I Love Animals!

My favorite animal is the dog. It helps you to cheer up, they care, and it protects you. I love animals. Some animals are harmless. I used to have around 35 hamsters in my home. I know that sounds bizarre, but it’s true. I had to give them for free to a pet store, because they was a nuisance to my family. I have seen and touched parrots, but you have to be careful to do so. You need to have a trainer with you to pet it. they can bite, and have large beaks, but they are friendly. Some people have pet snakes. It’s one animal I dislike the most. Anybody has different taste for different animals they like. My brother, his wife, and kids have dogs, and cats in their home. My mom brought me parakeets one day, and they sang beautifully. I don’t take care of pets at all. I am not very good at it. I just want to pet them and look at them. I also play with them. I think humans and animals almost think the same, but different. We can do more stuff then they can. They can do other stuff they we can’t. The best I love so far is the dog, because it understands us. They care for us if we’re in need. All kinds of animals if treated kindly can be kind towards you. Weirder things have happened. Of course, we have to be careful. It is just those who train animals that understand them. It is a big difference. A dog is easily your family pet, if you treat it right.


Days Are Brighter, Nights Are Great

I love it when it is Day, or night. I am fascinated by its beauty of nature’s hour. On the days you could go out and hang out with friends,  or families. The nights you either go out, or stay at home watching TV. You can read books, or do exercise at home, also. Either choice is fine. I see dogs being taken out for a stroll around the neighborhood with their neighbors. The flowers, and plants look beautiful. When the sky is blue with clouds around it is great to see. I walk to the sidewalk to see many things going on outside. When I go out I try to go to stores to see things. I just go for viewing electronic stuff there  most of the time. When it turns to night I love seeing the stars, and the moon. there are rare times when you see a lunar eclipse. I love it when it rains, because the plants are now being fed. It makes the plants happy. There are many things to do to celebrate the days, and nights. Nature is taking action. Go out and enjoy it.

Enjoy Nature, and It’s Beautiful Days

Most of the days are filled with a blue sky with clouds around it. We travel all around the U.S., and all around the world to see plants, mountains, and animals. Most of us have cats, hamsters, and dogs, which they love us. They feel the same feelings for us, and they are our families. I love flowers, because they are so beautiful, and different. The best days are when it rains, because the birds love it, and the plants get fed so they can grow. Water is our most important resource, and we need it everyday. We would rather avoid liquids like sodas, alcohol, coffees, frappes, and ice coffees. The fruits come from plants like trees, and it is the ones we should be eating. We enjoy the air that blows in our directions. The birds sing, the lions play with each other, and monkeys fool around. The best time to enjoy nature is through its seasons. Everything that God, and Jesus has brought us is to enjoy the whole wonderful love of nature. The sun is great to watch in so many ways, from different countries, and the moon as well when there is an eclipse. Mother nature is lovely.