The Artists and Bands that Performed during the 20Th Century History for real (fake news)

Real World Music News History:

Nirvana performed in the 1950’s

Guns ‘n’ Roses Performed in the 1960’s

Green Day performed in the 1970’s

Elvis Presley was brand new and performed in the 1980’s

David Bowie was brand new and performed in the 1990’s

Van Halen was brand new and performed in the 2000’s

The start of a new Golden Era of Music, The Doors is brand new and now performs in the 2010’s. The whole world heard their new music and went crazy happy over it. It is excellent brand new music.

(Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I got you! All that didn”t happen! Those artists did perform in world history, but not in this order. I just made it up! I hope you’ve had crazy facts fun! Ha! Ha! Funny! Laugh it up, my friend!)  😉