Forgive Nice Young People for their Costly Mistakes

I have had made some mistakes that were minimal, but have learned from it. This time is for you to forgive some nice people who have made huge costly mistakes who have changed for the better. I have much experience from this. I know that some people may be offended by this, but we all learn from our mistakes. Most of us have had heartaches and think that it is all over for us. It isn’t over. You can still make it happen. We need to learn from the wrong toughest choices we have made, and remind ourselves not to do it again. Most people change and they are not the same jerks anymore. Forgive the people who have made dumb choices, and I promise you that you will come out a better person. Maybe, they want to be your friends again. I know that some other persons will still be the mean ones, but it doesn’t mean that you are also. I think in order to make peace for all of us. We need to take the extra effort of giving some other nice people another chance. It might turn out better, then the lives that some of you have had. In my view God forgives all kinds of walks of life. Try it again, and if that person doesn’t accept you, then forget about it. At least you’ve tried to give them another chance, and forgiving them. You can learn from my experience, and we can all learn from our friends’ experiences. Give people time to realize that they have made the wrong choices, and they will come around by accepting you. Just remember to give respect of all people, and their things. After all we want this world to be a better place for all of us.


Today on February 28, 2015

I took a walk around the neighborhood with my dad. We were talking about the show Brain Games that always airs on The National Geographic Channel. It is interesting how simple things can be used in intelligence. One example is: How many gum balls are in a gum ball machine? This is hard to figure out, but once you use the calculator wisely, then you’ll find the right answer. The answer is 2247. I was beginning to watch this show. I will watch it again when I get the chance. Today looks like it is going to rain here. But, it feels like it is not going to rain. I watch the show The Dog Whisperer and see that this man can cure dogs of their problems. He has cured two dogs that were being violent to other dogs. The dogs are now trained friendly and now they don’t fight anymore. He tells the owner how dogs can be cured and trained. He understands how dogs feel. The dogs that were violent have felt fear of other dogs. I watch this show sometimes. It is amazing how the dog whisperer cures dogs just by training them the right way. I keep up to date with shows of Justified and The Americans. I am waiting for the next episodes.

Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

Loenard Nimoy was an American actor, film director, poet, singer, songwriter, and photographer. He was well-known for his portrayal of the fiction character Mr. Spock in the Star Trek television series (1966-69). He also starred as Mr. Spock in eight Star Trek silver screen movies. He guest starred in various spin-off series. He wrote two autobiographies which are: I Am Not Spock (1975), and I Am Spock (1995). Both were written from his viewpoint of the Star Trek fiction character Mr. Spock. He died of complications of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on February 27, 2015. He was 83 years old. My condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

Life is Great and Full of Wisdom

Having a sense of freedom, and caring for true friends is great. Family and friends is love. Never act like a jerk on anyone, and that is including on nice people. Be a decent person. Act like an adult, and not a jerk who for example starts taunting innocent people just for fun. If you make fun of nice people and their things you will ask for it. Love God and not the Devil. Listen to your parents wisdom. They are there to guide you. You will see a big difference of people’s personality once they act it out. This will show you who to trust and not to. Life has its many wonderful rewards. I love my life. I love my city I live in. I love my family. Having fun and caring for people will make you a better person. Care and love for people who want to help. Help yourself. Help others. Care for love, and stop caring for hating innocent stuff.

Don’t Waste your Time waiting for Aliens to Arrive

I don’t think for any second that aliens will arrive soon here on Earth. They aren’t interested. They are laughing at us, because we’re the only ones searching and waiting for their arrival. I know there are programs saying that anytime soon we are going to encounter them. The possibility of that happening is 5%. We won’t be able to befriend them, or fight against them. I don’t waste precious time waiting for their arrival. It is never going to happen soon. Yes, they do exists. But, this is the reality we are facing. I think we shouldn’t waste our time on it. There are other things to do, think, and talk about. They are in other galaxies and universes we can’t go to, because if we do we will die in space. This is most likely. The miles to travel to find life is that you will reach a hundreds of years old, unless we are able to create wormholes and travel through them. You will never come back to Earth. The best thing we can do is to have discussions about aliens, and their advanced technologies. I know there are machines built here for them to come, but they will be disappointed when they don’t. So, the best scenario is to leave it alone, which I think some experts won’t do it.

Michael Keaton (1951-Present)

Michael Keaton is an American actor, producer, director, and comedian. He rose to fame in the comedy movie Night Shift (1982). He started in numerous movies such as: Mr. Mom (1983), Johnny Dangerously (1984), and Beetlejuice (1988). He earned further acclaim in the movies Batman (1989), and Batman Returns (1992). He earned a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards for the movie Birdman (2014). He was also awarded a Career Achievement Award from both the Hollywood Film Festival and Zurich Film Festivals. Birdman won Best Picture at the 2015 Oscars and several more Oscar Awards.

My favorite drama movie from him was Clean & Sober (1988), because it was about a person fighting drug abuse trying to get another chance at being clean and sober again in his life.

Today on February 21, 2015

I have walked with my Dad today. I was watching The Americans a few hours ago. I am at home relaxing. I am going to work with Dad at home. The series I was figuring out is Gotham. I don’t watch it much, but am interested of the Joker they have included in. I am not fond of the character, but it is interesting to watch. This Joker’s original name is Jerome. Police detective Jim Gordon interrogates him to see if he really did kill his own mother. This is a sadistic character. I would rather much prefer Catwoman anytime. But, I can’t say that the Joker isn’t entertaining. He is. I have to finish work and will do it later on. I was reading writing reference books. I am on reading on how to conduct surveys. One thing I am most excited about is going to an online class again. I love these classes, and am learning much. I saw friendly decent dogs today and have pet them. I don’t have pets and don’t want to. But, I love animals.

Orson Welles (1915-1985)

Orson Welles was an American actor, writer, director, and producer. Citizen Kane (1941) was his first film he starred, co-wrote, produced, and directed. he directed 13 full length films in his career. One of his most famous films was The War of the Worlds adapted from H.G. Wells’ novel of the same name. In the year 2002, he was voted the greatest film director of all-time in two polls of The British Film Institute among directors, and critics. His movie Citizen Kane is ranked #1 all-time in the AFI (American Film Institute) list of AFI’s #100 ranked All-time films list. He was a well celebrated Shakespearean actor. He presented troop variety shows during the war years.

My Shadow gives me Advises

My name is Harold Ernest and I have a story to tell about my shadow. When I was walking through my neighborhood with several of my friends. My shadow keeps whispering to me. My friends tell me where are those whispers coming from. I told them that I have no idea. Well, we went outside of our community and into the city. We went to a restaurant and started ordering food, got drinks, and having conversations with each other. A few hours later they told me that they have to be heading home soon.

I tell my friends that I understood. They went their separate ways, and I went to mine going home. Once I was walking there were a couple of bullies who wanted to start trouble. They pushed me around, starting to hit me, asking to do favors for them. My shadow fought back against them. I was shocked that it fought them single-handedly. They ran away and the shadow told me that they won’t mess with me anymore.

It tells me that I shouldn’t walk alone in places where there is danger. He was right, I listened to it, and got home. I was confident and relaxed that my shadow was solving my battles and giving me advises. Seven weeks later it told me to study for a career. So, I won’t turn out as a bum. Suddenly, a few years later I graduated from a University with my diploma to become a doctor.

Mr. Shadow wanted me to shake his hand, but I saw no hand. I only watched a shadow hand, but I shook it. It responded happy and was proud of me. I think if it once I am in my senior years and how it helped my life along the way. I now am married with my wife, and have five children. This is definitely a happy ending. I never thought that me and it could overcome huge obstacles, but we made it happen.

Once I turned old I have died and so did my shadow. My wife, children, friends, and family attended my funeral. They were sad that I passed away, but are proud of my achievements. They were also proud that I was their dad. I now am with my friend the shadow in Heaven with God and Jesus Christ.

Chevy Chase (1943-Present)

Chevy Chase is an American comedian, actor, and writer. He was a cast member in the inaugural show of Saturday Night Live. In the show he did his Weekend Update skit. It became a staple of the show. He is best known for his portrayal of his character Clark Griswold in all 4 National Lampoon Vacation movies. He had his own late show The Chevy Chase Show. He was in more comedy movies such as: Caddyshack (1980), Fletch (1985), Spies Like Us (1985), and Three Amigos (1986). He was in the four seasons of Community, before he left the comedy show in 2012. He did stand-up comedy, also.