Birds’ Screams

The birds are screaming with a high over percentage of 100%. The screams make the people bleed outside of their noses, toes, and fingers. It is strange that a bird’s scream could be a motive for mass murdering. Everyone in the United States of America dies from birds’ screams. Only all the animals are left alive.

The animals rule over America now. But, they only act by their instincts. They act as survivors. No humans are left alive. The animals grieve and mourn their deaths.


If You Want to be A Professional Writer

If you still buy books and want to be a professional writer for a living, then for you can still be a fiction novelist. There are several professional novelists that are still buying books and they are still writing fiction novels. You can even be a nonfiction author. In literature there are no limitations. So, if you want to be a science fiction novelist, then go for it! Love and peace to you all! Behave, or else! 🙂❤️✌️