Sucking It All Up

The solar system was all quiet and positive. All different kinds of species in most living planets are having fun, and others difficult times. The sun shines bright all over space. The planets rotate around the sun. However, one alien whose name is Larry is bigger than the sun and he is roaming all over the solar system.

For a long time he had wanted a taste of the solar system. He knows that planet Earth is still around and others like it, also. He wanted something to suck up eating and drinking. He is thinking to himself why not the whole solar system.

He is thinking about it and is happily going to try this idea. His mouth is used as a vacuum cleaner by sucking the whole solar system. The whole entire thing is all being drank, like the sun, planets, meteors, and etc., inside of it. The living species were all crying for help, until it is all gone.

There is nothing. Only Larry himself. He feels bored standing on blank nothing, like it is a blank page. He thinks to himself that’s what he gets for sucking up the whole solar system. He has ended the entire civilizations and the solar system as we know it. It was all, because he was hungry and thirsty.


November 27, 2016

This year is almost over. It sure feels like it ended now. There are several days left to be happy. We can’t risk being unhappy.

I am and feel happy. I have lifted weights and exercise these past two weeks. I was watching The Sopranos and loved the episode. I am almost into season 3. I know that the Sopranos are evil people and but am interested in these fiction characters. They feel entertaining, even if they do real bad stuff. I just like it.

I was seeing animals outside and some of the dogs are huge. They can take an arm off a person, but they don’t bother anyone.

I watch a lot of science. I think I get the idea of The Mythbusters doing ridiculous science for science results. That is what it is. We want to know the science results like how fast can a huge vacuum cleaner pick up a real car or truck. It is all just for fun.

I look at the night sky trying to figure out what is exactly the aliens think of us, if they really do exists. There are other people think that aliens don’t exist. I think that we just haven’t found out yet. It is too early of judgement from it.

I think that aliens simply want to be left alone. It is that simple. for some it is plain silly talking about this subject, but feels like it is real. We just haven’t seen them yet. It is too early to say that they don’t exist. They are interesting and are way more advanced than us.

Well, enjoy the holidays, everyone! Don’t go into any mischief! Happy Holidays to you all! Love and Peace to most of you!🙂❤