Finding Lies In Most False People And Whom To Trust

Most of us get deceived by false people pretending to be our friends. What to do if this occurs again? Just see who is lying, cheating, or who is honest, truthful. I know this is the most difficult, but we need to test them. I don’t think that some bad people really change, because they stay the same. It goes day-by-day to see if this person is hiding something under his/her sleeve. Check if someone has pulled their tricks in their mind box. One way to see is when they use their malicious laughs, and stand in a jerk position. Check on your friends to see who is loyal to you. See if you’ve caught them in a lie when they are lying to you, by watching their face. If s/he isn’t to be trusted give them the silent treatment and walk away from their lives. Be careful of mean people trying to ruin their lives, because they’ll be caught their lives in jeopardy deservedly so. Hang out with people who care about you and are your real friends. Our experiences in life should know whom to trust the most.

Stop Blaming Friends for Old, Old Problems

We have had problems at some point, which sometimes were our faults. I think it is time to stop blaming your friends for problems they have committed many years ago. I know it feels painful for some of you, but feel positive and get over it. These problems are old. You could reminisce about your 80’s and 90’s problems, but don’t blame all those on your old friends today. I think the memories are to learn from them. You should remember the good times you’ve had with your buddies. Don’t bring out the 90’s problems that some of your friends have caused on you, for example. Maybe, some have changed. If they didn’t, then stop worrying about it. Live your life. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Stop singing that tune of blaming others for pasts’ problems. Enjoy what life has to offer. I think it is better not to remember them at all. Start with a clean slate. Find a job. Make friends. Enjoy your family’s company. Cherish every minute you will spend in the world. Forget about the old decades that have caused you misery. Live in the present decade. The old decades are gone now, and it is only old memories. However, you view from it (good or bad memory views). I choose to view it as most wonderful memories I’ve had, but not to get too nostalgic in it. If you do this you won’t feel strange at all anymore.

Life is Great and Full of Wisdom

Having a sense of freedom, and caring for true friends is great. Family and friends is love. Never act like a jerk on anyone, and that is including on nice people. Be a decent person. Act like an adult, and not a jerk who for example starts taunting innocent people just for fun. If you make fun of nice people and their things you will ask for it. Love God and not the Devil. Listen to your parents wisdom. They are there to guide you. You will see a big difference of people’s personality once they act it out. This will show you who to trust and not to. Life has its many wonderful rewards. I love my life. I love my city I live in. I love my family. Having fun and caring for people will make you a better person. Care and love for people who want to help. Help yourself. Help others. Care for love, and stop caring for hating innocent stuff.

My Shadow gives me Advises

My name is Harold Ernest and I have a story to tell about my shadow. When I was walking through my neighborhood with several of my friends. My shadow keeps whispering to me. My friends tell me where are those whispers coming from. I told them that I have no idea. Well, we went outside of our community and into the city. We went to a restaurant and started ordering food, got drinks, and having conversations with each other. A few hours later they told me that they have to be heading home soon.

I tell my friends that I understood. They went their separate ways, and I went to mine going home. Once I was walking there were a couple of bullies who wanted to start trouble. They pushed me around, starting to hit me, asking to do favors for them. My shadow fought back against them. I was shocked that it fought them single-handedly. They ran away and the shadow told me that they won’t mess with me anymore.

It tells me that I shouldn’t walk alone in places where there is danger. He was right, I listened to it, and got home. I was confident and relaxed that my shadow was solving my battles and giving me advises. Seven weeks later it told me to study for a career. So, I won’t turn out as a bum. Suddenly, a few years later I graduated from a University with my diploma to become a doctor.

Mr. Shadow wanted me to shake his hand, but I saw no hand. I only watched a shadow hand, but I shook it. It responded happy and was proud of me. I think if it once I am in my senior years and how it helped my life along the way. I now am married with my wife, and have five children. This is definitely a happy ending. I never thought that me and it could overcome huge obstacles, but we made it happen.

Once I turned old I have died and so did my shadow. My wife, children, friends, and family attended my funeral. They were sad that I passed away, but are proud of my achievements. They were also proud that I was their dad. I now am with my friend the shadow in Heaven with God and Jesus Christ.

A Moment of Kindness & Trust

Most of us are trusting, and kindhearted. Some of us do mistakes like anyone else, but we don’t really mean it. If you have learned from your mistakes, then the worst will be over. You can breathe today, even if yesterday wasn’t your day. Today is your day now. Trust your friends that have your back for you. Be nice with your friends. Act normal, and joke lightly with them. Start a normal conversation and keep it that way. I know it is hard for some lonely people to make friends, because no one wants to talk to them. I have had that problem, and I solved it. The best way to break from it is to realize that you did the wrong things to people you know have gotten hurt from it. Humans are people with feelings, and most of us feel insecure sometimes, but we rise above it. The days come and at the end of the tunnel is a freedom of hope. Once you see the light you see truths and happiness around you. Trust your true friends. Life is fair and not unfair. Keep repeating that to yourself, and you will be optimistic.

Be A Great And Wonderful Person

You are the best person anyone can count on. Stay happy and positive. Think positive, and happy things. Care for your family and friends. Find something of a hobby that you would love doing. For example I love to write. Help other people when they need you. Tell people how great and nice they are. Meet new people and start conversations with them. Share stuff with friends and family. Talk about life with family, or it can be with friends also. Go outside to enjoy nature. You are a great and wonderful person. Nobody will count you out. Think of wonderful things. Experience the days, which are so beautiful. Capture life in your precious moments. Make them positive to remember them by. Be a great and wonderful person.