Hats Off Laughing

The audience is waiting for the comedian to appear on stage. He is coming to the crowd and begins telling jokes. The strangers are laughing. Once they are giggling and laughing they couldn’t stop. They kept laughing their hardest that it is echoing from our of the walls. The audience died from so loud and much laughter. I guess the comedian has made his killings from all his jokes. He is the only one alive.

The Tort Family

The Tort family is staying at home tonight. Mom and dad are sitting in the living room. The children are watching television. The doors locked themselves up. Blood inside the Tort home keeps rising up. The family tried to get out screaming for help but the doors were tight locked.

The blood keeps filling up the whole home. The family is drowning. The house is all filled up with blood. The Tort family couldn’t breathe from the blood water. Several hours later they have all died.

A year later the neighbors are watching the Tort’s home. It has blood inside and the outside of it is colored blood. They all took pictures of the house.

TV People

In the restaurant customers are having a fun time. They were all talking about movies and shows they had watched. A couple dining were eating and talking about a new show they have seen recently. She showed her fiancé the show on her cell phone.

“Have you watched that show?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s psychologically scary,” he replied.

On the other table two teens were discussing about a movie. Stacy told him the name.

“I remember that show!” Hank responded.

“Yeah, it is dull. I didn’t like it,” Stacy replied.

“I know right?” Hank asked.

“You bet,” Stacy giggled.

Everyone’s face turned into live television screens playing movies, the news, and all kinds of television shows. They fell and died but the screens were still playing with noises. Stacy and Hank were the only ones alive and headed to the exit, but the doors shut itself locked. The waiters turned into TV screens, fell and all died. Both teens cried for help but to no avail. They both fell, their faces turned into TV screens and had died.

Everyone in the restaurant is dead but in their faces were showing all kinds of news, shows, game shows, and all kinds of movies, as if they were actual TVs.