You Know What?

You know what?

I will go for the Miami Dolphins, because it is my team and my favorite team out of the NFL. They will win more super bowls. I am optimistic about it. Go ‘fins!

First Places

I am proud of myself to have 12 first places in writing contests. I will win more because I believe in myself. This is what I wanted to share with you all nice fans. Love and peace to you all! 🙂❤️

Just Enjoy Sports

I think that sports is just to enjoy it. It is not for revenge, betrayal, arguments, violence, bullying, and being a traitor. If your team wins a championship be happy and by not rubbing it in to any fans of their teams that lost the title. This goes for all kinds of sports games. Sports is just something to get away from the troubles of the world. So, just enjoy sports! They are unpredictable! Don’t ever get carried away by heckling the fans. Love and peace to you all! God is watching!