What I Really Think

Thank you for taking the time for understanding my situation. In the 80s, 90s, and 00s I was acting rude carelessly because I was lost and now you know why. To tell you the truth I really wanted to change to be nice and not do careless mistakes in the past. I hated that I mistreated nice people carelessly sometimes with intentions to, but that wasn’t me at all. I am happy that I have changed my attitude and personality. I am friendly and that was who I wanted to be all along. I thank God that I have changed and I am now happy that I at last have my friendly state of mind. I wanted to change my attitude a long time ago but was really lost to do it, because my mind didn’t let me. I am a happy and nice person now. Thankfully, I have made the change I have wanted many years ago and at last. Thank you for your support! Love and peace to you all! Behave, or else! Freedom! 🙂 ❤


True Fact

If you hate a certain nice person you will feel the majority of the pain in your mind. If you use false delusions against any nice person then you will feel pain for the rest of your life.

How The World Reacts

If you are sad, then the whole world will react sad along with you. If you are happy, then the world will react happy along with you. It depends on how you present yourself to the world on how they will react and feel about you. You are the one who needs to change your life to an optimistic and happy one. You will be surprised how they will feel about you.