My Favorite Country Music Songs are…

My favorite Gretchen Wilson songs are When I Think About Cheatin’, You don’t have to go Home, and One Bud Wiser. My favorite Kelly Pickler song is, I Wonder. 


Music Review: “Lithium” by Nirvana

When I saw the music video Lithium I went crazy fun with it. I remembered when Kurt Cobain used to sing it at the concert flying his guitar like a wild man. The song to me is awesome and I still love to listen to it. It was those crazy zany acts he did that was great when he sang it and the music was still playing. It was awesome of the insanity of this music video. He breaks his guitar which drove me nuts. I love this song. I give this song four stars out of five. Four stars! Awesome song!

Music Review: “Chained to the Rhythm” by Katy Perry

When I saw the music video Chained to the Rhythm I got hooked with it from its odd theme park. We are visitors traveling in Katy Perry’s theme park in this video, which gives us strange rides to ride in. Everyone moves in ways not any average person would want to. Strange moves. There is also dancing. The lyrics are awesome and exciting to hear. There is a ride called The Great American Drop, but you have to go in, in order to experience it. The them park is called Oblivia I think. The song and music video is very entertaining and impressive in strange neat ways. I give this son four stars out of five. Four stars.

Music Review: “Dancing in the Street” by David Bowie and Mick Jagger

When I saw the music video, “Dancing in the Street” on MTV back in the 80’s. I got to groove with it. It was something entirely different I never heard before. It has a unique sound of upbeat, and hyperactive happy at the same time. These two legendary singers, David Bowie, and Mick Jagger dance and sing through the whole street in the video. They both make their very own stylistic dance moves. You would feel like joining them dancing through all around the world. It’s a friendly music dance video and song nonetheless. I give this song three stars out of five. Three stars!

Music Review: “Allentown” by Billy Joel

The song Allentown should remind us of how hard the steel industry is working. We need cars, and all kinds of machines to help improve our country. It talks of the engineering workers that work their butt off so we can have machines like for example, vehicles. I like the music video when all the workers work in the steel industry. Billy Joel talks about a place were people need jobs and making machines is an industry. They make steel and metals. A job is very precious to have and we don’t need it to take it for granted. Be proud that most of you have jobs, because half of the people don’t have any. Some have lost theirs. When intending to listen to this song hear very carefully of its message. We need to work, have jobs, and it’s not all having fun all the time. Everything in your life needs a balance. I love this song. I give this song three stars out of five. Three stars.

Music Review: “Anyway” by Martina McBride

Anyway is so very special to me. I carry it deep in my heart. The song is a true masterpiece music video. It tells about if your dreams are shattered you can always make new ones and still believe in yourself. I love this song and it is my number 2 favorite song. My dream is coming true because of this song. I relate to it. All the problems I have had. I overcame them. This song is for anyone who’s dreams have been crushed. It says that if someone brings you down get right back up again. Anyway is a special song and it makes me believe in myself. The message I love the most from is, “Dream it anyway.” I will never forget it. I will always remember this song. It is my true inspiration. I give this song five out of five stars. Five stars.