Today I am reading

Today I am reading a book. I have been watching on how to write stories on YouTube.

I am still learning and practicing writing stories and poetry. I will read the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

Back to the Future movies are useful

Everyone has had bullies in their lifetimes. I have had lots of bullies bullying me around for years. But, one smart thing I did is that I used the Marty Mcfly method from the Back to the Future trilogy against my bullies and you know what? It worked.

I stood up to my bullies just like Marty did. I outsmarted them by using the Marty Mcfly method. They don’t bother me anymore and I don’t see them anymore. Now I lead a happy life with my friends and family.

I think for some nice petsons being still bullied around they also can use the Back to the Future method. It’s simple just act like Marty Mcfly. Then nobody will bother you anymore.

No one bothers me anymore and I am happy. I urge you to use the Marty Mcfly method. It’s useful.