The Child

A child Jack loves eating live rats. Nothing bad happens to him when he does it. His parents are embarrassed that their child Jack lives on live rats.

His stomach dies if he eats normal food. If he needs to eat normal food he dies. Their parents gives him live rats when Jack needs to eat them. By the time their child ate all the live rats. There were no more around to eat but Jack became extinct. Once Jack grew up dying of starvation by not eating live rats.


Fire Rabbits

Rabbits are all over the place in an outside mall. People think they are adorable. The rabbits become angry at the humans for no reason. They all open their mouths and huge fires come out of their mouths killing innocent strangers. They die a slow death. Pretty soon the rabbits murdered all the humans in a shopping mall. The furry animals jump lots and don’t have a care in the world for those strangers. They just want carrots to eat.

Patrick Punches

Patrick is having a nice time with his girlfriend Becky. He pretend to fight her as if they were in a boxing match. She follows along. He punches her in her belly and his arm goes through it and it is out in the back of her by five feet. Patrick’s arm gets out Becky’s belly. She falls and dies. He cries out loud in public. The strangers feel sorry for him.

The Teen

Harl the teen asked his friends and family to stand in a straight line. He was about to do the impossible. What could he be doing they all thought. He stretches his fingers up straight. The fingers go all through his friends’ and family’s bodies. Harl’s fingers grew too long. They have all died. He saw holes in the deceased bodies. All his friends and family are gone. Harl cried and he had killed them all.

A Nice Day Out

Strangers in the city of San Francisco enjoy a public day out. It seems like everything and everyone is doing well. The clouds become all dark and gray. It is starting to heavily rain.

People outside are getting wet. All of a sudden all the rain drops turn into large steel pins. All of them are getting injured. They are suffering severe blood pains. Red blood gushes out of them. The rain doesn’t ever stop and keeps on pouring down large steel pins.

Everyone is dying. There is no stopping the supernatural rain. Strangers haven’t seen anything like it. Most of them have died and plenty others critically injured. The rain of hell came upon them.

They Don’t Want You Around Cole!

Cole a lonely man living single in his home remembers his high school memories. He made careless mistakes against his former classmates. It is the reason why they never befriended him and perhaps never will.

He remembers his friends that ruined his life. Their names were Wisha and Trish. He laughed at them during high school. Cole was careless but was also lost.

Cole has met those two girls after his high school graduation. But, they always have him hated looks. Wisha and Trish coughed up lots of blood in front of him and they died.

He confronted with other trouble makers Sam, Jason, and others. They gave Cole hated looks but all seven of his bullies coughed up a lot of blood. They all have died. Cole wasn’t too happy about that even if they avoided him friendly eye contact. Cole just thought that even if they hated him they didn’t deserve to die.

The next week he turned on the news and he heard that all the former students who were against him have died. Cole turned off the TV and kept thinking.

“This shouldn’t have happened, even though I was treated bad in high school,” Cole whispered.

It is a strange curse that he has to live with. Cole just thought no way will I accept this strange situation.

Birds’ Screams

The birds are screaming with a high over percentage of 100%. The screams make the people bleed outside of their noses, toes, and fingers. It is strange that a bird’s scream could be a motive for mass murdering. Everyone in the United States of America dies from birds’ screams. Only all the animals are left alive.

The animals rule over America now. But, they only act by their instincts. They act as survivors. No humans are left alive. The animals grieve and mourn their deaths.

Drinking Habit

Stark’s old buddy came for a visit in his home. Stark asked if he wanted a drink. His pal Harry accepted. So, Stark gave him a cold beer. Stark grabbed one also for himself. They started talking. Once Stark drank a bit from his drink Harry’s face disappeared. Stark began drinking more. Harry’s chest, stomach, arms and hands disappeared as well. Stark tried to save him until it was too late, and he drank all of his beer. His old buddy Harry is gone and deceased. It could be that Stark drank by killing Harry in a strange way. It was exactly this way it happened. Stark felt guilt and regretted it. Stark is the murderer of drinking habits.


Jill a sixteen year old female faces her bullies. They look ready to beat her up some more like memories before. Instead, she had a secret weapon. Maybe, Jill’s words can save her.

“You’re nothing and a nobody, Jill. Your favorite hobby is nothing! That’s right you are in love with nothing!” The bully leader told her.

“Yeah, boss! Jill you will amount to nothing. Go tend to your subject nothing! Farty girl!” another bully said.

“Listen to me! Ya’ll amount to nothing but not me! I will do great things! All of you are the big losers!” Jill fought back.

There were six bullies around her. Jill watched something amazing. Her bullies turn into ashes of sand and blood. The wind carries all the bullies who now turned to ashes. Jill started laughing out loud. Very loud.

“I’ve won! I killed all my bullies until I have zero!” Jill said laughing sarcastically. She kept on laughing and never stopped. She savored it and enjoyed it. All her bullies are now dead.