Lacie’s Shower

Lacie wakes up in her home and heads for the shower. She took all her clothes off. She takes a bath. She finishes less than thirty minutes. She takes a towel and dries off. Lacie’s skin is pulling off and blood pours out her body. She is trying to open the door for help but falls to the floor gasping her last breath. The bathroom is being painted with Lacie’s blood. She dies in her home. Nobody knows about her tragic death.


TV People

In the restaurant customers are having a fun time. They were all talking about movies and shows they had watched. A couple dining were eating and talking about a new show they have seen recently. She showed her fiancé the show on her cell phone.

“Have you watched that show?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s psychologically scary,” he replied.

On the other table two teens were discussing about a movie. Stacy told him the name.

“I remember that show!” Hank responded.

“Yeah, it is dull. I didn’t like it,” Stacy replied.

“I know right?” Hank asked.

“You bet,” Stacy giggled.

Everyone’s face turned into live television screens playing movies, the news, and all kinds of television shows. They fell and died but the screens were still playing with noises. Stacy and Hank were the only ones alive and headed to the exit, but the doors shut itself locked. The waiters turned into TV screens, fell and all died. Both teens cried for help but to no avail. They both fell, their faces turned into TV screens and had died.

Everyone in the restaurant is dead but in their faces were showing all kinds of news, shows, game shows, and all kinds of movies, as if they were actual TVs.

Stuck in The Past

Carrie has traveled back to 1926. She was born in New York City, New York 1976. Carrie used to live her recent life in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2019. Now she is beginning her new life in the roaring modern 20s of the 20th Century.

She has no friends and all of them are back in her lifetime in 2019. Carrie misses her husband and her kids. She cries out in the public streets of New York. The strangers try to make her feel better because they care. Carrie is stuck in the beginnings of America. You can probably say that.

Planet Earth Swallows Its Civilization

Today, people are doing busy things some for business and others for pleasure. The world seems, occupied, friendly, busy, and dangerous in all across the globe. Planet Earth receives water to live.

They didn’t know that Earth was hungry for something disturbingly frightening. It made up its mind. The Earth eats people and animals, bringing them down to its core.

Once it finished eating the whole civilization, it made a hiccup noise throughout the entire universe. Now there aren’t humans and animals living anymore, except the plants. It had a huge appetite.

Streets of People

Arty walked outside his neighborhood. He saw something strange on the bottom streets. Real life people plastered in the streets like if they were in paintings. They were all crying for help.

He freaked out while encountering this bizarre event. Inside the street they were moving when Arty walked on top of them by his shoes.

Arty almost fainted. It was like the streets were painted with real life people. It is the case. He hears their cries of help and has no idea how to get home. He watches the bottom while people move inside of it.

Starting Over

In an isolated home lives a man alone. He counts the days as they pass by. Chip is his name his mom granted him since he was born. He works in a law office helping out his clients, who have been in a lot of rundowns. There are no friends along to celebrate his verdicts victoriously. Not all his clients have won with the winning and losses of court trial cases.

Chip has only one friend who hangs out with him. He tells Sandra that he wants some company. She knew that it meant his wanting of companion friends. She has a lot of friends, and Chip would be surprised by meeting them. He will be friends with her companions. Instead of being depressed all his entire life, he finally became happy.

A month later, she got personal with him. Both now got into a relationship because of their connection towards each other. Sandra gave him everything for his life. She knew before he used to be sad about his negative past experiences. All the chips of this world turned out best for Chip. Several have passed, and they both got married.

“You have changed my world forever,” Chip Caddle said.

“I know. I did it for you,” Sandra Kelpin explained.

“It was all for me in the taking.” He responded.

“We’re happily ever after!” she said.

It was a happy marriage for Chip and Sandra. Out of their family, they now have three sons and two daughters. The sons are named, Bob, Adrian, and Jack. Their two daughters are called, Olivia and Carrie. The family had succeeded business success in their whole lives. The whole Caddle family is in business of lawyering associates company.