My Memoir: 6-5-2020

I took a week from writing contests, but will start working on them tomorrow. I was reading Gone With The Wind, the biography of Kurt Cobain. I was listening to Nine Inch Nails, then the song Creep by Radiohead, and now I am listening to smooth jazz.

I saw some good news in Miami just now. It is that it is almost back to normal from the awful pandemic, that I wish that evil disease is finally defeated and gone. We are taking it step by step.

I am glad that the NBA will start soon and will watch the Miami Heat games. I am also so excited for the Florida Gators football team. These will be exciting times watching sports.

By the next day I will start reading magazines on how to write stories, and how to write novels. I am successful in FanStory. I am successful in WordPress. The reason why is that I work real hard at my writing craft. I still study writing. I have to catch up on studying English grammar and will start first day tomorrow.

Well, I will leave you off, my friends! Remember, behave, or else! Stay healthy! Stay at home! Be happy! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

People Should Be Treaded and Respected Fairly

All the problems are happening from persons’ human errors. How the world got to this point with most of the mess in its hands. I think that people should be treated with the respect they deserve. I think that we can still solve the problems that everyone is facing. There is violence, bullying, pandemic, etc. We have enough problems that Earth has right now, and new more problems come each coming day. Some people don’t think twice, but think only once. This is the problem.

I think that people should learn from what they did wrong. We are all created different. If everyone is the same, then the world will be boring. Forget about all the nasty problems of the world and focus on your life. Talk about life of friends and families. Be happy. Live for today. Because no one likes to live for yesterday.

Be fair with people. Give other nice people second chances. We are all here to learn from life and accept the way things are right now. Be optimistic and happy. Be healthy. Live your life. Be forgiving. Be polite.

Learn to help your friends and families. Believe in God.

My main solver is being happy. My main thinking is thinking of God. Be at peace with people and God. Create happy memories. Never bully anyone. Never hate anyone. Be good with others and to yourself. The most important thing to talk about is about life.

The Problem of Thinking of Our Past Dark Troubled Lives

We all have had dark past troubled pasts at some points in our lives. It will always stay with us, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t erase them.

I think of them as problems to get over it and learn from them. In order not to act out violent, try the reasoning approach. Don’t do the same mistakes again. Solve the problem. Make friends with other people.

There are second chances. Start building optimism and happiness in your inner self. Start forgetting about your dark past little by little. Each day you begin to feel sane.

I did have a dark past, but I erased it. I never paid attention to it. I started building new happy memories in my mind. If you are depressed about your dark troubled life, then you are doing it upon yourself and no one else. Remember that.

Be happy at this moment. Seize the moment. Be positive. Live for today.

Look at it this way friends only hang out with happy people and not with depressed ones. Think about that. Treat your inner soul with the respect it deserves. Live for today. Be happy.