January 20, 2017

I have walked a mile around the neighborhood with my dad. It was a beautiful day outside today. Now it is night. I have finished reading The Fireman by Joe Hill. It is an awesome novel. Now I am reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner, and how to self-publish.

I keep myself busy all the time. I have lost weight, but want to lose more. Now I only think of keeping myself healthy.

I love animals and kids. Most kids are smarter than us. I believe it. They pick something up quick that we don’t know about, or something that we’ve forgotten about.

I am almost finished with my classes. I love my writing classes. I am learning a lot.

This day has been very positive. I am happy.

Well, I hope that most of you have enjoyed this day! Enjoy the weekend, everyone! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


My Quotes #108

“I don’t care if most of my bullies never change, because they’re the ones who are the losers. I stay happy, positive, secure, and optimistic in myself.”

Raul Conde (Writer)

About January 16, 2017 (MLK) Day

Yesterday I have learned how special is to be free and have freedom. Freedom isn’t that simple to get. We had to fight to get it, and we need to have faith to have it. It is so rare that all people have freedom, but most people have it. I love, respect and admire Martin Luther King for what he fought for and had faith in. He fought for all of us. He fought for all kinds of race in the world to get our freedom.

We wouldn’t have freedom if it wasn’t for Martin Luther King. I feel that he did great for humanity and love for what he stands for. I am happy that I have my freedom. Remember that freedom won’t be ever taken away from all of us. We need to love each other. Stop the hate, and start remembering about love. For some persons love is the hardest to understand, and trust.

We honor the man Martin Luther King. He wants us to live with our freedom to anything we want. Don’t let hate go inside you, because it is what destroys you as a true person. Happy Martin Luther King Day. Cherish your freedom. Make love not war.

The Team I’m Going for In The NFL Playoffs

It’s been a week since my team the Miami Dolphins have been eliminated in the playoffs, but I’m hopeful that they will improve more next year.

The team that I’m going for the super bowl title this year are the Dallas Cowboys. If they win it I’m happy, or if they don’t I could care less. It’s only for my amusement, but nothing personal.