Rock n Roll Reality 50’s and 60’s True Story

Back in 1955 Nirvana played in America and around the world. They were the first rock band. Their hit songs premiered in the 1950’s. Their first hit song was Smells Like Teen Spirit back in 1952. They debuted their first album Nevermind in 1952. Next in the 1960’s Guns ‘n’ Roses became a popular Rock band. True Story!

Ha, ha, ha! I’m kidding! 😀


Using Your Common Sense

A lot of things happen in this world. It has everything in this planet. One way of looking at things is to think positive. All of us will make mistakes in some moments, but we can correct them. Don’t blame yourself for the things that have happened to you. Make smart decisions. Use your mind for something good. Create a happy lifestyle for yourself. Move on with your life. Think happy and optimistic. The future is always a bright one for you. Have nice friends and family. Think of happy memories. Look positive towards the future.