Stop Blaming Friends for Old, Old Problems

We have had problems at some point, which sometimes were our faults. I think it is time to stop blaming your friends for problems they have committed many years ago. I know it feels painful for some of you, but feel positive and get over it. These problems are old. You could reminisce about your 80’s and 90’s problems, but don’t blame all those on your old friends today. I think the memories are to learn from them. You should remember the good times you’ve had with your buddies. Don’t bring out the 90’s problems that some of your friends have caused on you, for example. Maybe, some have changed. If they didn’t, then stop worrying about it. Live your life. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Stop singing that tune of blaming others for pasts’ problems. Enjoy what life has to offer. I think it is better not to remember them at all. Start with a clean slate. Find a job. Make friends. Enjoy your family’s company. Cherish every minute you will spend in the world. Forget about the old decades that have caused you misery. Live in the present decade. The old decades are gone now, and it is only old memories. However, you view from it (good or bad memory views). I choose to view it as most wonderful memories I’ve had, but not to get too nostalgic in it. If you do this you won’t feel strange at all anymore.


This Christmas Think About…

I know most of you want to think about what you are getting this Christmas and to play with them. But, think about the sick and poor of the world. There are wars in most countries that will never be resolved. Be glad that you are here in the United States. It’s not because you can get things, and go see movies and shows. It’s about the freedom that you can do anything you want and need to do of importance. Most people in other countries and including here don’t have insurance to get well rapidly. Think of the sick, and hope they are going to get well soon from other countries. Including here in America as well. There are so many young people who are getting brainwashed by bad people to do bad things. Hope that the wars in this world will get resolved. If some wars don’t get resolved, then it is great to still think so. All over the world we see most stupid people doing things illegally and think that it is cool. Most people think this is not cool. It is not. You spend many years sick and not die from drugs for a while, but soon you’ll die young in later years. Think about the people for them to recover from drugs and alcohol. So, they won’t go into mischief again in life. Think of your family and friends. Think of the helpless, sick, and poor around the world. Worry about them and help them. Give the world a helping hand and about our planet for hope of the well being.

One Small Thing Can Make You Happy

Some people don’t know how to make themselves have full of happiness. Small things can make a person happy. This is pure psychology thinking. If you grab a rock, count to one minute, and say you’re happy, until you are. I think you can feel positive about your spirit in you. The small things can be like sand throwing it to the river with your hands to feel that you have power to live again. Walking is not a thing, but can lift up your spirits, because people will say you’re outgoing. It’s a good thing. Let someone give you their book they have finished reading. It might be the book you want to read. Grab a pencil you just bought. Maybe, you want to write about your life. Even buying small things can enlighten up your soul. I know that things aren’t necessarily stuff that make you happy, but if you think hard it might make you feeling good. You won’t ever be sad again. All your troubles, and sorrows will be gone forever. They are washed out from the sea. Feel as once an angel is draining all your negativity out of your mind. He is putting positives inside you. These are ideas, but pretend they are things to think about. It is not that hard. You use your imagination, and then no more depression in your life. Continue reading

A Trust In Your Family And Friends

When you betray your family and friends it’s hard for them to gain your trust. But, it is possible. I always trust my family and friends. I have never betrayed them in my life. For some of you who did the process of returning to sainthood begins. The one thing you got to believe is that you can overcome this. There are others who never learn this, and they stay the same. Don’t be those people. Your family will always be with you, but your friends that’s another thing apart. The reality is change comes in weeks, and months of rehabilitating yourself. The reason why you may be lonely is because they don’t trust you anymore. Earn their trust. Change yourself into a new person who can be reliable, and not unreliable.

High School Problems aren’t The End of You

Most teens create problems in high school. I have made mistakes as a teen, but have done nothing wrong. When you are in high school you as a teen jump to conclusions fast on most of the things. I have had those kinds of problems, but it wasn’t the end of the world for me. Some of you shouldn’t worry about classmates of yours ignoring you. It’ll soon pass. Those young kids make mental errors. Their minds hasn’t oriented yet as a full adult. Most teens make huge mistakes, and they think it is correct to do so. My advice for some of you going through it is be patient. When you get older you soon make a little bit wiser choices. If you want to be famous you still can. It isn’t the end of the world when you don’t gain any friends from high school. You have to be smart that everything will turn around. Maybe, those people will realize that they were teens like you were, and ready to be friends with you as young adults in their 20’s or 30’s. I have had errors as a teen, and have made mistakes. It is because I was too young. My history life is clean. There were other teens who did make huge errors than mine. Yet, teens are young, and they should be given chances in life. So, don’t think when you graduate, and don’t have any friends is the end of the world for you. It isn’t. You can make friends elsewhere. Another thing is that some adults who were teens never wanted to orient their minds, but they are the ones who are losing out big time, and don’t pay any attention to them. They have circumstances coming, if they turn into jerks. You have done nothing wrong.

Want A Great Life? No Worries!!!

There are no worries. You have no problems whatsoever. The only person that’s making problems for you is yourself. Look around there is nothing to worry about. The only one that is bothering you is your mind. You make a mental error on what you percept worries anywhere you go as a problem, when there is none. The voices in your mind is what telling you that you are doomed everywhere you go. No one else. Listen to some old Joel Osteen’s prayers on YouTube. Maybe, that will cheer you up. Whenever I get the chance if I think this way. I listen and watch to some Joel’s preaching’s on YouTube. This is another way to look at the world from a reality point. You are free to enjoy life anywhere you go. You aren’t limited. You are limited when you worry too much. Life isn’t a one time chance. There are many chances that you’ll get. You just have to be patient. If you are lonely and still want friends. You think you will stay this way forever, but it isn’t true. You will have loads of friends, which you’ll be surprised to go out with. No longer are you going to live with your parents anymore. There were 40 year old women and men who have stayed with their parents, and they got married with their wives, and husbands. They have their own lives now. Don’t be embarrassed of how your life is now of loneliness. Only a stupid mental person sees it funny, and s/he isn’t thinking straight. They aren’t right in their minds. They make misjudgment errors in their lives, which costs them dearly. You have the opportunity to turn your life around. It’s never too late for most of you. Things will turn out best for those who believe it does. Remember, your compulsive buying things at stores doesn’t have anything to do with your personal life. But, it is better not to have this addiction. These are two separate things. Don’t worry!!! Your life will turn around somehow! There are people bound to be friends with you at some places you go to. Have faith in God.

You Need To Feel Good About Yourself

Don’t be all so sad and depressed about how your life would’ve been, if you have done the right things. You are correct that you should-be approached at the opportunity to make friends, but stop moping about it. Things won’t change if you start feeling sorry for yourself. You need to do something for you. Look at life at another perspective. See it as a great beautiful day that is positive. You can still change your life, and nothing is too late for it. Age is just a number, and it doesn’t mean its the end of you. You’re looking at yourself all wrong. Feel good about yourself, and keep telling yourself that everything in your life will be solved. Remember that your family loves you. You are not alone in this. There are most people who are in the same position that you are. They are thinking the same thing you are. Some are making a change like you should. If you think people don’t care, believe me they do. The only way you will feel good is to tell yourself that you’re the most important person on this planet. Some persons are already doing it. If you don’t do it, then they will be one step ahead of you. This is never the end. It’s only the beginning.

Live In The Present, But Not In The Past

How many times did your family told you not to live in the past? They want you to live in the present. Some people have real problems trying to live in the present, then most of them. Maybe, their pasts does have an effect on them. If you keep thinking about the past, then you’ll be always remembered as the person who has never lived a positive life. Some past memories of us does have heartaches on us, but we can erase them. One thing you should do is focus on today, and forget about the past. Those people who have caused you harm, probably have different lives. You can’t go into details of wanting to find out why they did it. Leave all the bad past memories behind you, and start new again. Your friends don’t want to go out with you with a past mind. The way the mind works is to truly forget and erase anything that is bothering you. Maybe, those people have changed, or some are still living difficult lives. Pick up on something to entertain you, like for example movies. Don’t take anything personal. Focus on the present, and leave your gloomy mind behind. It’s one thing to enjoy today’s life, rather than moping around about it. People want other people to enjoy life the way it should by staying in the present. Another thing if you want to talk about entertainment talk about today’s. Stick to focusing in the present, and I assure you that you won’t be sad. Anyway, our pasts are erased entirely.

Staying Positive That Everything Will Work Out

Some of us think that things won’t work out for us. But, you are wrong. I stay positive on all of my expectations. I think that you should do the same. What you need to do is be patient. All these things happening against your favor, will be turned around. But, getting even with people will hurt you more. If you do, you don’t get the things you’ve dreamed of, but life gets better after that. If one thing doesn’t work out, then go on to the next. There are most people who are happy with their lives, and they aren’t tricking anyone. Accept yourself for who you are, but not by who you think you are by pretending. I know that there are people who want to trick most of us. I don’t pay it much attention, and I ignore them. Life has its circumstances, and its rewards. Staying positive means that you once have accepted that you have tried at something, but it wasn’t for you. At least you’ve had your bravery, for not all people are willing to do it. Stay happy, and be positive. Maybe, there is already something there that people like you, which you’re good at doing. If you have failed at something, find something else. I thought that I always will be a cartoonist, but it wasn’t meant for me. Later in life I have found that writing is more for me, and I think I write very well. Maybe, if you already have your talent, then don’t search for it. It’s already there. You’re already happy. There are most people who are happy without their talents. They are living their lives. But, please don’t be jealous of us, just because we have it. My advice to you is to stay positive, and happy. By not judging people you will go farther ahead, and maybe you are already. So, hang in there things will turn out better the next go around.

Be Patient Of Everything In Life

Think of calming your nerves. Things will come to you, if you become patient. Relax, and enjoy your life. Time doesn’t wait for us. You should make the best of your moments. Think of good things like Carrie Underwood’s music, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ movie coming out this year, and to read fantasy fiction novels. You can learn about medicine. If you stay on the happy course things will come positive to you. Don’t wait there for things to come to you. Enjoy reading for example some of John Grisham’s novels, or the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. You should be doing exercise everyday to occupy yourself. Maybe you want to learn about world war I, and world war II. Try going out, and strike conversations with your friends. What I do is read fiction novels, writing reference books, and history. I am reading the True Blood series by Charlaine Harris. If you don’t feel good read self-help books, and consult to a psychiatrist. There are many things to enjoy, and especially enjoying life is at the most important potential. If you are happy, then friends will join you. Don’t sit there feeling sorry for yourself. Be proud of who you are. Talking about family, and friends is healthy. What isn’t real healthy is talking about celebrities too much who don’t know you, and don’t care for you. They are only there to entertain you. The simplest thing to do is focus on your friends, and family all of the time. You’ll need them in time of need. Don’t go into any trouble that may cause serious damage to your life. Having patience that everything is coming to you is great. Take my advice.