Scara Bouncing and Jumping Around Clouds

Scara Henson goes out with her girlfriends at the mall. She tells her friends something that they won’t believe.

“I can jump and bounce on top of clouds!” Scara told them

“yeah right!” Her friends replied

“And I can walk through walls!” Betty replied laughing

“And I can disappear and reappear!” Jona Jones replied

All of her friends laughed. They didn’t believe her and thought that she is nuts.

“No, really! I can do it! I just have to believe in myself. It is easy and the only way to do it. I just need to think on a small thought, and it’s all that matters!” Scara explained

When they stared at her they kept on laughing.

“What are we gonna do with you? You’re such a do-do bird!” said Jona Jones

They kept their laughs inside and gave her the laughing smiles.

Scara was so frustrate at her friends that don’t believe her. Once they finished eating, Betty paid for the check and they all went outside shopping for clothes.

“I can’t believe that y’all don’t believe I can do it!” Scara complained to her friends

“What are you saying? People are going to think that you’ve gone wacko and they already probably do!” Jona argued

“Let them think I’m nuts! It only takes my belief in it to do it!” Scara said

“Well, then do it!” Betty told

“Okay! I will!” Scara replied

The crowd laughed through the whole drama-scene. Scara closed her eyes, jumped, and jumped again several times, but nothing happened. People are starting to think that she’s looney tunes.

“Now you have made a fool of yourself!” Betty said disappointed

Her friends were mad at Scara and not very pleased. The strangers parents couldn’t believe that they are watching this fiasco in front of their kids.

Scara’s friends told her to go home with them. She was soon crying that she failed at the attempt and went with her friends. As soon as they all are at the parking lot Scara was floating on top of her girlfriends.

Her friends couldn’t believe what happened right now and even the crowd are impressed with Scara’s ability. Clouds went down to the middle of the day, and soon she stood on top of a cloud. It was like a Super Mario Brothers video game.

The clouds were all lined straight ready for her attempt to prove her friends wrong, and the crowd that it is possible. She went walking on the clouds jumping and bouncing to the next one at a time. The people took pictures of her and were fascinated by her skills.

Her friends were shocked and thrilled that she is making believers out of them. It was exciting to sight-see her idea-scheme. It was very rare to witness it. Yet, she was the first one to do it. Scara has walked, bounced, and jumped to each of the twenty clouds line up one by one. She went back to walk, bounce, and jump on top of them to where she started from.

She stole the show. She went back to her friends and they congratulated her. Betty drove them back from the mall to Scara’s home. Scara’s friends were all shell-shocked and tried to figure if she is a real alien, because of what they just have experienced right back at the mall. The only thing they have done is that her words are now golden and told her that they’re proud of her for making them into believers.

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