Music Review: “Dancing in the Street” by David Bowie and Mick Jagger

When I saw the music video, “Dancing in the Street” on MTV back in the 80’s. I got to groove with it. It was something entirely different I never heard before. It has a unique sound of upbeat, and hyperactive happy at the same time. These two legendary singers, David Bowie, and Mick Jagger dance and sing through the whole street in the video. They both make their very own stylistic dance moves. You would feel like joining them dancing through all around the world. It’s a friendly music dance video and song nonetheless. I give this song three stars out of five. Three stars!


Music Review: “Allentown” by Billy Joel

The song Allentown should remind us of how hard the steel industry is working. We need cars, and all kinds of machines to help improve our country. It talks of the engineering workers that work their butt off so we can have machines like for example, vehicles. I like the music video when all the workers work in the steel industry. Billy Joel talks about a place were people need jobs and making machines is an industry. They make steel and metals. A job is very precious to have and we don’t need it to take it for granted. Be proud that most of you have jobs, because half of the people don’t have any. Some have lost theirs. When intending to listen to this song hear very carefully of its message. We need to work, have jobs, and it’s not all having fun all the time. Everything in your life needs a balance. I love this song. I give this song three stars out of five. Three stars.

Music Review: “Heroes” by David Bowie

One part when I listen to this song is, “We can be heroes.”, is iconic. It is edged in our memory. Who doesn’t want to be a hero? You can be a good role model and a hero for kids and adults. The song Heroes is so iconic. I can listen to this many times as I like. The word heroes is positive. It stands for good. I know I am a hero. Most of us are. It is just in the way David Bowie says it makes it unique. His words are so rare of understand Heroes in this music video. It is only him with a pink blank kind of psychedelic background towards it. It is light-colored with some dark contrast imagery along with him. He talks about what heroes really mean and we can be like the heroes before us. I just like the sound, rhythm, and rhymes of it. I give “Heroes” three and a half stars out of five. Three and a half stars!

Music Review: “Jump” by Kriss Kross

Once I heard this song I got into it. I got excited from it. It made me wanna jump and dance to its rhythm and rhymes. I have never seen a music video like this one before it appeared. It is totally original. I love its originality. These two once kid rappers have cemented this song into a great one. You see a car jumping. All the fans are jumping. the song is still going on. Throughout the entire song everything jumps. Kriss Kross have their clothes worn on backwards. I think that what made them so cool. I can get into it. It is simply a song that makes you feel good and want to dance from it. I give this song three and a half stars out of five. Thumbs up!

Music Review: “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls

This song is only for fun. What a great song with these sexy ladies singing it. They want to “wannabe” with you. They tell you in this song. Every time I see this music video it lures me to them (the beautiful and attractive Spice Girls). We get to see them when they fool around in a museum. They throw papers all around the place. They dance with the strangers. This is a catchy tune. It is their trademark that lures me to them. This song is suppose to make you feel good. Anyone who is nervous on a date for sure will give them a boost from this song. Just by watching the music video makes anyone forget about the problems. I give this song four stars out of five.

Music Review: “Steam” by Peter Gabriel

This song brings back memories. I remembered when this song aired in the late 80’s, or early 90’s. It is a great song. The song features the singer tackling business men as dog hounds sniffing at his feet, and then he kicks them off. The music video is a funny video to watch. I love when the girls are in the steam room and bounce back up and down with their towels on. This is one of my favorite videos. It is very creative. I love the side effects. Peter Gabriel is a baby then from age formation turns into an old 80’s adult. This song I can still listen to and watch, because it is downright funny.

Music Review: “Toy Soldiers” by Martika

This is song is neat and unique. It tells of how a relationship can go into a complete dismay. Martika is a genius by writing and singing this song. She has a talented singing voice. The song Toy Soldiers has made her into a solidified great singer. You have to quickly follow the rhymes to word by word, that it is in your hands of making your love life work, or go into a complete disarray. It explains that some relationships have been split apart before and are very painful to overcome. I just love this song because of its powerful words and the beautiful singing.