Dogs Favorite Pets

Dogs are living the human life. A dog is president of the United States. Dogs have humans as pets. They even train them. Dogs command them what to do. Dogs think they’re favorite pets are kids because they are playful. Children play catch with the dogs who own them.

Dogs give humans their baths. Dogs are ruling planet Earth now. They think that owning children as pets are cute. Dogs love their favorite humans.


The Cat Lies

A cat has walked in a shopping mall. It was strange that it can talk English. The cat kept telling lies to all strangers it met. Cat keeps bragging that he will be the richest Billionaire. No one believed him. The cat tried to make them believe. The cat kept telling lies all the time.

The Dead Friend

Sam’s friend is dead, but he always goes out with him. His name is Fred. Fred has his wrist slit and also his throat. He is trying to fit in to the crowd. The people get scared of him, but Sam says that he is not a danger to anyone. The strangers believe his words about Fred. He is all bloody like a machete has been run all over him. But the people love him. Sam has made the right friend, even if he is a walking zombie. It is friendship that counts. They go hang out at the malls, movie theaters, beaches, etc., Fred just wants to be nice, but he is dead. He acts like a live human though.