August 27, 2016

Today I went out to do my errand. I had to what had to do. I have picked up some folders for my classes. It was the only thing I was going to do.

I was watching a few episodes of The Good Wife and Blue Bloods. I have finished watching season 1 of Blind Spot. I am looking forward of its season 2 coming next month of Blind Spot.

I have lifted weights and did some cardio. I am getting in good shape.

I am trying to only eat fruits, which is so much healthy then the foods they sell at restaurants. I mean most of them.

I feel in good spirits. I know that when someone isn’t in a good mood is when they’re eating too much everyday. Most of the times in your mood swings you consume a lot of fat from sugary foods and drinks. When you’re emotional don’t eat a lot and drink a lot most of the years.

I am reading much on how to learn to write. The book I am reading the most is On Writing Well. I know it’s nonfiction writing, but it helps much of my fiction writing.

I hope that most of you are happy and that’s what I’m here for to make my fans happy. It’s my job.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! Remember, respect all people and their interests, be kind, be safe, don’t act jealous on anyone, don’t fool around, be forgiving to good people, and most importantly, behave. Love and peace to you all!🙂❤

Music Review: “Roar” by Katy Perry

Roar is a song by Katy Perry about courage. It means that you overcome obstacles blocking your success. It’s about standing up for yourself when someone is putting you down. In the music video Katy Perry overcomes obstacles in the jungle. She stands up for herself by confronting a lion. She finds food to eat to survive. She takes a shower from an elephant’s trunk by the animal showering her. This song is inspirational to believe in your dreams to come true.