One Small Thing Can Make You Happy

Some people don’t know how to make themselves have full of happiness. Small things can make a person happy. This is pure psychology thinking. If you grab a rock, count to one minute, and say you’re happy, until you are. I think you can feel positive about your spirit in you. The small things can be like sand throwing it to the river with your hands to feel that you have power to live again. Walking is not a thing, but can lift up your spirits, because people will say you’re outgoing. It’s a good thing. Let someone give you their book they have finished reading. It might be the book you want to read. Grab a pencil you just bought. Maybe, you want to write about your life. Even buying small things can enlighten up your soul. I know that things aren’t necessarily stuff that make you happy, but if you think hard it might make you feeling good. You won’t ever be sad again. All your troubles, and sorrows will be gone forever. They are washed out from the sea. Feel as once an angel is draining all your negativity out of your mind. He is putting positives inside you. These are ideas, but pretend they are things to think about. It is not that hard. You use your imagination, and then no more depression in your life.


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