My Quotes #150

“I am counting the days when Wendy will come back to Neverland.”

-Peter Pan


Star Wars: The Force Awakens (opinion)

One question remains of all Star Wars fans is: Should Luke Skywalker appear on the new installment? I think he should. He might appear in the new movie once it is showing in theaters. Well, he won’t be in the whole film, if that is what most of you hope will happen. Anyway, it looks like Luke Skywalker isn’t in the film. It is like he has been erased. However, there is a mention of him appearing in the next new Star Wars trilogy. Let’s hope he comes in the 8th installment of the series. I have no idea if the fans will be disappointed if he doesn’t appear in any if these films. I think they probably won’t care for it. He will appear anyhow, but maybe not the first one that will be shown by Disney. One other question: Is this is a smart move by not letting Luke Skywalker appear in this new movie? Maybe, we will see him for only five minutes and that’ll be it. Luke is the most important piece of Star Wars. In my opinion he should be in the film, but that is up to the director. Once we see the new Star Wars installment we will know.

Captain America

Captain America is a fictional character created by American comics cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. He appeared first in Captain America Comics #1 on March 1941. He fights the axis powers of World War II. He was mostly popular during the wartime period. He is armed with a shield that’s indestructible and his uniform bears an American flag. His alter ego is Steve Rogers. He is a long time leader of The Avengers. His arch-nemesis is the Red Skull. He has appeared in 3 films including: Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and will appear in the new film Avengers: Age of Ultron. Captain America is portrayed by actor Chris Evans.

Novel & Movie Review: Safe Haven

Both the novel and movie has satisfied me much. The movie resembles the same as Nicholas Sparks‘ novel Safe Haven. The movie is based on the novel of the same name. I see that Katie has a dark past that she doesn’t want the widowed Alex to know. Her darkest past haunts and torments her while she escapes to the Oasis of Southport around North Carolina. She finds Safe Haven where Alex and his two children live. She has run away from the cop because of her negative past of him. The cop is trying to find her of a murder crime she didn’t commit. I won’t spoil the movie and novel for you. I fell in love with the movie. I loved the novel. The have the same background, plot, and story, which are similar. I have read the novel first, and saw the movie second. I have no complaints on both.

The Last Episodes of Sons of Anarchy

The last episodes is going to be how Gemma and Juice is going to get murdered and by whom. I think that Jackson Teller probably kills Juice, and then someone else kills Gemma. Gemma is the guilty party for the murder of Tara (Jackson Teller’s wife). We don’t know yet how the series is going to end. It might finished disappointing, or perhaps not. It all depends on how the creator sees it. So, far Juice is in jail. Jackson’s son knows who killed Tara Teller. Gemma is trying to keep it a secret from her son Jackson for her safety. The creator said that Juice is the one who is going to die. The fans of this show say that Gemma is going to be murdered. The last scene of the episode was when Juice is shown in prison killing a cockroach. Jackson Teller will ride into the sunset with his son, somehow. We’ll wait how all this mess unfolds.