Rhonda Rousey (1987-Present)

Rhonda Rousey is an American mixed martial artist, Judoka, and actress. She is the first current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, and the last Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion. She is undefeated in Martial Arts. She became the first U.S. woman to win an Olympic medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. She wrote and published her first autobiographical book My Fight/Your Fight on May 12, 2015. She starred in films such as, The Expandables 3, Furious 7, and Entourage.


July 31, 2015

Today I was reading the novel The Heist by Janet Evanovich.

I went to take a walk in the morning with dad. It was relaxing. I get to see a cat and my neighbors. I tell them hello and they answer back. We talked for a while during our exercise walk. I don’t feel worrisome at all. I feel relieved that I am happy for my life.

My writing has improved, which in my last fantasy short story has proved dividends. I don’t see yet myself writing a novel in the present. It takes a lot of hard work, passion, and determination. I have all those categories. I don’t tense myself because of it, and that I am not a professional just yet. I know I will be. I am patient. I am studying day-by-day.

Don’t ever let your mind trick you in any way that is false reality. If you do it is voodoo for you in an awful way. Listen to yourself and your family’s advices. Believe me it is better this way. In this way you’ll enjoy life much more than others.

Today there is a storm in Miami. I am at home with my parents. I hear lightning several times while I was before at my sister’s home taking care of my nephew.

I intend to read the grammar book. I feel comfortable with it and love it. I get to study verbs, nouns, adverbs, apostrophes, and etc. I feel like I am mastering some of it. The most I understand is the possessive nouns and possessive pronouns. Most people don’t want to study grammar, and can understand why. It is way more difficult. I am used to it. It just needs more time for my mind to fully be familiar with it once I write sentences and paragraphs.

Scara Bouncing and Jumping Around Clouds

Scara Henson goes out with her girlfriends at the mall. She tells her friends something that they won’t believe.

“I can jump and bounce on top of clouds!” Scara told them

“yeah right!” Her friends replied

“And I can walk through walls!” Betty replied laughing

“And I can disappear and reappear!” Jona Jones replied

All of her friends laughed. They didn’t believe her and thought that she is nuts.

“No, really! I can do it! I just have to believe in myself. It is easy and the only way to do it. I just need to think on a small thought, and it’s all that matters!” Scara explained

When they stared at her they kept on laughing.

“What are we gonna do with you? You’re such a do-do bird!” said Jona Jones

They kept their laughs inside and gave her the laughing smiles.

Scara was so frustrate at her friends that don’t believe her. Once they finished eating, Betty paid for the check and they all went outside shopping for clothes.

“I can’t believe that y’all don’t believe I can do it!” Scara complained to her friends

“What are you saying? People are going to think that you’ve gone wacko and they already probably do!” Jona argued

“Let them think I’m nuts! It only takes my belief in it to do it!” Scara said

“Well, then do it!” Betty told

“Okay! I will!” Scara replied

The crowd laughed through the whole drama-scene. Scara closed her eyes, jumped, and jumped again several times, but nothing happened. People are starting to think that she’s looney tunes.

“Now you have made a fool of yourself!” Betty said disappointed

Her friends were mad at Scara and not very pleased. The strangers parents couldn’t believe that they are watching this fiasco in front of their kids.

Scara’s friends told her to go home with them. She was soon crying that she failed at the attempt and went with her friends. As soon as they all are at the parking lot Scara was floating on top of her girlfriends.

Her friends couldn’t believe what happened right now and even the crowd are impressed with Scara’s ability. Clouds went down to the middle of the day, and soon she stood on top of a cloud. It was like a Super Mario Brothers video game.

The clouds were all lined straight ready for her attempt to prove her friends wrong, and the crowd that it is possible. She went walking on the clouds jumping and bouncing to the next one at a time. The people took pictures of her and were fascinated by her skills.

Her friends were shocked and thrilled that she is making believers out of them. It was exciting to sight-see her idea-scheme. It was very rare to witness it. Yet, she was the first one to do it. Scara has walked, bounced, and jumped to each of the twenty clouds line up one by one. She went back to walk, bounce, and jump on top of them to where she started from.

She stole the show. She went back to her friends and they congratulated her. Betty drove them back from the mall to Scara’s home. Scara’s friends were all shell-shocked and tried to figure if she is a real alien, because of what they just have experienced right back at the mall. The only thing they have done is that her words are now golden and told her that they’re proud of her for making them into believers.

July 29, 2015

I always walk a mile around the neighborhood everyday.

I was practicing my grammar. Most of the things are confusing to me. I will get the hang of it eventually. I think I understand it. I’ve read a small portion of the grammar book in about two chapters. I think there are like 24 chapters in there. It is enough to read, but will be more newer stuff added to it. New versions of grammar come every year. It is much difficult and confusing, but studying the small things won’t be that too hard.

I was still reading The Heist and am halfway towards it.

I think I will lift weights today. I thought of not doing it today to take a one day rest, but I will do the abdominals and weights this day.

I am starting to love grammar. I know that most people hate grammar, but am one of the few who do love it. Everybody’s different. I respect that. Next month I will be busy with the online class. This is the best day for me to think about what to organize.

I will stop writing now. The next post we will be meeting again. Till now I will exercise and lift weights.

July 28, 2015

I have been practicing my grammar and took out the old class files, which I took grammar from. I haven’t looked at it yet. I was thinking also of practicing through my files, which at this time I am reading my grammar book. I took all the documents from my old writing classes from 2010 to now. I have a huge set of class writing files. Grammar is the one I will be studying again. My grammar isn’t all that great, but it is another start. Right now I am in common nouns, verbs, and apostrophes. I know now what are possessive nouns. I am starting to understand, which before I didn’t it was all Chinese to me before. I am surprised that I passed the Grammar Refresher class in 2011, and am proud of my effort. I will give the re-studying by myself a “Go!”. I think this is the much better process for me as a writer.

Be Healthy and Happy for the rest of the year!

Most of you should be happy for the things you already have. I am enjoying life and am happy. This year will be gone within days, weeks, and months real fast. It will feel as if you’ve spent it in seconds. You won’t even realize the things you have done. :Be happy and healthy, because life is short and you only get to live it once. Right now I am practicing grammar, but am doing activities this year. You should be thankful for God that you have family with you. There are other people who are less fortunate than you. Stay positive and enjoy life is all I could say. Enjoy what this year is offering you.

July 27, 2015

I have finished seeing The Fabric of the Cosmos, and yesterday I have began to watch it again to the first episode again. I want the cosmos for me to make sense. The ideas and information are all blurry for me. I know some of the stuff, but want to understand it all.

The movies I want to watch is Southpaw and Trainwreck, which I’ve heard those are pretty good films. But, until they come on DVD.

I have walked a mile around the neighborhood with my dad today. I will lift weights and do abdominals later this day. I am suddenly used to doing exercise and actually do love it.

I was reading Mr. Mercedes yesterday and today. I am liking Stephen King’s novel. I want to read Paper Towns by John Green. I have read the book The Craft for research. I am getting the grasp of the writing craft, which isn’t real easy to do. I seem to grab it quickly, but have much to learn from it.

I love Taylor Swift’s new album, and it is the best of hers I’ve heard so far. A sad day yesterday in the news that Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobby Christina Brown has died at age 22. My condolences to her family and friends. She is at peace with her mom and God in Heaven. No one yet knows the cause of her death and is under investigation at this time. R.I.P., Bobbie Christina Brown

I keep thinking of what else I should write, but end up with nothing. I think by starting thinking of nothing we come up to the idea of writing something. This works some of the time. I am organizing my mind on writing this week. I was thinking of practicing my grammar. It isn’t all that perfect. Grammar is the toughest subject to conquer, but it’s doable.

Most Ghosts Are Happy!

When a famous person dies they leave a legacy. They turn into ghosts. However, those ghosts are proud of their achievements. I think most ghosts are happy that they have led a great humanity life. Some other ghosts aren’t so happy. When important people such as firemen, politicians, and etc., die. They are happy that they did their jobs, saved people, and got closer together with family and friends. These kinds of supernatural beings are not gone, which we think they are. However, some famous celebrities have led troubled lives once s/he dies, they are once happy finally at peace in Heaven. They would see that they never wanted problematic lives in their humanities, but once they’re ghosts they can live in peace. These supernatural beings share their own glory with God in Heaven. They never forget their friends and family. The most important is that the Holy Spirit is still there with us.

July 24, 2015

While I went out I did some errands with my dad. I am reading The Heist. It is a very good novel. I am reading several books. I am reading astronomy books.

I have watched Cantinflas yesterday and it is a very good movie. I liked it. It didn’t disappoint me at all. I finished watching The Family. I am starting to watch the TV series Suits. I am in the second season.

I am thinking of what I want to do. There are much stuff I need to do.

I am reading Characters & Viewpoints to get some pointers of how I should approach my writing. The novel Mr. Mercedes is a very good read. My next class isn’t until next month. So, I am taking it easy. I am still reading Quantum Mechanics and learning from the subject.