me many times. Some people can be overcritical of some of us. This is the reason is that we want care, but some are doing it the wrong way. My advice to you if you did something offensive to someone you don’t like, and made this mistake; just forget it and live your life. This is what I mean about overcritical just because we do one thing wrong we’re the bad guys. This is jumping to conclusions. These people care about you, and not necessarily won’t ignore you in other days. Give it time for them to figure you out. We all have done things we thought was right. I think you should think twice and don’t do it again because it’ll cost you a  huge mistake. I even think in those Batman comic books the jerks are the jokers themselves. They should be in those comics as well as they are acting in real life. Talk to people that really care about you, and avoid people’s negative criticisms. They’ll change their minds once you treat them nice as they treat you. Avoid trickery from The Jokers. Let the jerks act like jerks forever, and one thing they are already in Hell in their minds. Most of us nice people are in Heaven; however, the results may be positive or negative. God always wins. I am happy and positive. Most of us are. Live your life.

Healing Your Feelings

conquest of happiness

conquest of happiness (Photo credit: the waving cat)

One way to heal your emotions is by doing something positive. You can forget what happened in the past and try to enjoy what’s ahead of you today. I think by reading self-help books and going to a psychiatrist if you need it, is helpful. If you don’t heal fast then your process of feeling happy is a long one. To stay on the right track try to remember good memories of your life. Watching movies you love will help the healing process of your moods rapidly. Those who change to be positive don’t feel anything negative. There is something in your life that is happy and wonderful. Try to go to church if you’re a believer, but I’m not telling you to go to church groups. The last reminder is a good idea, but you don’t need to do it. It’s your choice. Read novels, education books, and history books, rather then moping around feeling sorry for yourself. I know that some of you sad moods are your everyday life, but feel positive to let the mood swings go away. Happiness is the best cure for all people. Visit animal zoos and look at the friendly animals. The healing process is a long one, but it doesn’t mean you can’t feel positive. From each day you feel better about yourself is an improvement. One day at a time you see the light at the end of the tunnel of positivity and happiness. Listen to your  Doctors and take their advices. It’s the only way you’ll get better ahead of your life. Feel good about yourself and love yourself.

Reading is Fun!!!

English: Four children reading the book How th...

English: Four children reading the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people have said before that reading is boring, but half of the most people say reading is fun. I know this world isn’t fond of literature, because they would rather watch sports, or movies. And also by doing something else. Reading is part of everything in our lives too. When you pick up a book anywhere it takes you to places you have never been before. I know that sports is the main thing for most people, but it doesn’t hurt to read. You can still like the others things as well. Some books are also to educate your brain, instead most young adults would rather prefer listening to music, and go for music concerts. But, you can do all of those things also along with reading. The literature industry is sometimes a dying industry, because most people don’t really care for it. Novels are great for fun reading. When is the last time you have picked up a book? Did it ever occur to you that by reading a book on a subject you’ll learn new things, and for example you want to be a firefighter or a military general. Think about it. Another thing is that you can know some other things around the world by discovering books on the subjects of events happening today or happened before. Maybe this time you will have time to purchase a book you love to read or pick one up at your near library. But, you have to be specific, by not being clueless about it. Read the newspaper or maybe you have kids that want to learn to read. By doing this you’ll find it amusing, and useful.

Roger Palter’s Diary

English: Example for UFO of a flying saucer an...

English: Example for UFO of a flying saucer and the gray alien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Diary,

My  name is Roger Palter and this is my life experience. I’ve talked to aliens, and they’d looked frightening to me quite creepy. My reaction was that I didn’t know how to react when I see one. My intention was to run away from them and that this is my last day living. I’d probably get abducted from them to tell you the truth. In my point of view there are different types of aliens. Humans around me greeted them like if they’re Divine Gods to help us move further on.

Everyone thought that for real, except me. I’ve kept my realization that I’ve actually seen aliens, and not Gods and angels. This is how all my species get easily tricked thinking this way. One alien approached me to say that they do no harm. But, how may I suppose to believe that? When I’ve seen V and what they’re capable of manipulation, and influencing us to be their slave pets.

What I saw inside the UFO when they made me come inside it was extraordinary, it’s amazing how they’re more advanced than we are. It’s like God made the excellent aliens, and the average humans. I don’t get that we suffer and they don’t. But, they’ve made-up our history and I don’t know if I should thank them for that, besides Our history was an emotional rollercoaster, and still is.

I wondered when I saw all the aliens maneuvering the ship of how they have that confidence and ease of staying calm. I mean we panic and they don’t. All they do is shape our history and look out for us. I think their God is the same as ours.

I still think this is a nightmare I’m in, and want to wake-up, but I’m already awake. I begged for them to take me back to my home planet and they did, but they’ve said to promise me not to reveal them as to keep it a secret and mystery of their  alien species.

However, this turns out this will always be a controversy and mystery to us all humans or for all people this is a joke and a hoax. I don’t believe that and the experience I’ve had form them were quite friendly, but I still think that some other aliens are evil. Yet I still don’t know how to make of the Heaven and Hell circle of if they’re aliens misinterpret as other dimensions.

Ever since, I’ve returned home I’ve still think about it and have weird hallucinations, and trembling from it. I’ve decided to work for the UFO hunters to continue my support and research on E.T., and try to make skeptics out of believers. I hope I’ve reached people to believe that I’m not nuts like in crazy.

But, I can’t sleep at night that I’ve got these weird shapes of aliens and the UFO that I was in. My parents take me to therapy to clear my mind of such nonsense and it’s all nonsense they say.

Yes, I still talk about it, and support the UFO hunters on their search to reveal the truth. But, all people want to skip that aliens exist theory and go on with their so-called real life. Well, let me tell you it’s hard to impress them, and they only focus on the real problems facing us. But, to me this is a problem we’re facing and it’s no joke. I just hope that the world wakes up from them.

Daydreams and Nightmares

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was young at the age of six my biggest nightmare was the wicked witch of the west from The Wizard of Oz. I was in bed covering myself with bed spreads with only my half face outside. She came on top of my bed and using her hands to try to get a hold on me, and I have figured she wanted to do something mean to me. She started to say “I’m, gonna get you my dear, if it’s the last thing I ever do!” and she keeps on laughing that annoying laugh. I look at her with a scared look and face, and then suddenly I wake up to see there was nothing there. Well, that was my first nightmare, and most people do have nightmares from one time and then. My daydream was when I started to play around Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and eats all his desserts of every kind, which this is just a daydream. Nightmares are horrendous when we experience them when we are sleeping, and can’t ever get out of it. Some people punch on pillows dreaming of bullies from their pasts. Nightmares seem to want for us not to function normal on real life, but it is just something imagining, and it’s not like it’s really going to happen for real. The same goes with daydreams, and our daydreams are different. I already told you my first daydream and nightmare, but you don’t need to tell me yours. This is just something that happens in our lives when we rest in bed by sleeping. We grow at a certain age trying to avoid reading horror novels, so we won’t get nightmares. But, to tell you the truth  some people like to get scared. When I was young I have watched fantasy, action, and horror movies, and loved to get scared. I don’t get scared at all, maybe at one moment when someone surprises me, yeah. I think that dreams take us to places where we are never expected to see and do. We can’t control our daydreams and nightmares, but sometimes we do want to punch the pillow while sleeping, just be careful when someone tries to wake you up. But, as an adult you should sleep normal and wake up normal. You are to old to be kissing and punching the pillow like a kid would do.

Think On Your Life

English: ATLANTIC OCEAN (June 2, 2007) - An F/...

English: ATLANTIC OCEAN (June 2, 2007) – An F/A-18C Hornet assigned to the Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 37 performs a supersonic pass as part of the air power demonstration during the Friends and Family Day Cruise aboard Nimitz-Class aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). Sailors brought their friends and family aboard Truman so they could experience a day in the life of a Sailor. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ricardo Reyes (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always think about celebrities I don’t know personally. And forget the most important people, my family and friends in Miami,Fl. We always get caught up on nonsense and buy all kinds of junk we want, but we forget the most important thing your life. Life is more important, and thinks about talking about your family and friends that will always be there with you. We need to talk normal, and think about our close ones. It happens many times that we want to talk about life and friends who have done this and that. I think it is time to live life in a reality mode, and talk about the places you have been also. We should laugh at the funny things we do and say. Maybe, there was a moment when your family member or friend got married or when he or she has jumped 75 feet down from the sky strapped with ropes, and safety belts. Think about those things, and talk serious to your family and friends, but stop joking around so much. We all know you are a kidder, but don’t exaggerate too much. Look at the beauty of our planet, or maybe see animals around, and planes flying in the sky. Read about other things such as nature or pick up a science magazine you wanted to know about the unified theory. Be interested about those things like astronomy, photography, and etc. Entertainment isn’t the only thing you’ll be hooked on. We all should tend to our friends and loved ones. Especially our parents who care deeply so much for us. All people love talking about life. Use your smarts to do these things like talking about your friends and family. Believe me you’ll feel much better, and normal when you do these things.